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RACE Pro – Road America Previews

RACE Pro – Road America Previews

Simbin seems to have given out plenty of preview versions of RACE Pro lately as more preview material of their Xbox 360 simulation is popping up on various gaming websites. This time, we´ll focus on Road America, one of two all-new tracks in RACE Pro.

Located in Elkart Lake, Wisconsin, Road America is considered to be the finest road racing facility in the United States. The 6,5 kilometer track offers an interesting mix of ups and downs, long high speed straights and fourteen corners, including the famous carousell. The track accommodates up to 150,000 spectators and is one of the few US tracks suitable to host a Formula One Grand Prix. has some very nice screenshots of the brand new track in RACE Pro. Those of you who prefer moving images can check out the track presentation video by – Just click on the picture below.

  • Gaiajohan

    I’m impressed :). Now we just need it on PC. 🙄

  • Raikku

    XO needs a G25-support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wake up Bill! Don’t be an idiot.

  • Gopher04

    Man i hope this means Road America will appear on the PC version as well..

  • dadada1

    Agree with Raikku, without G25 support this is a pretty futile release, and I dont want to have to buy a Fanatec wheel.

  • navalhawkeye

    On the 360, it’s not their choice whether to support the G25 or not. Microsoft won’t allow it.

  • ibyte_dk

    If the Xbox 360 had G25 support. I’d seriously consider buying one, just to play this game.

    But time will tell.

  • The Lonely

    Ouch look at the road tiling on Pic4, it’s enough to make me vomitt :shame:

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