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RACE07 Expansions – Templates Released

RACE07 Expansions – Templates Released

Simbin has released the painting templates for the RACE07 expansion packs that have been released during the past weeks.

The templates now allow taltented painters to add their own designs to the Formula RaceRoom car as well as the car models that have been introduced with STCC – The Game 2, the GT Power Pack and WTCC 2010.

Download RACE07 Expansion Pack Templates Here

  • Tim Brokaw

    Seriously SIMBIN has taken down all mirrors of the Templates for expansions for Race 07 since the release of RaceRoom (which needs work to say the least) why can’t they host or mirror the zip files for the templates for Race 07 and it’s expansions, this is getting really frustrating.

    • Timo Ehlers

      Agree! Wanted to continue painting after I took a break, and I can’t since they took down the add-on templates. Can’t be that hard to keep them online somewhere…

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