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RACE Pro – Nordschleife Coming?

RACE Pro – Nordschleife Coming?

Simbin’s upcoming RACE Pro simulation for Xbox 360 offers almost all cars and tracks of GTR Evolution, spiced up by their new Lizard engine. One particular track is missing though, the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

This might change once the simulation is released as Speedmaniacs reports that Simbin and Atari have confirmed several downloadable content-expansions which will partly be free. Planned content for those packs includes touring cars, historic GT cars as well as Spa Francorchamps and the Nürburgring.

Mentioned are the Grand Prix and endurance layouts of the German track, the latter most likely being the Nordschleife. Since the Grand Prix layout is the longest version of the modern track, there is nothing else “endurance layout” could refer too. Putting 1+1 together, we might be seeing a Lizard-version of Simbin’s Nordschleife soon. Don’t count on that being free though…

In related news, X-Play has released an exclusive new RACE Pro trailer, showing of the Mini class of the simulation. These nimble little cars provide excellent and close racing, the trailer can be watched below.

  • UncleChuckle

    Really hope this content winds up in Evo. Wonder if Lizard and gMotor are similar enough for that to happen?

    I would think the Nord is definitely going in. They went to the trouble of licensing it for Evo. Not having arguably the greatest circuit on Earth in the debut of the Lizard engine would seem a bit strange.

    I know a fair few people who are a bit miffed that a lowly console gets the Lizard engine first. My feeling is let the console suckers find the bugs in the engine so we get a better release for the first PC version.:)

  • Siggs

    The question I’m wondering is how similar Lizard and the rF2 engine are. I know they’re completely seperately developed, but after using the same engine for so long, there can’t fail to be similarities…

  • Ryan Gilmore

    If you put 1+1 together aswell:

    – Spa
    – Road America
    – Laguna

    Are set all to be in RACE:Pro (after DLC). So could say that ALMS/LMS double team pack on the way? But could be too much content just for an addon for RACE07/EVO evectively.

    + Regarding the discussion of Lizard not being on PC yet. I would rather see a fully licenced FIA GT (GTR3) with possible ALMS/LMS content out than have GTR Evo soley on Lizard. And then have RACE08/09 or whatever come out too.

    IIRC there is set to be two more expansion, at least, expansions for RACE07. As long as some features are added, i’m all for the RACE07 to continue for 09 and have a lizard based game with a FULL FIA GT field at a later date either Q3/Q4 09 or Q1/Q2 ’10.

    Have to remember is, if RACE Pro is a hit, and Simbin still want to do PC games. RACE Pro is effectively covering the costs for us 🙂

  • Ryan Gilmore

    p.s the statment “IIRC there is set to be two more expansion, at least, expansions for RACE07”. I mean two NEW licenced expansions 🙂

  • UncleChuckle

    Is Australian V8 Supercar licensed to anyone currently? Are Codemasters still busy wasting the rights? Or are they too busy ruining F1?

    Of the three circuits you mention Ryan, two of them are in my top ten. (Road America and Spa. I despise Laguna, thank you very much Gran Turismo 2 license test.)

    I’d love a full LMS/ALMS sim. That would be awesome.

    Basically, if Simbin release a sim, I’ll buy it. Can’t say the same for any other sim maker, even ISI. (Definitely taking a “wait and see” approach with RF2. Will have to be pretty spectacular to win me back.)

    I wonder if this is the time for rampant speculation as to what TOAD actually means? Is it an acronym?

    “Two Only: ALMS DTM”
    “The Only Addition, DTM”

    You get the idea. (And I’m sure DTM rights lay elsewhere anyway.)

  • Montoya

    The DTM license is taken.

    I doubt the acronym TOAD will make sense to us once more is revealed, it’s probably some kind of company in-joke.

  • UncleChuckle

    Yeah, but speculation is amusing.

    Perhaps it’s what it actually said. It’ll be giant toads we can hop around the Nordschleife.

  • Klaas Jan

    Muha, expansion after expansion…. They’re learning from iRacing 😎

  • UncleChuckle

    Yeah, but at least they aren’t gouging with a monthly fee like Kaemmer’s lame monstrosity.

  • HoW Monty

    Chuckle, V8 Supercars is the next grid expansion, complete with Bathurst.

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