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Reiza Studios – Graphical Development Previews

Reiza Studios have released previews of their latest graphical improvement work.

Recently, Reiza Studios gave us some insight on what they`re working on, including graphical advancements made to their “Project Tupi” that includes all the Brazilian racing series the studio has covered so far.

In the meantime, the studio has released some new previews, showing off the graphical improvements made to the current content.

Despite using the trusted gMotor 2 engine, the studio isn’t done pushing the graphical envelope as the graphical quality of the proven engine has been improved in many details as visible below.

Make sure to check out the full development update here.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm I see what you did there Posts for rF2 graphics and then for Reiza’s graphics. Personally I love what Reiza has done with ISI’s technologies The trucks are the ultimate lower speeds challenge.

  • Phill Routledge

    I am a huge fan of Reiza studios and what they are doing.

    if Reiza studio’s can get the funding together to purchase a world class popularly supported racing category licenseing right such as BTCC, V8 Supercars, or DTM, this studio will explode in popularity and support.

    It is truly incredible what they have done with the original gMotor2 engine, ISI should have done another patch or two to rFactor, because Reiza have completely outshone anything ISI did with their own platform.

    Formula truck has bought with it not just graphical improvements but more importantly a much better looking and clearly laid out GUI to the fold, and hopefully a similar update will arrive in GSC 2013!!

    At this point for me, Simbin and ISI’s offering’s are floundering.

    On DX11 Assetto and pCARS look incredible no doubt it, however on an old engine, that clearly has A LOT of life left in it Reiza’s offering’s will get my money every single time before ISI’s or Simbin’s efforts.

    I firmly believe that with community support and a decent race series license, I that this studio would do absolutely incredible things.

    • Anonymous

      Since they are an independent studio they can always bring their show to the WMDportal for funding and for the love of their work they will get it.
      Basically it’s a chance like if a Driver got his break to step into a top series race car. I think one reluctance some of these developers may have on making a decision to go to WMD is the smaller percentage of profit offered by the concept but the real way to look at it is with the enormously increased number of sales the total revenue ends up being better in the long run.

      • Anonymous

        Anyway it never hurts to seek the option and weight the details and see how it all looks on paper.

    • Renato Simioni

      Thanks for the kind words Phil, it really is much appreciated 🙂 In the interest of fairness though it should be pointed out that ISI deserve the credit (and people´s support) for developing the game engine to begin with. The challenges of both developing the technology and making the best of it are quite demanding, it´s only by continuing and growing the support that the simracing community will see more of the good stuff happening, more quickly.

  • Lemming77

    It may not be next gen technology to match pCARS, but I’m certainly going to enjoy having it. 🙂

    • Bee’s knees

      GSC/FT far surpass PCars in terms of physics (my opinion). The only thing PCars (as of right now) has in its favor is eye candy. And even then, PCars is so overly saturated to the point that it hampers the “believability” of what the gamer sees.

      • Luciano

        True. The physics are extremely fun. 10/10 in comparison to what we have available.
        Its sad they dont have budget to make the visual portion better.

  • David Wright

    In my experience, the problem with pushing the envelope with gM2 is its not very efficient. After running all previous GM2 titles maxed on my PC and being able to run next gen titles like Shift and Codies F1 comfortably, when I ttried the GCS 2012 demo with its limited grid of 10 I was shocked to find myself racing invisible cars. Modern graphics engines can look better and run faster.

    • Renato Simioni

      While your point is not fundamentally incorrect, I don´t believe there is a system which could run NFS Shift and Codies F1 comfortably and fail to do the same with GSC2012 (and these subsequent updates for that matter). Might be worth double-checking max visible cars & other graphical settings?

    • Luciano

      Maybe its the GPU/drivers. Because probably gpu makers dont even care about this engine for commercial reasons.
      I replaced my hd6950 with a gtx660 and the frame rate is now ~100fps from 40fps with 24cars.

      In rfactor 2 reflections also used to kill the amd 6000.

  • Ian Hare

    Anybody else find like me Reiza titles will not run on laptops with Intel CPU’s that have integrated GPU (mine is i7 3635 with HD4000) & GT 640m card. I get the configuration window only at every attempt to launch but no further!?

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