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Racedriver GRID – Hands-On Screenshots

Racedriver GRID – Hands-On Screenshots

Okay, I´ve given Racedriver GRID a first spin. Without taking anything away from an upcoming review, it’s safe to say that this game is dreadful. The only good thing this game has to offer are the graphics (if you count out the HDR) and the amount of cars and tracks.

Endurance racing fans like to hear that this game is putting quite an emphasis on this discipline of racing. Most racing cars in the game come from the Le Mans Series and the Le Mans 24 Hours, endurance racing is not accurately simulated though. Or have you ever seen an Audi R10 top out at 260mph or prototypes and GTs bang into each other all the time?

Please excuse the German on-screen text, the version I bought is localised and I did not find a way to change that.

  • Uff

    Montoya did you change anything on the graphic (from in-game menu or configuration files)? From your screens there seem to be less effects than in the demo and the general look is quite good, indeed. 🙂

  • Trebor901

    can we have some screenies of the GT2 Porsche’s please 🙂

  • Montoya

    Nope, no settings have been changed. All I did was crop and put the watermark on.

  • Montoya


    Yes I can make some later. It’s kind of difficult to take screenshots of certain cars though as the camera always revolves around your own car.

  • Octavarium

    I cant help but wonder who this game is aimed at?

    I haven’t tried it yet but if the physics are that bad (and from the Le mans laps I guess there are!) then why did they put so much emphasis on Le Mans, which lets face it has sadly limited popularity outside die-hard race fans who would want more realism…?

    Don’t want to put the cat amongst the proverbial copyright pidgeons but can any of the sounds/tracks/cars be salvaged and put to use in another sim?

  • Boris Johnson

    Despite what the Codies might tell you, this is an OK arcade game and nothing else.

    As a sim its piss poor.Its all fur coat and no knickers.
    I fear for the Formula 1 sim from Codemasters, I really do!

    Roll on GTR Evolution.

  • Trebor901

    ok cheers montoya, i know it should have the same feature as online where u can view other players cars.

  • rickylix

    graphically, it looks amazing! possibly the best “real world” looking race game yet..but based on what you guys are saying and the demo i tried, i can believe that the physics totally blow, evern in this retail release..Codies definetly cannot drop the ball on the F1 or its cursed..

  • erale

    Graphics aren’t that good. There are some nice effects and the lighting is great but the textures are nothing special. Every rFactor track has nicer textures.

  • drowsy

    The only problem I have with this game is that it fails to be a good arcade racer. It doesn’t even try to be a sim, but the physics are horrible even for an arcade. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d have rather had the old “hovercraft” physics from previous Codemasters’ games instead of these weird “box with rockets” physics.

  • sixdegrees

    Why are all the tracks nearly twice as wide as they should be, with half the elevation? They really look like a bad joke.. Le Mans in particular is an insult to the real world track unfortunately.

  • The Lonely

    Codemasters tracks have been woefully inaccurate for a long time, nothing new there.

  • stabiz

    Crapmasters! BOOO!

  • JosVerstappen

    I played the demo and I must say that I like the drift physics, but the normal racing just sucks, no feeling in the cars and my g25 just feels useless for this game.

  • Trebor901

    are the Porsche’s 997’s or 996’s?

  • Montoya

    Porsches are 996, all LMS and Le Mans cars are from the 2006 season.

  • 1ts mike hawk

    it was an alright game best one yet for 360 only bad thing is that there is no full races except for demo derby