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RaceRoom Racing Experience – New Sound Preview

Simbin has released a new mystery sound preview of their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

Simbin has released a new mystery sound preview of their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

The preview lets us listen to an unknown car in RaceRoom Racing Experience, can you guess which car it is?

Furthermore, Simbin has released an extensive article on the creator of the sound you can enjoy below, Anthony Monteil. Click here to find out more about Anthony’s work.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is still in closed beta as many sim racers have received their invitation keys by now. All others will be able to enjoy the free to play racing title in 2013.

  • Philip Antonia

    Maserati MC12 maybe!!!

    • Philip Antonia

      Sounds good by the way 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like my everyday driver. 🙂

  • Chris Bmw-Sumo McCawley

    i think its a Renault Megane Trophy cup car

  • Roger

    Sounds like a V12

  • Varazdat Markosyan

    Its realy sound/ Not from game/

  • daz

    Lada Riva

  • Kris Baxter

    Some Aston V12, maybe a Zagato?

  • Krisztián Tóth

    Its the Ruff!:)

  • F1Racer

    Whatever it is, it sounds quicker than an Austin Allegro 1100

  • Matt Orr

    Video title indicates C6R.
    Sound indicates not C6R.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony is the sound guy to beat, I have a feeling no other game sim audio will compare. .

  • Paul Pantel

    Nice to hear about your work Anthony! sounds like an older style 6 cylinder bmw engine?

  • Paul Pantel

    hmmm I keep thinking its the bmw m1 procar!

    • Lafcam

      not a doubt!

  • Kendra Jacobs

    Sounds just like any other video game, not impressed. Im in the closed BETA, sound engine isnt as good as they make it seem. It just sounds like a tweaked and slightly improved with more effects ISI sound engine (the game is ISI based).

    Apart from some reverb and a few other things, most of the good sound is just due to good samples and good work done by the sound guys, rather than the sound engine itself being anything special. Infact this video sounds very very synthetic and not full, complex and powerfull like a race engine sounds. The sound when the car flys by you just sounds like any other ISI game. Just the downshifts have a bit more reverb to make the sound seem “fuller”, other than that its nothing special at all.
    In my opinion at least.

    The driving is good fun though.

    • Nicolas Grignon

      Completely agree with you, trackside are completely lacking the doppler and the big downshiffting… ATM, I’m not impressed.

  • Alex Ventura

    I also hear birds.

  • Simspeed Racing

    I think it’s TTA, sounds very similar to a YouTube video of those cars.

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