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RaceRoom The Game – Two Exclusive Screenart Previews

RaceRoom The Game – Two Exclusive Screenart Previews

Below are two exclusive new screenart previews of RaceRoom The Game, the free Simbin title that will be released to celebrate the launch of

The free title will include the fictional F1-inspired Formula RaceRoom open-wheeler and the Chevrolet Camaro, both cars can be raced on at Hockenheim. The title uses the trusted gMotor 2 engine, equipped with new details and sounds.

The free download will be available starting December 1st on, the new online hub for all Simbin games featuring forums, stats of all your Simbin title activity, exclusive downloads, leaderboards and more.

  • PfBee

    I already thought I saw it in the video but this screenshot really drives it home that they based the skins of the formula cars on those used by the current Formula 1 teams. From left to right on this one I would say McLaren, HRT and Renault. Very sneaky, Simbin!

  • Riches

    I have a feeling we are looking at heavy photoshopped images.

  • Carbonfibre

    Cars have that plastic egg shell Forza 3 look about them. Casual game sorta thing.

  • maciex

    what is EXCLUSIVE about them ?

  • maciex

    SCREENART not screenshots so yes they are photoshoped

  • Montoya

    It means that these have only been released to VirtualR and no other website so far…

  • PetraGTC

    I like the Raceroom idea, although it’s kinda “racing facebook” 🙂  I’ll download it ofcourse for Hockenheim, i dont like open wheelers, neither us muscle 🙂  I wish they ‘ve choosed wtcc instead.

  • Aaron Carlisle

    Holy Photoshop!  =-O

  • Vmk

    Of course we are
    Gmotor 2 is too dull and lifeless, it needs some teaks to look good in screens.

    If you see the Offical GTR-Evolution trailer by Simbim, you’ll see that they put some HEAVY post FX effects on that vid (like HDR, bloom) that we can’t get in the game. If they put the raw visual of gmotor2 on the trailer nobody will care for it. We’re in 2010 and I think our pcs can run WAY better visuals.

  • Ben_UK

    The PC I built back in 2005 could run way better visuals than gmotor2 offers…

  • pillowhead4000

    would be great if these cars and track could be used with RACEON!

  • Turkey :D

    I think SimBin’s car models are OK, but they should work on the liveries. The RaceOn muscle car liveries are some of the least interesting ones I’ve seen in a racing game.

  • Turkey :D

    I’m sure you can. That’s one of the first things I’ll try after I download it.

  • Higgs

    Huge motion blur to hide crappy textures?

  • Hoshi

    Hooray, the 276th incarnation of gMotor 2

  • Wesley

    indeed and it is called Lizard 😀

    No but seriously, I am sure they use their own lizard engine, this was also used in the games after GTR2 so I do not seem to understand why after 3 or 4 games on the lizard engine they would revert back

  • stabiz

    There is no Lizard pc title from Simbin, its all gmotor2.

  • Hybrid

    Indeed. The only one with Lizard was Race Pro. 🙂

  • kuato

    The game is free, the servers are free.  Why all the bitching? 

  • Markuz

    Looking forward to this one after Codemasters messed up the wet road effects of F1 2010 on the PC after the patch.

  • John

    It is pretty much Volvo The Game 2 🙁

  • kirk

    This is the coolest thing about this RR game. It has that nostalgic early nineties feeling with fake but obvious liveries and names. Anyone remember A. Sonna ? or Carlos Sanchez ? 🙂

  • nofx

    RaceRoom will be the “iRacing” from Simbin ? O:-)

  • jimmy

    WTCC is the gayest form of circuit racing today, utter joke. Even Ratel’s GT1 is more interesting.

  • jimmy

    Why not? It’s FREE! How many freeware games can you offer such quality?

  • jimmy


  • Litus

    Nothing in the world is for free 🙂  There is an idea behind it. Boosting registrations, emailaddress collecting for future marketing purposes or something similar to sell their games to you in the future more easily.

    It’s not that they all of a sudden really love their customers 🙂

  • ochocho88

    It’s “green Iguana”

  • Marco Gazpacho

    Ah, Carlos Sanchez. What was Nigel Mansell’s Microsprose F1GP name? Bruce someone?

    I hope the driver names are like this- I’m looking forward to RaceRoom, and people whinging that it doesn’t use the most up-to-date graphics engine (like they’d debut that on the PC for a free title, you numpties) can stick their head in a tree. Or something painful.

  • kuato

    The free game is a promotion tool, of course that’s a given.  My point is that besides all the valid criticisms of Simbin, it looks like they’re heading in the right direction making a community based hub.  I hope they succeed because they’re one of just a handful of studios that cater to our niche.

  • Samuelkorthof

    The comments about this release confirms the way some people think they always have too say something. People who think there bold opinion is somehow interesting for other people. Its a free game they want to share with us but some people can not be pleased in any way. So a message for the alwys grumpy bold people. Don’t comment if there is nothing to else but crap to say.

  • Firestarter

    No wonder they are in financial problems when they make free games.

  • lordy lordy

    hey kids, get on your dancing shoes because here comes another crappy free release from simbin…. i bet isi are shitting it… and grinning…. i bet they have the shitting grins….

  • Pau

    Without a doubt, coming from someone who hasn’t seen a touring car race before.

  • jimmy

    ISI employee?

  • jimmy

    Don’t worry, I am a motorsport enthusiast and I have very good knowledge of WTCC. International touring car racing based on S2000 specs is a joke so far. Unfortunately.

  • ales

    ISI employe dont behave like that, probably ISI stalker.

  • spliff

    nah, just a troll 🙂

  • nofx

    uninstall this crap before 5 min

  • Litus

    It was exactly what I expected this game to be. Uninstalled after 20 minutes.

  • Litus

    Free? I rather pay for a game then getting spammed with all those advertisements in the game. Even when you are racing on track!!!

    I have bought almost all their games in the past but they ran out of credits with me. That they are in financial trouble is sad, but they can only blame themselves for it. The Blimey team did all the innovative stuff in the past and they have moved on, evolved and are now light years ahead of Simbin in every aspect. 

    I fear they never make up the lost ground anymore.

  • Turkey :D


  • Ricoo


    Racing with AI is fun but better multiplayer is needed tho.

  • Gah

    Would’ve been great if it only had some proper multiplayer.

    Without it, I don’t see it holding anyone’s attention for very long at all.

  • Turkey :D

    I have Race07/GTREvo/STCC/RaceOn, which has a lot more to offer.

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