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Reiza Studios – First Project Tupi Previews

Reiza Studios – First Project Tupi Previews

Following the praised release of their Formula Armaroli open wheel car for rFactor, the freshly-founded Reiza Studios development studio has released new previews of their new project nicknamed “Tupi”.

The ten screenshots below show an amazingly detailed version of the Autodromo Carlos Pace, better known as Interlagos – The home of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The popular Brazilian track is only one part of Project Tupi and we have to wait what else hides behind the codename. In the meantime, you can enjoy ten high-resolution preview shots of the track below, including a breathtaking panorama shot at the end.

Based in Brasil and founded by Renato Simioni and Fernando Oliveira Jr., Reiza Studios have managed to recruit some of the rFactor community’s most talented modders, including The Lonely, SLN, afborro and Niels_at_home.

  • Frankalexandre

    Its not Project Tipu, the correct is Project TUPI.

  • F1Racer

    Yikes, that looks really good ! One of my fave tracks to race on because I seem to go well in sector 2 🙂

    I hope they can put all the proper ads on there too.

    Now if you excuse me, I have tu pi….

  • DeDios

    looks fantastic. 😮

  • Torino

    Holy cow! These guys are really out for the kill. I love it 😀

    Do we know what engine this is?

  • riches

    probably rfactor’s

  • BSR-WiX

    superb job… as expected

  • Montoya

    I apologise for the problems with some of the thumbnails earlier.

    Looks like the gallery module was mallfunctioning and it took me a while to realise since I´m on a trip and just checking in every few hours.

  • paupau

    So, to clear up the confusion. Is Project Tupi Reiza’s first swing at doing a title or add-ons? Still, I find it very delicious.

  • carbonfibre

    When I saw this at bsim earlier today I’m sure I was encapsulating the perfect image of being gob-smacked.

    It’s what I imagined gMotor3 to look like, it’s uncanny. It is enough to warrant a small fee though? I know everybody has this concern at the back of their head, there’s no escaping it.

    It would really have to go above and beyond the best tracks currently out there.

  • GeraArg

    gMotor2?… 😮 😮 😮 😮 😮
    😮 😮 😮

  • F1Racer

    GeraArg: gMotor2?…

    Yeah it makes you wonder eh ? But if this is rfactor, its going to set a whole new benchmark in track quality because that big shot looks better than pretty much anything else so far. The lighting seems exceptional.

    Please put us out of our misery Reiza and tell us what this is from 🙂

  • felipe

    This is great I wonder what these guys will have for rFactor 2!
    Tupi for those who doesn’t know was (is) the language name native Indians used to speak in Brazil (some still do). Gotta love Reiza!

  • pixsim

    Great job on RFactor no doubt, your road track texture look fantastic and real.
    Many details are present , showing us , the REIZA approach.

    Congratulation, and long life

  • Lenniepen

    This looks absolutely stunning!
    It reminds me of this screen from rfactor2:
    Maybe they are using the rF2-engine? Or maybe they are creating content for rF2, like CTDP did with rF1?

    Just guessing…

  • Lenniepen

    I especially like the road textures, al those rubber marks.
    rF2 will have a rendered/3D sky (right?) and we haven’t seen any clouds from rF2, just clear skies, so maybe, if this is gmotor3, this is what the new sky looks like, or it is just a photo like in rF1.

  • BenUK

    gmotor2 is capable of some quite beautiful scenes, the trouble is, companies like SimBin just simply don’t make the effort to make their enviroments look “real”.

    SimBin Project Manager: “Have you done those track textures yet?”

    SimBin Toilet Cleaner (they dont have a graphic artist): “No, what colours you want?”

    SimBin Project Manager: “Green for grass, black for tarmac, umm some weird green hue for the Macau fog, oh and can we make every track look really dull and overcast, and have a strange dark brown lighting sceme?”

    SimBin Toilet Cleaner: “OK!” (Presses G for radioactive green grass, presses B for jet black low res tarmac etc)

  • stabiz

    Well, this looks up, up and away. Fantastic.

  • DeDios

    looks incredibile.

  • Uff

    Dx9 power at its best: it’s still amazing what can be achieved with such an old engine!!! 😯

  • JGoenR

    Looks pretty good! 😀

  • David Wright

    It does indeed look good, though it does look like a gM2 track IMO.

    The main difference between gM2 tracks and tracks from more modern engines seems to be that modern engines allow much greater use of shadows, better representation of bumps and in the case of Shift at least, much more life around the track.

    I assume the track isn’t laser scanned?

  • Uff

    Actually, the most interesting news come from Twitter:

    Just in case we´re being a bit too mysterious.. The project is not all about this one track, and it´s very much a WIP. More details on it all as soon as we can possibly make it…

  • BenUK

    So is it a “mod” for a current title or a “new title”?

  • David Wright

    So, should we guess which Braxilian racing series it might be?

    Stock Car Brazil?

  • Couragecougar

    Muito bom! Uma iniciativa muito bem vinda para o mundo dos simuladores!

    Gostaria de um dia poder jogar com algum aldee spyder, gol ou opalão V8 em um mod de 1000 milhas…..

  • Grozni


  • eddiespag

    “Live in Senna’s shoes @ Interlagos Brazil”! is my guess. Reiza = respect.

  • -eRNIe-

    The panorama shot in 5760×1200px 😎

  • felipe

    Couragecougar: Muito bom! Uma iniciativa muito bem vinda para o mundo dos simuladores!Gostaria de um dia poder jogar com algum aldee spyder, gol ou opalão V8 em um mod de 1000 milhas…..

    pois é seria fantástico andar num Opalão V8 em Interlagos mas ainda assim meu sonho é ver um Maverick nacional feito pela Reiza! :tongue:

  • Mr. A

    Without a doubt the best looking track I’ve seen in a gmotor based game. 😀

  • Lenniepen

    Mr. A: Without a doubt the best looking track I’ve seen in a gmotor based game.

    Do we know it is gmotor based then?

  • Mr. A

    Well, I’m not seeing any effects or anything that doesn’t exist in gmotor2. And I doubt a small and new studio like Reiza would have the time or funding required to invest in other technology right now. Nothing wrong with using this version of ISI’s engine though, if they keep “maxing it out” like this. 😀

    Please correct me if I’m wrong though.

  • Zenitchik

    -eRNIe-: The panorama shot in 5760×1200px

    The details are amazing!

  • cmfbento

    O visual da pista esta fantastico.
    Talvez fosse legat tambem fazer uma “wet version ” da pista , ia ficar muito legal

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