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RealFeel for rFactor – New Version Coming Up

RealFeel for rFactor – New Version Coming Up

There are plenty of plugins for Image Space Incorporated’s rFactor simulation but arguably none as important as RealFeel.

Made by TechAde and innitially released in 2007, RealFeel vastly improves rFactor’s Force Feedback and is extensivly used by many modding teams.

Now, TechAde has announced to be working on a new version of his popular plugin that is already being tested by the HistorX modding team. If you have any improvement suggestions, TechAde is asking you to please leave them in this NoGrip topic.

  • felipe

    I have one suggestion: Please help Enduracers with their mod feel I love Endurance Series but there’s something wrong with the way RealFeel and Endurance Series interact specially with the GT cars and mainly the no sense of loosing the back end.

  • DeDios

    Enduracers mod is one of few mods who Real Feel works great. No need to fix anything IMHO.
    Fantastic news!! i’m a huge fan of this plugin. I can’t drive without it :sd:

  • DeDios

    Like posted in all same discussions, here i don’t feel any problems back end sorry. And my preferite car is the Porsche RSR.
    I drive without TC (or low TC, depends where i’m driving).

  • ForzaBarca88

    Spot on about the importance of realfeel, up until it came out rfactor had absolutely nothing on the FFB offered in other sims at the time such as LFS. Unfortunately it also tends to amplify and highlight problems in a mod’s physics as far as suspension is concerned.

  • ermax18

    If auto-config, dynamic lock and shiftlights make it, we will be in heaven. If autoconfig gets implemented and it can automatically set the forces in the correct direction (-/+) then maybe more people will start using it and moders will stop ignoring it when making mods.

    Thomas from Fanatec should jump into that thread and supply an SDK for his wheels so dynamic lock will work for his wheels too.

  • mikemav

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Agree. It would be great to have my Fanatec wheels interact with this plugin directly.
    (Oh, and get that concept out to the NFS Shift modding community too!)

    I passed your idea onto Fanatec (if you hadn’t already.)

  • carbonfibre

    I think for RealFeel to radically improve it’s got to start looking at tyre fiction data, etc. as well as suspension. That way we can have FFB go semi-dead when wheel lock up occurs.

    Also I don’t know about anybody else but I kind of like those canned gear change effects in Shift, and another idea I just thought of is to have a FFB rumble when the engine is red lining. -Maybe that’s for rF2 only.

    Anyway it all helps add to the immersion in a sensory deprived environment even if it’s not realistic. 😉

  • ermax18

    carbonfibre, it does look at tyre friction. More friction means more load on the steering rack which means more force on the steering wheel. Looking at tyre friction alone is a flawed way of doing FFB. Monitoring the forces on the steering rack coves all variables.

    If you like the canned stuff then change your mixer value and then tweak in or out the stuff you like in the controller.ini file.

  • felipe

    mikemav: ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Agree. It would be great to have my Fanatec wheels interact with this plugin directly.
    (Oh, and get that concept out to the NFS Shift modding community too!)I passed your idea onto Fanatec (if you hadn’t already.)

    😮 what it doesn’t?? As days passes by I’m more and more convinced going with the G27 over Fanatec was the right move! 😆

  • mikemav

    felipe: what it doesn’t?? As days passes by I’m more and more convinced going with the G27 over Fanatec was the right move!

    I’m not sure what you mean? The wheel had amazing force feedback. Way better than the Logitech IMO- I tried and returned that to Best Buy and kept my Fanatec.

    Just meant they have a plug in for rFactor which, in addition to great FFB, also will vibrate the wheel w/ a seperate vib motor when the wheels lock up, or gear changes, etc.. (your choice upon setup in the Fanatec driver.)

    It would be nice if this added functionality plugged directly into the RealFeel data, or if there was a similar plug-in for NFS Shift. These are functions over and above FFB, and functions not available on the Logitech at all as far as I know. No vibe motor or numerical display on the Logitech wheel.

  • ermax18

    Both wheels have dynamic lock. Right now the Logitech wheel requires you to go into the control panel to change the lock. I think the Fanatec wheels let you change the lock on the fly using button combos which is nice. TechAde is considering automating the steering lock adjustment with his RealFeel plugin based on what car you pick.

    The G27 doesn’t have numeric output but it does have an LED rev counter.

  • DevonK

    The problem I have with RealFeel is that it works so poorly with 90%+ of the mods out there, my customized ffb settings are far more “realistic” most of the time. Not saying it’s the RealFeel developer’s fault, but it would be great if the new version was actually an improvement for the majority of mods.

    One thing that is commonly a problem with RF: in real life as you start to exceed a car’s cornering limits and the front wheels start to slide into understeer, the turning force on the wheel lightens up – try it in a real car sometime, I ran several tests in a parking lot confirming this the day before I got new tires. RF does not do a good job of simulating this – in fact the wheel load typically gets heavier in this situation.

  • ermax18

    The flaw isn’t in RealFeel, the flaw is in the mods with fudged notepad.exe suspension. Also, daily drivers have light steering all the time. They have massive power steering that masks just about all road feel. About the only way your going to get any significant increase in stiffness is if the revs drop below idle and the PS pump pressure drops. Take your power steering belt off and do your tests again. You will get drastically different results.

  • ermax18

    Sorry DevonK, I just reread your post and realized you and I are in agreement about the wheel lightening up when understeering in real life. IMO RealFeel lightens just enough. GTR Evo for example goes completely limp which is very far from reality.

  • EAKMotorsports

    I dont know if its possible to add on realfeel something to change the Steering Wheel Range=”xxx” // Degrees of rotation of in-game steering wheel will be nice add.


    stop ignoring the xbox controller players. some of us actually do have to use them.  GTR Evolution plays like butter with a controller. rFactor, well if you like teeter-tottering cars. Or op-lock to op-lock in under 0.2 seconds, its awesome. -.-   Come on, work on it. Thats a entire profit margin you are missing out on.  (that might get your attention)

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