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Real KERS & DRS for rFactor – Preview Video

Real KERS & DRS for rFactor – Preview Video

International Pro-Modding’s KIKONI & ACHIM from SimsyncPro are working on a tool that realistically simulates KERS and DRS, two new technologies used by Formula One.

Until now, rFactor drivers use the boost option to simulate the KERS energy recovery system, this tool allows for proper simulation of the KERS-effect without added engine wear. Furthermore, the tool also simulates the Drag Reduction System (DRS) that Formula One is using to allow easier overtaking.

Below is a extensive demonstration video made by KIKONI, showing the rF F1 PBX tool in action. The tool will be part of International Pro-Modding’s upcoming FSONE 2011 Formula One mod.

  • Floptickle

    He should blow his nose…

  • StarFoXySxv550

    This is good work. The Kers and DRS modelling is really good, the fact it sticks to the activation zones and 3rd lap rule is excellent.

    I see the future of this mod simulating Kers overheating and using the brake bias to help re-charging the Kers system. The added addition of bad reliability in redbull system is optional guys lol

    Will this be useable in all F1 mods or just specific mods?

  • Marcel Offermans

    Will it be possible to record the usage of KERS and DRS on the server as well? If not, what can be done to prevent this from being used to cheat?

  • F1Racer

    Very cool !   Though I’m guessing it is only useable on the players car and the AI dont have use of these features.

  • Sam

    I am blown away by the fact that fsone are doing a 2011 mod!!!


    They can´t Cheat, cause the Aplic, use an Codes to add to the rfm. if not the aplication will not work at all .


    – you can active and desactive the Kers/Drs when you want.
    – yes is devloped to be used in any f1 mod for rFactor 😉

  • kkacper

    KIKONI – Would there be a possibility of just making KERS so that we can use it with the 2009 mods and hybrid Porsches with KERS from Williams?


    Yes, you can put just Kers or Just DRS or both in the mod.

  • kkacper

    Ok That’s fantastic work you and your team are doing there! I really like all that and hope to see your mods out in their best possible form! I still like to drive the FSONE 2009 and 2008 myself 🙂  Good luck and keep the work up!

  • Blacker

    Kikoni this is awesome, thanks for the great vid!

    If possible, I would like to know if there is any way this could later be integrated in with the TV Style plugin? I don’t know much about software programming, but I think it would be very cool to see your tool and TV Style work together.

    Again, awesome work bud. Very nicely done!

  • Samuel Korthof


  • doser

    Hope he doesn’t expect everyone who plays FSONE 2011 to use Window Mode….

    Tool looks interesting, will definately copy it into my mod when FSONE 2011 comes out in 2013.


    Yes, he is compatible with TV stupe 2011 by prunn.
    i had do a test and works perfectly 😉

  • F1Racer

    Do you ever have anything nice to say to anyone ?

  • Leonidas Saridis

    It’s really awesome! Congrats to the guys for this work and generally all their work on modding. I just hope it will be release before Autumn to use it in our local championship. <img src=”extra/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-cool.gif” title=”Cool” border=”0″ alt=”Cool”/>

  • Blacker

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished product, thanks for your hard work bud!

  • Blacker

    He’s behind a computer screen. There’s an overabundance of testosterone when some people are hiding behind a computer screen.

    Queue guy who starts challenging face to face fights when accused of “hiding behind a computer screen.”

  • Dan

    Great stuff. I thought F1 used 6.60 seconds of KERS. And what about FSONE 2010, will you skip it?

    I hope this tool is released soon! Thanks KIKONI and ACHIM!

  • lemming 77

    Wait, isn’t KERS recharged by the brakes on these cars? Is that simulated?

  • F1Racer

    I dont think it needs to be if it refreshes your 6s at the line. 

  • F1Racer

    Kikoni already mentioned at the bottom of the comments that you can use this mod on FSOne2010 (or any mod)

  • Dan

    I was asking if FSONE 2010 was to be released since they just announced 2011 before releasing 2010. 

  • Gerdoner

    Well, if you’re simulating F1 that would be correct, but what if we’d like to use it on the Porsche Hybrid for example?

  • RFactor Resources Rf

    The truth is that it’s a great job and can use it in different mods is very good news, hethought that could simulate only visually but is a reality. Thanks!

  • WiZPER

    Codemasters go home 😉 Awesome work…


    Don t worry, its will work also for porsche hybrid 😉

  • Ross Siggers
  • kkacper

    Oh just thought of it KIKONI can you tell us if the rF F1 PBX as you call it, will be released on a different date than the FSONE 2011 mod or on the same date?

  • F1Racer

    ah. I misread it 😉

  • F1Racer

    Hehe, classic!


    Ok I’ll try to answer all your questions in one post:

    – The FSONECLUB2011 mod is not the official 2011 F1 mod by FSONE, it is our league mod for FSONECLUB.
    – The mod will be released along with the plugin when the FSONECLUB season finishes.
    – The plugin will be compatible with all other mods, and settings can be adjusted with the plugin.

    Thanks for the support guys, you are the people which give us motivation to continue our work. And yes I am a member of IPM.

  • moschum

    you’re behind a computer screen, idiot. 

  • Paul aD

    rFactor and the living community

  • Patrik Zajíc

    haha, you have got our track from last year 🙂

  • the scrutineer

    Quick question, will servers need to have this plug-in loaded in order to use it?, or will it mismatch if not hosted in server?

    It would be rather awkward if not all players have the plug-in installed.

  • the scrutineer

    Yea.. this idiot doser has been spewing nothing but shit from his face for several years now….

    He must think he is a real hero in his own head.

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