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RACE07/GTR Evolution – Patch Available

RACE07/GTR Evolution – Patch Available

Simbin has released the changelog for the recently-released update for RACE07 & GTR Evolution that brings the simulations to version

The most interesting change for RACE07 owners is that all features that have been introduced with GTR Evolution & STCC – The Game are now available in RACE07.

To retrieve the patch, simply start Steam and your installation will be updated. An offline-version of the patch is not yet available.


  • Fixed stability issues in the rendering pipeline
  • Fixed session timer in HUD and Garage menu
  • Improved AI clutch control on launch
  • Various triple head fixes
  • Fixed saving of total stats
  • Fixed selection of track cameras when switching viewed vehicle
  • Fixed bad draw distance in free flight camera mode
  • Improved behaviour of blown tyres
  • Fixed blue flags raised even though they were disabled
  • Fixed bad behaviour of AI cars after race finish
  • Fixed bug with ghost cars generating drafting


  • Enabled all STCC and GTR Evolution exclusive features in RACE 07
  • UncleChuckle

    And still no fix for the AI not changing tyres properly in changeable weather. (Not a bug I found personally, but a friend did, and it’s been around since GTR2.)

  • Raikku

    Isn’t this old news? I think that I’ve got already many weeks ago(?)

  • Klaas Jan

    The entire GTR2/Race/Evo-franchise is old news… :sd:

  • Montoya

    The patch was released a while ago, the changelog was made available today…hence the posting now.

  • Disposable_Hero

    That changelog is not quite complete i think.
    I had the problem that the damage settings were always reset to 0%.
    This has been fixed also.

  • kill4f00d

    I also used to have a problem with damage being reset to %0 using custom difficulty settings. Fixed =) This changelog fails though.

  • kill4f00d

    Sorry for double post, but why doesn’t PostProcessEffect=”0″ affect anything yet? You can find it in your .PLR file. Maybe SimBin will activate it for Race On. Motion blur and or HDR?

  • RKipker

    Well, the TH2G corrections have been made and that’s welcomed for me. Also, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in load times, but I’m running a GTX 280 1 GB video card.

    Thanks SimBin for correcting TH2G errors for faithful followers!

    BTW… please add all DLC for race On as the Mid Ohio track and Carmaro deserve to be run on computers where can really be taken advantage of… :sd:

  • ScHiRoCk

    Fixed bad behaviour of AI cars after race finish

    Who cares about this bug? the race is already over so who gives a **** that they crash after finishing

  • UncleChuckle

    As I said, there is a huge bug apparently in how the AI handles changeable weather and tyre selection during races.

    Yet they fix stuff that occurs once the flag has dropped. Yes, that makes sense…

    I love Simbin but there are so many fundamental flaws in their stuff that have never been fixed.

    Given the seemingly endless preference for multiplayer I’ve given up on hoping for decent AI in race games anymore.

  • UltimateGTR

    I need the offline patch, please release it, Simbin.

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