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RDDev F1 2010 Mods – Released

RDDev F1 2010 Mods – Released

The RaceDepartment Development Team has released several very impressive F1 2010 mods that every user of Codemasters’ maiden F1 title should definitely check out.

Included are high-resolution textures for the Mercedes Benz GP, Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes & Ferrari cars as well as high-resolution updates for helmets and tires.

Furthermore, the team’s Truelight mod that fixes the lighting for every individual circuit as well as the menus and the paddock. You can find previews of the mods below, all of them can be downloaded at Racedepartment by following the download link.

Download RDDev F1 2010 Mods Here

  • Filg Popov

    that’s looking awesome.

  • F1Racer

    Seriously impressive !

  • Carbonfibre

    It’s amazing that all this need never be modded if only CM just understood that natural lighting and high-res textures is better than all that arty brown/blue filter crap they insist on.

  • Uff

    The fact is that they understood it, but only on X360: I had the chance to try that version weeks ago and I was shocked to see how different (read: better) it looks compared with PC!

  • Angus94

    i have never been able to download from RaceDepartment, i’m registered and i can log on but downloads just dont work.

  • 6e66o

    Great work RDDev, thanks! 🙂

    This game is really starting to look good now

  • Uff

    Then send a mail to the administrators to solve your issue. 🙂

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    Plus ALWAYS log on BEFORE you click any downloads. Download managers also do not help.

  • Ryan Marc Joseph Callan

    Fantastic work RDDev, everything is improving massively.

  • amused of gillingham

    rddev = funny stuff

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