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RaceRoom’s New Porsche Vs. Reality

Georg Ortner is back with another impressive RaceRoom Racing Experience Real vs. Sim video comparison.

After taking a look at the Nürburgring Nordschleife in his last video, the newest upload features RaceRoom’s recently released Porsche 911 GT3-R on the world’s most famous race track.

As usual, Georg has put in plenty of work to re-create a virtual version of the real video footage, including largely matching on-track battles with a Mercedes AMG GT3 in front.

The Porsche 911 GT3-R is one of three Porsche models now available in RaceRoom Racing Experience, more information on the recent Porsche release can be found here.

  • noroardanto

    I noticed they made the in-cam shakes now. Small change but makes the game almost indistinguishable from real life.

    • Leynad

      I was getting sick of the shaking in VR after playing Dirt Rally without an issue. It’s very exaggerated like the ambient sounds and FFB. I felt rather annoyed having to fix this stupid default-settings instead of having a good race.

      • noroardanto

        Yup I don’t like the exaggerated artificial shaking as well. But it really add realism in replays. It will be good if we can have different cam shakes settings for driving and replay.

  • Michel Forest

    Raceroom is becoming one, if not the best sim out there. Better selection of cars than AC, great choice of tracks, incredible sounds. It’s especially good when it comes to GT, WTCC and DTM cars. I do wish they would implement wet weather racing, however, and a wider selection of tire compounds. But overall, it’s my go-to sim.

  • Silvio

    Amazing work… a must buy

  • Leeman

    Pretty impressive. The lighting in RaceRoom is awesome, even if it’s not dynamic. Looks very realistic.

  • zef

    nice game!! great Porsche!! 911 GT3 cup is amazing!!

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