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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Diego Sartori Q&A

Simbin has published a very interesting Q&A regarding their upcoming RaceRoom Racing Experience free to play title.

Simbin has published a very interesting Q&A regarding their upcoming RaceRoom Racing Experience free to play title.

In the Q&A, Simbin’s Diego Sartori shares some details on the title’s driving model, the studio has also revealed an interesting new preview showing off the title’s car setup screen.

How would you say the hardcore-simracers will experience this game?

In order to be able to answer this question one must question what a hardcore simracer really is.

We have seen many so called hardcore simracers not really being all that hardcore and we have seen some, that at first appeared to be relatively casual racing game players, only to turn out as absolutely hardcore racing gamers.

It is worth mentioning that we have seen super serious racing gamers on console as well as on PC. The game they play may not be all that hardcore but their approach, their skill and the level of dedication they display surely places them right next to any other hardcore simracer.

So, ask yourself this please, am I automatically a hardcore simracer because:

  • I wear a helmet when playing a racing game?
  • I play my racing game with controllers and a racing frame worth 1000 Euro or more?
  • I only play my racing game using cockpit camera?

And then ask yourself this, can I call myself a hardcore simracer when:

  • I play the game with a Joy-Pad?
  • I only play the game using the Amateur difficulty level?
  • I play the game using driving cameras other than cockpit?

A simracer to me is a player that loves real racing and racing games. Playing racing games is their hobby and the approach to the racing games they play, is one of dedication and determination to improve their race-craft.

How one player experiences full immersion should have nothing to do with how hardcore they are allowed to think of themselves.

I think racing games (any game really) are a little bit like running shoes, they are made for running, but you can use them for walking too, when you try to choose between one shoe over another it is not the brand or the tech that matters, ultimately it is about how the shoe fits and the one that fits perfectly is the one you will end up wearing.

RaceRoom Racing Experience will in some way or another fit most of the players out there. We are aware that it will not fit all the players, and we know that some might label it as less hardcore than other racing games.

I can live with that because I know that to be in the top 100 on any RaceRoom Racing Experience leaderboard, or to be on the podium of a ranked multiplayer race, will require an extraordinary talent and a huge amount of dedication and that to me, that is the real definition of a simracer, hardcore or not.

What changes in the driving experience can we expect?

For the most part, the changes we have made will come across as subtle, small refinements where needed but also with the aim to keep the SimBin DNA intact.

For now we have announced the availability of two difficulty levels and matching driving models, Amateur and Get Real™

The Amateur driving model is designed to cater for casual gamers and seasoned racing gamers alike and this is done through the careful use of two driving aids, ABS and traction control, nothing more.

At our booth at this year’s GamesCom, we had visitors performing 1 minute 29 sec laps around our track, coming out of the simulator stating that they would have wanted less driving aids, and some have come out saying that it was spot on, at GamesCom we only used the Amateur driving model.

Fact is that the current delta time with that car on that track is 1 minute 22 seconds, the challenge factor and difficulty level changes a lot over a span of 7 seconds per lap and that is worth having in mind.

The premise for the Amateur difficulty is that is runs the Amateur Driving model, tire wear, tire heating, ambient temperatures and fuel use disabled. Damage is kept to visuals only and the cars are using fixed setups.

In order to make sure players can get the feel they want from the controls when playing the game, we have moved the steering lock from its normal place in the car setup menu to a new location within the controls menu, this allow for personal tweaks of how the car and controller inputs interacts even with fixed car setups.

The Get Real™ driving model feels and drives much like you would expect a SimBin game to drive, it is immersive, dramatic and challenging.

A new aspect of the Get Real™ driving model is that we do not treat traction control as a driving aid, we simply treat it as part of setting up the car, just as any team would if they are racing in a series that allows the use of traction control, and those there are plenty of.
This presents the player/driver with a completely different challenge when it comes to setting the car up for a given track and a given discipline, they have to 6 traction control positions and for each of these the player can assign any amount of traction control between 0 and 100%.

Now some may think that adding 100% traction control to the car will make them win races, or be fastest on a leaderboard, that is not the case, a skilled driver will be faster with no or very limited traction control values, it will be about finding the right compromise between your driving style, the cars mechanical and aero dynamical grip and then of course the amount of “safety” you are willing to sacrifice in order to get the lap times you are looking for.

-Diego Sartori

As reported earlier, the first version release of RaceRoom Racing Experience is pretty close if hints by Simbin employees are anything to go by.

Currently, the content of the free base version has not yet been revealed but looking at what was included in the GamesCom demo is probably a good guess of what players can expect from the initial version.


  • Emil Ytterberg Blixt

    In other words; it’s not a sim…

    • Tomasz Kubiak

      Are you judging that because of TC & ABS? If so, watch this – – TC & ABS are allowed in world level sports car racing, so no problem for me.

      • Marco Hooghuis

        What he means is that Diego totally avoided the hardcore simracer question by making up his own definition. This is nothing short of suspicious.

    • steve farrell

      LMAO I saw this kind of answer coming miles away when I read it on another sitte. I knew some people on here would have something to say like its not a sim or taking offence to what he says about hardcore sim racers.

    • Pavel Drandiiski

      Not sure if trolling, or just an idiot …

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        Not sure if an idiot or didnt read the article. Like said above your post; When Diego was asked the question if this will satisfy the hardcore simracers he completely talked away from the question, not answering it at all. Instead of that he just asks what a ‘hardcore sim racer is’ and starts making up stuff. I guess it is safe to say that that is another way of saying it will be more arcade.

        Just because it is simbin doesnt mean that they will do everything right and will make a fully realistic Sim game.

  • Stefan T.

    So if I find snow boots that fit perfectly that makes them running shoes?

    • StarFoXySxv550

      For running in snow.. I would say yes.

  • Marcus Caton

    That’s a long answer just to say No…..

    • Anonymous


      • Harold

        Yep, a long winded way to describe it as sold out to the gaming market

  • TheRoggan

    Sounds like it will be focused on broader audience than the GTR titles, which I can fully understand for a online community based game/sim.

    I’m guessing and hoping this will be more like Auto Club Revolution but with more realistic physics, better graphics and sounds.
    That to me sounds like a winning concept, I like ACR, it clearly has realistic handling though not the best its one of the more “drivable”. Since you drive road cars the cars are more forgiving than race cars which also helps. The part that really kills ACR for me is that only one car has a proper in-car view (BMW 1M).

    • Anonymous

      I hope it’s not like ACR, with no cockpit view….no thank you. 🙂

      • TheRoggan

        I agree, but there is a cockpit, the BMW 1M actually has a really nice cockpit! No idea why its still the only car that does… 🙁

        Like I said in my post, that is the only car that has cockpit and that makes ACR a one car game/sim for me which isn’t all that exiting… Proper cockpit view is a must for me in a sim or I wont drive it.

  • jswarthoff

    sounds good to me.

  • speed1

    Wonder where he has this information made. Or rather how has they collected
    them. Such nformation could only come from study the user directly and his opinion. If one men would plan this alone by himself it could be to riscfull and fail as a final product. Can anybody point me to the topic in any Simbin or Raceroom forum where this thing’s have been disscussed please. This title is a test in my opinion to show them how the user react on and what they like. This helps for feature project’s. The trend is going away from hardcore and that is the reason why developer try to categorize players new to. These are talk out because the money just rather comes from casual than hardcore they try it to make for both groups comfortably but same time the respectability not to lose.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe its to early, but I read your comment 4 times now and still dont get it…
      What are you talking about?

      • speed1

        Anyway i’m curious how it feels.

      • Eric Zehnder


        Speed1 is a staple of the WMD community. Constantly testing and providing [hard to read] feedback. He’s like everyone’s friend.

        We really want to have a manual for Project CARS written by Speed1. 😉

      • speed1

        I guess you are joking an make fun at my cost Eric. Fine, you don’t need make you thoughts It
        will not happen. One of the reasons why I’m no longer active in the wmd forum.

      • Eric Zehnder

        I was being genuine, Speed1. You certainly appeared to be active as of quite recently constantly providing feedback, even if the language barrier sometimes comes up.

        I remember specifically people requesting that you write part of the manual for Project CARS and Ian Bell approved!

        We like you, Speed1, the language barrier is just funny sometimes. Hope you stay current on WMD.

      • speed1

        You mean in the serious to like me ? If yes thank you. I believe not that SMS like me. I guess they are more annoyed than liking me.
        The other thing is not how you say it. At that time, some people have made a fun on my cost as well as Mr.Ian Bell too. It was not honestly meant but sarcastic.
        No i don’t think that i will stay on WMD . I was constantly bashed by some dev’s and user’s even though I had never evil intentions only my enthusiasm and occupation bring me this problem. It is a pity really but life goes on.

  • Anonymous

    “A simracer to me is a player that loves real racing and racing games. Playing racing games is their hobby and the approach to the racing games they play, is one of dedication and determination to improve their race-craft.”

    No thats a “gamer that enjoys racing games” which is totally fine I would call myself a “gamer” I play other games not just sim racing games and I play multiple games to a high and often competitive level.

    A sim racer would be someone that first and foremost is after simulation of real racing and everything that comes from that .

    For example If I played allot of Mario cart or split second or burnout even to a competitive level and was dedocated to it and sure evan in the most arcade of games some aspects of real racing apply the fact is I would not be a “sim racer”

    “How one player experiences full immersion should have nothing to do with how hardcore they are allowed to think of themselves.”

    Its not evan about how “hardcore” people think they are its simply a case of if you are driving a simulator and trying to emulate aspects of real world driving then you will not want to be in Chase cam as this is a less acuret simulation of what a real driver would be seeing.

    People can play simulators and games how they like thats true but locking the camara to cockpit or at least bonet makes sure that everyone is playing within the same rule set , personaly i dont know annyone that races at a very high level and would pick any view that’s ditatched from the car as this gives you a real disadvantage when it comes to knowing what the car is doing.

    “I think racing games (any game really) are a little bit like running shoes, they are made for running, but you can use them for walking too, when you try to choose between one shoe over another it is not the brand or the tech that matters, ultimately it is about how the shoe fits and the one that fits perfectly is the one you will end up wearing. ”

    Sure but the piont is if we had a simulator that had SPOT ON PHYSICS then it would fit everyone because the dynamics of real car physics is very addictive. Granted arcade driving games can also be really fun. This whole sentence is basicly him saying “if you like something you like it” which is a totally redundant thing to say

    “RaceRoom Racing Experience will in some way or another fit most of the players out there. We are aware that it will not fit all the players, and we know that some might label it as less hardcore than other racing games. ”

    Again using the word hardcore is of no help to anyone why does he not just say the game is arcade or not ( later on he goes to say where they have aids)

    In the end this guy has written a load of fluff and made a bunch of non points , whats strange is that he didn’t have to I’m sure race room will be fun to play and I don’t care if its more accommodating or less realistic than some simulators but then I simply wont call it a simulator.

    All he needed to say was

    “race room will accommodate people that enjoy sim racing as well as less experienced racers. To achieve this we have created two modes one that has ABS and TC and one that does not, this way new drivers can get up to speed without us having to put artificial physics into the game. This will keep the game competitive and enjoyable for a larger spectrum of players without impacting those people that already have a well developed sense of car control. ”

    • speed1

      Only a justification nothing more. Trying to justificate the style of the game with categorisation the players new. I guess something like this we will see in next time more often.

  • nameless

    as a simbin fan i’m a tad annoyed by some of these claims.

    IMO Simracer = a type of gamer that is looking for realism, accuracy over anything. No compromise should be done, the goal is to achieve the most realistic behavior possible. If anything, the only limit should be the technology powering the simulator, not design decisions that will harm the experience in favor of ‘fun’ or casual audience. Any game that doesn’t fit into this, is not a simulator and therefore not aimed at simracers.

    • Eric Zehnder

      Ain’t coming for years, if ever, it seems.

  • yorch sincla

    (excuse my english). Well, i think that Race 07, GTR-E, STCC….was already more “arcade” than GTR 2, but still had a really nice physics-tire model, etc. I really don’t expect of RRR to be more “sim” than Race 07 saga, to be honest, but yes to be similar with improved sounds, graphics and features. It’s ok to me, but i really hope that GTR 3 come some day. In the other hand, i understand Simbin: “everyone” loves their sims but no one became really masive, and they need to be succesfull, i applaud them to try to do new things…

  • Eric Zehnder

    Hmm, so SMS, Kunos, and now SimBin are all going the same route and saying the exact same things. Sims can still be sims and include options for those less talented/dedicated/geared-up (wheels vs gamepads). They’re all making great looking DX11 graphics, complicated tire models, and game/career options to actually have fun with the game rather than just hotlap or scrounge for online competition.

    …and the sim community rages on…

  • Anonymous

    Well I think playing any game with a racing wheel should be a prerequisite to hardcore, whether that game actually makes adequate use of the wheel is what defines it as a sim. -in short.

    Now in a non-aided environment (important) the sim should yield better lap times with the racing wheel, and the gap in laptimes set by a wheel and set by a keyboard outlines how advantageous using the wheel was regarding a huge complexity of factors like physics fidelity, tyre model, FFB, accuracy of car model, transmission, basically everything that’s important to the sim from the control input. The exception being that more forgiving road cars should set closer laptimes. – the measurement of realism may decrease, but the rule should still stand and outlines the importance of accuracy in physics and modelling.

    The great thing is everybody is going to have their bucketlist of what makes a sim, and that’s a good thing! Arguments and debates lead to improvement.

  • Tiago Guerreiro

    Harcore simracer is someone who enjoy simulation….. “A word to the wise is sufficient”

    Thats all i have to say…..

  • Howie Motz

    “Sim Racing”, The mythical and imaginary state of computer game racing; where the gamer is made to believe the driving/racing has achieved a level that is very close to reality! “Arcade Racing”, The racing game experience that is knowingly compromised from realistic physics. So the Driver is able to control the vehicle in as realistic manner as possible. With the most readily available/common hardware.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think that’s the case yes there are obviously different aproches to making a simulator that works with consumer hardware and making a simulator that does not take this into account but as a result might on paper be more realistic.

      But an “Arcade racing game” is different again in that from the start of development the objective is making a game for games sake the objective of an arcade game is not to copy reality but to deliver an enjoyable game for a wide number of people with differing ability for a specific platform.

      Sure allot of modern arcade racing games have aspects of simulation in them which is fine but in those cases you just have to say which parts of the game are realistic and which parts are a simulation.

      There is no reason as to why an “arcade racer” can not be as fun as a “driving simulator ” but if you picked up a game that claimed to be a “driving simulator” and instead you got Mario cart or burnout you would be rightly annoyed.

      What has happened to confuse the situation is that marketeers know that the layperson is attracted to the idea of driving and the allure of cars. But not the actual work required to be good at driving.

      As a result we have games marketed and presented visually as simulators when in reality for the most part they are an arcade game. Not that its bad that they are arcade games so long as they are a good arcade game , the issue is simply the disingenuous marketing and presentation.

  • Marco Hooghuis

    What a load of bull. He didn’t go into the hardcore part at all. He merely described a skilled driver.

  • Joeri Blootacker

    Here we go again 🙂
    yes it is vs no it isn’t….
    Enjoy the games, and be aware as i (also) already said 1million time, not a single game can and will ever be realistic. (not in the near future anyway)


    looks promising, my 2 cents 😉

  • Tomas Beha

    I have Q&A for you…

    Q: Does this contain new, important and interresting info
    A: Not really…

  • Anonymous

    It does not matter how black or white it is. I welcome every Simbin Product. RREE , rF2 & Assetto Corsa in one year… I see no reason to complain. It xmass 3 times this year.

  • Ricoo

    “Hardcore”, I don’t mind.

    If it’s a true sim, ok, otherwise… I will keep on rFactor 2.

    What is a true sim? A soft that simulates real life as close as current knowledge makes it possible.

  • Anonymous

    Aaaaaaand I was right. It’s an arcade wannabe-sim. Just as expected.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of PR blah blah, but doesn’t the picture say it all ?
    I’m definitely curious on this one.

  • daz

    I don’t understand why some folks get their nuts in a bunch because ABS and TCS will be allowed. For too long they have been seen as driver aids, but if a sim has a car that runs ABS or TCS in real life, why shouldn’t it be used in sim?

    Some folks seem to have this mis-conception that if they run with everything turned off they are ‘hardcore racers’ whereas someone running ABS or TCS are seen as inferior. Grow the f**k up.

    • Marco

      I agree. “Hardcore sim” doesn’t mean driving a virtual car that can barely be kept on track. For that matter I even dislike vintage cars that drive like an axle has broken or something. I remember old cars and they didn’t drive like that.

      At the same time, for me “arcade” means the game driving my car in the pits, being unable to jump start a race because I can keep the car floored and the game won’t let me go before the green (are you listening pCARS?). Those are arcade features. The car being drivable or using ABS and TC (when it is used in the real car) don’t bother me. At the same time, most real cars can turn off the TC (less so the ABS) so I want the same ability.

      If I had to pick the #1 Arcade feature I dislike is the inability to practice alone on track before a race. The way GRID does it where before you can even check if your controller is mapped properly you are thrown in a race on a track you may or may not have raced before.

    • speed1

      It is a kind of difficulty increase to set all off. TC is also a helper in real. It makes some driving situationen safer and easier. What is good for the reality. The same function in an authentic implementation makes driving easier in sims. The same is true for ABS. It has nothing to do with real or not. It is simply too easy as a result if in use. This may be because that it is software. I do not know it. Maybe it is hardcore to use every possibility to max out the challenging in software, like set every electronic helper in a real car off to get more challenging drive for fun or what else.

      It is true that this helper are available in real to save driving. And is true that this helper do the same in sims. If a sim driver is accustomed to driving without this helper and switch the available one on, it will be to easy for him and the challenging as well as fun get lost because it feels like arcade driving i think. At least i’ve it so far so perceived.

  • Anonymous

    hard core sim racer = no console’s

  • Guilherme Cramer

    Wannabe elitists are just sad, narrowminded people.

    • Anonymous

      You should take your gamepad, get back to your favorite NFS and play the hell out of it while telling yourself how realistic it feels.

      • Guilherme Cramer

        Oh no, you shut me up and put me back on my place! Could you buy NFS for me? I am sure I can squeeze its icon on my desktop, next to GTP NR2003, RBR, GPL, GTR 2, GTL, rFactor, and the Batman games. Does it work with the G25? Because that’s what I also got.

        See how annoying it is to behave like you?

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