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Race Track Builder – First Beta Footage

Brendon Pywell, creator of the very popular Bob’s Track Builder tool has unveiled his newest creation – The Race Track Builder.

Brendon Pywell, creator of the very popular Bob’s Track Builder tool has unveiled his newest creation – The Race Track Builder.

Unlike Bob’s Track Builder that focuses on creating ready to use tracks for games, RTB is more of a general-purpose track builder aimed at developers, providing new streamlined methods of producing complex race designs, and export those models into other 3d applications for further processing.

Lots of new details on the upcoming software can be found on the official website as well as in the extensive 40-minute video below.

Users of BTB don’t have to worry either as Brendon will continue support of the software as well!

  • TheFourHorsemen


  • jotaf1df


  • Richard Hessels

    Throwing money at the screen…

  • Glen Orpheus

    intresting, looks far simpler than using Max (“,)

  • David Hughes

    This looks incredibly useful, and I have 10 years Max experience.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Always wanted to have a go at building my own tracks…but I have no 3D program experience…this looks like it could do the job, nicely done Mr Pywell

  • Wayne Reed

    I love BTB so I am so getting this. Its awesome.

  • vilivili

    Need AC export for BTB..

  • maranello55

    sadap n take my empty wallet!!

  • Ben EightyFive

    I have no experience in track building but always fancied giving it a go. Maybe this will be my starting point.

    • Richard Hessels

      Better start with Bobs Track Builder.. than you can make the whole track working with one click. This is a piece of middle-ware software, you still need other 3D software to make it work. So you have to master 2 programs instead of 1

      • Ben EightyFive

        Oh, I assumed this was a new stand-alone software. Anyways, thanks for the reply

  • Beanspeak

    i’ve always wanted to do a tiny loop of my local neighbourhood but wouldn’t know where to begin 🙁

  • todemanjack


  • Giovanni Scala


  • Mark Reynolds

    This is looking like a really nice step up Brendon, great work mate, I will be buying when I can find some time to make some cool tracks again 🙂

  • hexagramme

    Great initiative! Best of luck to the creators.

    • BackMarker

      Hi! I hope you are doing well and chillin’
      : )

  • F1Racer

    Very impressive. The Google maps feature is amazing. Nice work Brendon !!

    • Alex Ventura

      This would be particularly great for rally/hillclimb stages! Hope we’re not far from a beta version.

  • Marc Collins


  • ModernTimes2

    One step closer to that dream of lifting tracks (roads) from Google Earth – well done! I hope we will see a complete tool chain that noobs & laymen can use to recreate real life roads, complete with export to the most popular sims.

  • Boblebric

    Interesting sofware. I’m a BTB user, and I’ll appreciate to be able to merge easily crossing tracks and terrains. I hope that BTB will be improved by importing now FBX files. Then, we’ll be able to create terrain with RTB, then AIW, CAM files and more with BTB (for supported games).

  • Jamie

    As a donator and long term supporter of Bobs Track Builder for years (I’m the maker of one of the biggest xpack for BTB, the Great Britain Xpack), I can’t recommend Race Track Builder as of now. It’s still very early in the process and the price tag is way too high for the amount of features you get. What you get basically is an unfinished prototype which doesn’t work most of the time, with limited features that doesn’t work as they should (especially track merging which is just a cheap trick). Software support is the worst I’ve ever seen, I’ve gently asked for help and got ignored before getting permanently banned… that’s not how you treat your average customers. It was the same with BTB (which got splitted into two different versions exporting to different games so you have to buy it twice)…Brendon disappeared for years without updating it as it seems this guy is more concerned about climate change and your cash than anything else. If you want to be treated as a cash pig go for it, but don’t expect any gratitude or support in return for your hard earned money!!

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