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Renault Truck Racing – Released

Renault Truck Racing – Released

Game Seed, the creators of Nitro Stunt Racing, have released Renault Truck Racing by Renault Trucks, a free truck racing game.

Equipped with an official Renault license, the free game lets you race a full-blown Renault Race against up to 15 opponents. The game includes option driving aids, a damage model and adjustable force feedback and other features you´d expect from a good racing title, a commercial version with multiplayer support is expected to be released later on.

Download Renault Truck Racing Here

  • maxs

    disable antivirus when installing otherwise your game will vanish from HD :]

  • Gabkicks

    hehe, there’s no replays 🙁 i tried racing hte AI on hardest difficulty w/ no aids, and i still won. even when i started from last place. it looks like i’ll have to force antialiasing since i dont see an option for it ingame.

  • hompe

    Not a hardcore sim but it was great fun :sd: Great feeling of tire grip 😀

  • steve30x

    Its god but with only one track it got boring real fast.

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