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Renault Clio 1.0 for rFactor 2 – Released

ISI has released a new official car for rFactor 2 as the Renault Clio is now available.

ISI has released a new official car for rFactor 2 as the Renault Clio is now available.

A few weeks ago, the car was accidentally leaked to the community and now the proper version has been made available, adding the French tin-top racer to the simulation.

Users who had the unofficial version installed should make sure to start off with a clean install of rFactor 2 due to the known issues listed below:

Known Issues

  • Those of you who installed the accidentally leaked earlier version, will end up with duplicate Clio components, and may need to completely re-install to be rid of them.
  • Opacity issues on the headlights until the next software update is released (which will update the Clio pace car and fix it).
  • Possibly other stuff.

The car can be downloaded below, both torrent and web download mirrors are available!

[boxdownload]Download Renault Clio 1.0 for rFactor 2 Torrent Mirror Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Renault Clio 1.0 for rFactor 2 Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Renault Clio 1.0 for rFactor 2 Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Phantom Mark


  • Steve Ford

    Cool…..Open up the torrent now and check this little guy out.  

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to check this one out later, now in the night I don’t want to wake anyone up, but I tried the Leaked version earlier today and it was awesome, needed to reinstall my rf2 because of that but I don’t mind really as it was worth to try it early 🙂

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo

    we want moarrrr trackks!!!!

  • Martin Rasmussen

    These cars are awesome! Great for some very close racing 🙂

  • Juhan Voolaid

    So this is proper front wheel car right?

  • Mark

    nice driving on the vid.

  • Clive Lomax

    Tried this last night, it was late so couldn’t try it for long, but its a brilliant little racer!  You really have to be on your game to get fast laptimes from the car as its very easy to go a tiny bit too fast through corners and lose control….But in a good way if that makes sense, everytime I lost control its because I was taking liberties with speed or steering angle in the corner, it was because of a mistake I made.

    There should be some great online racing with these 🙂

  • feels3

    The best FWD on the market.  Great job ISI.

  • Wayne Reed

    The sounds are way off and that silly wheel scrub noise is just a joke why are devs putting that sound in games its not there in real life so don’t use it.

    I see the hands are glued to the wheel come isi its not got and f1 box sort it 

    Watch this for how how should sound

    • Dave Robinson

      Having raced a clio I can tell you that the sounds a very good. I do agree with the tyre scrub though, way over done.

      • Anonymous

        I tend to think that tyre scrub needs to be a bit overdone in order to compensate for the lack of the ‘seat of the pants’ feel that you get in a real car. It provides information that you otherwise can’t get.

    • Lúcio Marques

      With all due respect, you’re wrong regarding your assumption about these sounds, and I hope you’re not taking into account the absolute garbage of video to which you’ve linked, as a benchmark for the real sounds of this car.
      The real cars do NOT sound like in those videos. It’s the crappy mic in the camera that makes you believe it does. In real life there’s no clipping or distortion.
      Unfortunately, a lot of people in the community like the really
      distorted and clipping audio from such vids there (absolutely painfull
      to the ears!) and, for some odd reason, like stuff like that in their
      racing games/mods (…go figure…).

      🙂 Here… take a listen and see a propper quality, decent example of a Clio Cup incar sound from onboard footage:

      The sounds featured in this Clio Clup mod for RF2 are near perfect.
      The engine note, the samples loops and transitions/crossfading, even the pitch is rev-matched to the real car sound, as you can see when comparing the game with the real counterpart sound. It’s really very good work, be it in overall quality, in technique of implementation and handling of all audio aspects (especially the engine ones).
      I have no idea who has produced these sounds, but he/she has done a very, very well done audio work, worth of professional quality praise.
      If you knew me, you know that’s the best compliment I could ever do to someone producing sounds for games. 🙂

      • Dave Robinson

        I said they were very good not exactly the same. As with alot of mods the sounds are sometimes way off but in this case they are good. Not exact, not perfect, not 100% like the real thing but they are good. Tyre scrub is very bad, way over done.
        I spent enough hours racing these to know that they are good sounds. Put a helmet on then listen to the sounds in the video u linked to then maybe they will sound a bit better 🙂 

      • Anonymous

        I completely agree with everything you’ve said, but I don’t think the samples themselves have ever been a problem even if they are hugely distorted – it’s like an artistic effect the way I see it. Some people like it, some people want none of it. (Personally I think “a little” distortion is nice).

        I’d like to word this slightly differently actually and say that; audio samples are only one part of good audio realism.

        What really needs to improve is the sound of torque, and additionally, the sound of engine/transmission nuance between gear changes and bumps. The things that are handled by the audio engine is where immersion is being lost.

        To date, Dirt 3 actually does this better than the rest. But modders have done wonders to fake these effects in the samples which works just as well. i.e. for good feeling of torque.

        Could this is solved by more sound layering? More samples? Who knows.
        Tbh I’d like the solution to be more in-tune with the current approach of rF2, to do things more dynamically and honestly (less fake and less modding) I’ve said this way too many times but sound engine synthesis is still in the dark-ages.

      • Lúcio Marques

        You mention DIRT 3 as being the game-title that is doing the overall audio/sfx better than the rest(?). Perhaps. It has a superior piece of sound-engine (based on FMOD, I believe?) that can use sound effects such as doppler, reverb, echoes, fade-in/fade-out, pan… and huge etc!  It’s also 7.1 surround capable. I believe there’s the possibility for it as well to use added exhaust-ressonance samples (or effects to recreate that from the engine samples), for added layers, plus the sound effects (internal and external views, etc). It’s quite advanced and the guys at Codies seem to take great skills to take good advantage of it. 🙂

        In all ISI based sims so far, the Miles sound-system version that is used does not recreate any effects other than doppler and pan (stereo repartition) – not sure how much improved it was for RF2 though.
        So, it’s almost like comparing graphics details of DX7 vs DX11. (heh!)

        With that said, the sound-engine in ISI sims is very capable and more easily adaptable to implement sounds (great also for modders!), but it seems that not many can take the most out of it (looking to huge ammounts of add-on mods). We have good sound people around but it’s not uncommon to see inconsistencies even for these guys (doing 2 great sounds for 10 that are not that good, etc). That goes even for the commercial titles, though I refer this more to add-on mods.

        Regarding the samples and adding distortion as an “artistic effect” and, while I understand what you mean, allow me to disagree.
        These are racing-sims, where accuracy is paramount and absolutel fidelity is the common end goal for any serious developper, be it commercial-dev or modder.
        If I have a fantastic recording, why should I mess it up by adding “colored effects” such as distortion/clipping? …For the sake of “epicness” and “coolness” to please a part of the crowd with skewed ideas? No, I want it to be exactly as it is.
        If that much, I’ll just add nuances like enhanced stereo, for better ressonance.
        You wouldn’t distort Leonardo DaVinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ if you could have “as it really is”, or would you? 🙂

        PS: sorry everybody for the long post (got carried away!)

  • Phantom Mark

    Had a little play last night in the wet and damp then dry conditions, fun little car.

    FFS Wayne, its a bloody Beta/Alpha whatever………..they don’t proclaim it’s finished in any way, I could sit here and name half a dozen other bits not right with it as well.

    • daz

      When people refer to Project CARS as being ALPHA/BETA whatever the got shot down and told to stop using it as an excuse for the issues being related to.

      Now it seems the rF2 community want to use it now, lol.

      • Steve Ford

        How is beta an excuse?  It’s in beta and if you don’t know what that is have a read.   

      • Phantom Mark

        I know what Beta means Steve, and I am not making an excuse, as far as I am concerned it’s still in development, despite the incorrect designation of Beta claims by the developer.

      • Phantom Mark

        I am not using it as an excuse, merely stating a fact. IE it isn’t finished and neither CLAIMS TO BE. Please don’t associate me with some of the typical fanboi idiots who hang around here.

  • Arie Beuker, de

    That looked and sounded very very nice.

  • Anonymous

    hadn’t touched rf2 in a few months. Fired it up yesterday and in triple screens both visually and in handling it blew me away. Wasn’t able to use HDR until then, so the lighting really put a smile on my face. It always happens when i leave it for a while, i get used to other sims and forget just how good rf2 really is.

  • Anonymous

    Took these out for a few laps online last night, and had a lot of fun. It feels very authentic to me. I’ve been playing rF2 a lot more in the last couple of weeks, and it’s really starting to grow on me. I think it’ll grow into something rather special.

    • Anonymous

      I could say the same about me, for me even graphics wise it doesn’t bother me, can’t wait till more good mods are going to come out (car wise as the only real new mod is the Maserati GT 🙂 

      • Anonymous

        I think the graphics are perfectly fine. They may not have the flash and sizzle of other current titles, but they’re smooth and clear and run at a nice high framerate, which all help with the immersion. 

  • Martin Keets

    Great car. Very fun to race. 

    • Timpie Claessens

       Perhaps on the Clio but the difference in visuals is HUGE on the historic formula cars. It’s the difference between a “mat” paintjob and a paintjob which reflects 😛

  • daz

    I really do hope ISI improve on the appearance of all the cars as they just don’t look like they are from a 2012 sim. Are they using a low polygon count for the cars?

    Even GSC 2012 cars look sharper and they are using the rF1 engine, lol. Cars in iRacing, Project CARS, Assetto Corsa and even Forza 4 and GT5 look so much more like what we expect from current racing titles.

    They all handle well enough in rF2, they just look lower league IMO, compared to other titles.

    • Anonymous

      Does the word ‘beta’ mean anything to you?

      • Joeri Blootacker

         A game already in beta stage will most likely not imrove alot anymore in the graphics departement… as once you reach Beta, most of the baseline framework is already in. i’m one of those that is also hugely dissapointed in rf2. i still hope they can turn it around.
        (note : i do keep playing it, and having fun with it, but it is not to current day standards. sorry)

        Nice car though. definately fun to drive !

    • Anonymous

      I think lighting plays a huge part here tbh. They are still learning all the effects and how they effect overall lighting. The cars themselves mostly the recent models the ISIF1 and the Brabham are very detailed models, the others not so. They are certainly of a higher poly count than the others and it shows. While i don’t think rF2 is ever gonna have the lighting to the extent of what AC looks to have which looks stunning, i think once ISI get the lighting right in rF2, it will make a big difference to the overall look. You have to remember that the team is made up of alot of the best modders from rF1 so the talent is there. It’s just learning how all these effects together (that are new to them) work alongside each other. Lighting is more important than poly count but obviously a higher poly count and great lighting is even better

    • noro ardanto

      I think high res textures and final lighting will improve the rF2 looks significantly.Maybe one of the reason they’re not yet implemented is to make rF2 accessible to wider pc specs to get as many inputs as possible

  • Tomahawk

    Hello, here I explain I have a little trouble I did not find tutorials showing how it is installed mod.

    I would be grateful if you kindly show me 🙂

    (sry for bad english..)

  • Tomahawk

    Hello, here I explain I have a little trouble I did not find tutorials showing how it is installed mod.

    I would be grateful if you kindly show me 🙂

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