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Race2Play Setup Developer 3.02 – Released

Race2Play Setup Developer 3.02 – Released

Race2Play has released a new version of their Setup Developer tool that assists sim racers in making the right changes to their car setup without having to have extensive technical knowledge.


– Virus warning false positive resolved
– Removed requirement to Login to use tool
– All features unlocked for all users
– Added Portuguese and Italian translations
– Added fuel calculator (available in Tools menu)
– Added oval racing setup theory in existing tabs (choose an oval track type on START tab)
– Added “In Race” tab for changes you can do to your car during a race
– Top-Right corner of window now displays what type of setup you are working on (Road or Oval)
– Remembers Celsius or Fahrenheit after restart
– Changed “wait” value to reflect seconds as opposed to ms (see Config.ini)
– Fixed link to HELP in top menu
– Fixed dialog on Dampers-1 tab that suggested incorrect fix when selecting “turn-in/understeer”
– Minor spelling issues

The program works by asking players questions regarding the car’s behaviour and telemetry readings, giving a choice of answers that help the software calculate the needed changes. This approach means that even sim racers completely in-experienced¬†with setup work can use this tool to improve their setup.

Developed by Tim McArthur, the software covers the following areas of setup work that can be used in any simulation:

– Springs and antiroll bars
– Wedge, track bar and spring rubbers
– Tire pressures and camber
– Caster and toe
– Gearing
– Differential
– Weight distribution
– Dampers
– Aerodynamics
– Fuel calculator
– Pit stop change options

Download Race2Play Setup Developer 3.0.2 Here

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