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Real F1 Drivers Play F1 2012 – Video

A new video shows Lewis Hamilton, Bruno Senna & Heikki Kovalainen racing with Codemasters’ F1 2012.

Yesterday’s BBC coverage of the Singapore Grand Prix featured a cool segment, showing Lewis Hamilton, Bruno Senna & Heikki Kovalainen racing with Codemasters’ F1 2012.

The three F1 drivers tried the Playstation 3 version of the title accompanied by their engineers, using Fanatec wheels and Playseat racing seats.

  • Anonymous

    1:56, understeer got him too…LOL sad

    • Kendra Jacobs

      Omg that’s not the first time lol

  • Anonymous

    Endorsement from people who wear hats emblazoned with the name of a TelCo.

    Yah, yah. Remember, Drink Coke! It’s the real thing.

    * Other soft frinks are available.

    • Anonymous

      F1 2012 is clearly a game not a simulator.

      Granted it all gets slightly confused in the marketing as the marketeers are desperate to establish F1 2012 as “realistic” as they know that idea will appeal to its target market.

      given that the code masters F1 games will likely never have deep physics I wish they focused more on fun side missions like the N64 F1 games did.

      The off the track things they have put in the game are a nice touch in some ways but to me are incredibly transparent and lacking in depth to the point that it just feels like a needless gimmick.

      I would love for CodeMasters to ether decide to do an arcade game with the F1 IP or make a pure simulator rather than this weird in between road.

      Having said that what they have done makes business sense and the game seems to appeal to its target market. As an investor I would be very happy with CodeMasters

      • Eric Zehnder

        They are, it’s called F1 Race Stars, I believe – a cross between Mario Kart and F1.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I’m aware they made that , that has nothing to do with what I’m talking about.

        I’m saying they should try and put more fun “game play” features into there AAA game as its clearly never going to be a solid simulator or have a very deep physics model.

    • Paules the menace

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this about Mclaren, Atleast have the brand of car you drive as your prominent logo lol, You support a Vodafone.. Look at most other caps, lotus etc. I crack up every time I see Vodafone supporters in the crowds.

    • Anonymous

      Yup, Codies are part of the propaganda… And those pilots are as corrupt as the whole endeavour… Sad little world of the egoic mind…

    • Anonymous

      They never endorsed the game, they simply played the game! Did they make time too; sure they are F1 Racers promoting their sport!

    • Chris Wright

      I don’t personally take Ant Davidson’s involvement too seriously. He has doubtless commented on the driving model and, in some respects, they’ve done a stellar job. Don’t forget he can only comment on the builds they let him try. He’s not there full time advising the developers on every decision. The best he has probably contributed is a little fine tuning here and there.

      • Anonymous

        For sure.

        Nevertheless, it does get a bit embarrassing at some point. If virtual racers find it lacking, imagine Davidson’s real opinion? Well, like I say, he’s either delusional or simply lying. Delusional could include simple ignorance, of course.

        If it was only ever meant as a toy, it’s a toy – don’t pretend otherwise, Anthony and Co.

        Whilst if it were meant to be more than a toy, then they’ve failed to deliver.

        Either way, AD looks a bit silly from where I’m sitting. 😀 Shame, coz he seems decent chap (though somehow he manages to put up with that imbecile Crofty – I hate commentators who can’t shutup and try too hard to inject enthusiasm. And all his ridiculous metaphors and hyperbole……yeuch. And Codies go and include him! Oh dear.)

      • Chris Wright

        I think people put too much store in perceived authenticity. Ultimately if it’s fun to race and is sort of in the ballpark of what competing in F1 is like, I reckon it’s worth the entry price.

        It’s completely unrealistic to expect an F1 game to have anything other than mass market appeal. There’s big money in sports franchises now, compared with the Geoff Crammond era. These games have to appeal to a very wide audience to stand a chance of making a decent profit.

        I’m trying to focus on the good points of the game and have found it pretty rewarding.

        Won’t be long, though, until I’m back to rFactor2 et al, but always enjoy the early fall F1 season 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I want to see Hamiltons face when the game doesn’t save his career progress anymore and he needs to start a new one. 3 Years with the autosave bug and no end in sight. *seriously frustrated*

  • Fabio Pittol

    What a waste of Fanatecs! lol

    • hoodge1

      I totally agree… When a professional race car driver cannot even enter into the pits clean like real life, you know they are thinking inside, “Dam glad we have our rFactor Pro specially designed racing motion pod simulators that are specially engineered for our cars by our own engineers”.

      Fun as it may look, I bought 2011 and that was the worst waste of 60 bucks for me… Total arcade. Now codies are working on Grid 2, the next best fully arcade racer.. I just could never get into any racer by codemasters except I enjoy the Dirt series the best.

      • Fabio Pittol

        I really enjoy to play these Codies’s games. But it loses all the fun when I try it with the steering wheel. Gamepad FTW! lol

  • Anonymous

    Well, I guess I’m the only one thinks this was a cool idea and well done! Remember guy’s its all just a Game! And if its not fun, than why do it!
    I got the Xbox version and use my fanatec CSR wheel with club sport pedals and I’m able to set up the game and the wheel to my liking and its a fun game. Not a sim… not perfect physics, but a fun game!
    At least I drove the Circuit of the America’s ;:~)

    • Chris Wright

      No, you’re not alone. It’s a terrific overall package and, really, nothing else will do if, like me, you’re an F1 nut and just have to drive the current tracks in something resembling the current cars. People have set their expectation bars way too high for this title which, although it’s not close to perfection, is still the best overall F1 experience we’ve ever seen, taking everything into account.

    • Anonymous

      well if its not a sim wont drive it… like you said its only a game.

    • Luciano Saraiva

      Codemasters F1 is not bad because its not a simulator. Its bad because its a game of F1 cars that has no F1 cars!
      I suggest for everybody to plug a 360 gamepad and play rFactor F1 like single seaters: its easier than Codemasters.
      When I buy a F1 game I want to play cars that behave like those from TV. Not cars that behave like something that I dont know what it is.
      And to make things worse Codemasters ended up making the car hard to drive by the mediocre idea that “the car has to be all over the place”. Thats the opposit definition of a F1 car.I use rFactor as an openwheel simulation game. The only difference is that to be a game I put AI drivers and I use a x360 gamepad. rFactor has “exagerated yawn” to know when youre loosing the rear and analog filters to make your input axi “wider” when you dont have force feedback and real pedals. Its a game of… single seater racing simulation. Its not the handling/car behaviour the difference between a game and a simulator: its the game modes. I would never stomp the brakes in a race against real people not because its harder to balance the car (I never use driving aids even while gaming). I never do that in a real competition because I wouldnt have the option to restart the race.

      • Mitch Maileey

        i totally agree with you, man. But nowadays game studios focus on 10-12 year old scholars

  • Alexander Boroday

    Not realy good PR event for not realy good game…

    • Chris Wright

      Disagree. It was great PR for the game. The average punter is not going to notice the finer points like we simmers do. As for it not being a good game, well that’s your business to think whatever you like.

  • Chris Wright

    I’m with RKipker on this game being a tremendous amount of fun. I think a lot of the problems people may be having with understeer may be due to their wheel settings. I am following Codemasters instructions on how to set up a wheel – see – and it really works very well indeed. Still a little inclined towards understeer here and there, but setups can tweak that further. Also tried this with F1 2011 and it worked well for that title also.

    At first I was bothered about the lack of all practice sessions and, in truth, I wish that option was still there, from the point of view of a completist. Having said that, I seem to be spending less time tinkering with the car than previous versions and more actually racing. With limited time available, I have to say it has quickly become a non-issue.

    The lack of tyre scaling has really not been a major problem either. You can still feel your tyres going off even in 25/50% races and, of course, it works wonderfully for that once a weekend, or so, when you might get in a 100% race or two. I’d certainly welcome a tyre scaling option, though, which Codies have indicated is a possibility.

    All this having been said, the one really irritating issue is the ease with which one can blow an engine. This is simply overdone and I hope the developers address this in a future patch.

    I think as long as one accepts the limitations of a mass market game like this, there is just so much to enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    Weird track selection. Why not Singapore?

  • KuroSuisei


  • Guest

    2012 Game experience is good, game inmersion is fantastic, IA is great, driving and car behavior is ok and you have to drive like in a sim to improve, now engineer gives good advises, etc… So don’t go in the unending circle of looking for a pure sim and have all paramaters as a simlike game/program… Game is very good guys! and of course use a good wheel to check that. The only thing I really miss is to feel the details in the ground (little bumps and irregularities) but the rest is ok.

  • creatorex

    2012 Game experience is good, game inmersion is fantastic, IA is great, driving and car behavior is ok and you have to drive like in a sim to improve, now engineer gives good advises, etc… So don’t go in the unending circle of looking for a pure sim and have all paramaters as a simlike game/program… Game is very good guys! and of course use a good wheel to check that. The only thing I really miss is to feel the details in the ground (little bumps and irregularities) but the rest is ok.

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