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RDDev Realistic Cameras for F1 2010 – Released

RDDev Realistic Cameras for F1 2010 – Released

Adding to their already impressive list of F1 2010 mods, the RaceDepartment Development Team has released another addon for Codemasters’ Formula One title, tweaking the title’s cameras.

The Realistic Cameras mod includes brand new cameras for all cars including a new dynamic cam and nose cam.

The cameras come with a HeadTurn focus effect & in-turn focus, you can check them out in preview below along with the download link.

Download RDDev Realistic Cameras for F1 2010 Here

  • Explosive Face

    Next up: Proper trackside cameras? Please? The replay feature is horrible without them, and proper cameras would make the game way better.

  • Turkey :D

    I get a message.. “Invalid file ID. Redirecting…” I can’t download it.

  • Ross Siggers

    Trackside cameras are a must imho. I took a look at the previews, there’s ALOT of looking to apex, and you sit so far back…I know these are slightly tweakable, but I’ll stick tostandard for now. Of course with RDDev skins ;]

  • Joubarbe
  • M4MKey

    Hey !! Nice to see that VirtualR is talking about this mod ^^ All I will say is that the youtube video don’t reflect the actual version of the mod as all cameras have been clearly readjusted to be closer to the wheel and head movments effects slitghtly tweaked too :p I guess I’ll make a new video for the actual version ( 1.3 )

    Anyway , thanks for talking about this mod :p

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