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RACE07 – Update Released

RACE07 – Update Released

To prepare the title for the upcoming release of the Retro Pack expansion, Simbin has released a new update for RACE07 and all titles based on it.

The new version adds support for the new hillclimb mode that will be introduced with the Retro expansion, brings new smoke effects and some fixes as listed below.


– Race’07 and dedicated server are now “hillclimb-enabled” to support the upcoming Retro Expansion.
– New smoke effects.
– New corner markers that are now valid for any type of car on a given track.
– Fix for a missing button in championship mode that did not allow the user to go back.
– Fix for 64bits operating systems where the game could suddenly run out of memory and crash.

Top update your installation, start Steam and the new version will be downloaded. The patch is currently not available for non-Steam users of RACE07.

  • John

    Cool. Now the smoke looks similar to GTR2’s.

  • DevonK

    Great – a crash fix for the PC version that you can’t even get if you bought Evolution the way most of us did, on DVD. A BIG rasberry to Simbin for this “F-U, customer!” move. *DONT_KNOW*

  • DevonK

    Simbin, how much time would it take to make the patches available for download on your site? Half an hour? Would you care to explain why your’re screwing over a big segment of your (once) loyal customer base?

  • Gaiajohan

    I thought every DVD also has a Steam code.
    And Steam has a nice offline function so you don’t have to be online. There’s no need at all not to install Steam except for piracy.

  • Pascal H.

    I bought GTR Evo and Race ON as a DVD and it has a steam code.

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