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RACE Pro – Laguna Seca Preview Video

RACE Pro – Laguna Seca Preview Video

Three weeks ago, Simbin released a dedicated preview video showing off Road America, one of the two all-new tracks in the RACE Pro simulation for Xbox360.

Now, it’s time to take a closer look at Laguna Seca, the second Simbin track to make it exclusively into the game. The 3,6 kilometer track is located in western California and is one of North America’s most prestigious road courses. The circuit hosts an annual Moto GP round as well as ALMS and Rolex Series sports car races, highlight of the layout is the stunning corkscrew corner.

Even though RACE Pro will contain pretty much everything that is also available for Simbin’s PC simulations, this fine looking track will be something PC racers will eny their console counterparts.

  • UncleChuckle

    Not that excited by the video, but that’s Carlton Kirby on the commentary isn’t it? Cool! I like him. (He makes me laugh.)

  • ibyte_dk

    I’m sorry, but whoever they got working on track textures just plainly sucks at it.
    I thought Xbox was supposed to look better then PC?
    Try comparing those hidious track tectures to GTR2 (a 3 year old PC game) with Culmone’s texture updates to those horrible textures.
    What the H is happening here? Can someone explain why those textures are so bad?

  • trebor901

    ive been restraining myself from saying anything about people moaning about graphics. But now im just getting annoyed by them.

    Gaming isnt all about graphics and people who care more about graphics than gameplay are morons. Who cares if it doesnt look that great, if it plays great and feels as a Simbin game should then whats the problem.

    I find it very ignorant that all you care about is eye candy and dont care about all the other hard work that Simbin have had to do within the space of a year. They’ve had to get it compatible with Xbox 360, remodel everything, retexture everything, sort out the performance so it works on the hardware thats there and loads more.

    Thats all im gonna say because i think its pathetic and i for one dont care what it looks like as long as it is as good as RACE07 and GTR Evo.

  • rustymike12

    I’m with you trebor, in addition, the Xbox does not have the computing horsepower of a PC so from what’ve seen, Simbin has does a great job squeezing what they have onto the xbox.

  • ibyte_dk

    Normally I race iRacing. Not the funkiest looking game and I race sim-racing for the physics. When I ask these questions it is out of pure curiosity.

    Tire physics in evolution are superior to GTR2. I race karts and have taken my laps around the NS IRL in various cars. So it’s not like I don’t know what it feels like to push a race car to the limit.

    But besides tire physics and net-code, GTR-Evo has nothing on GTR2. To me Evo and RACE PRO look the same only different tracks. So I’m wondering? What is the selling point, when the games are 95% the same?

    Can I add: I think the best thing about this Xbox game is, that it will create even more interest for PC-based sim-racing.

  • Bram

    @ibyte: The problem of the XBOX is that it only has 512Mb of memory, while the average modern PC has 2Gb at least. Quite a difference, especially when it comes to heavy textures.

  • Rasmus

    @ibyte: If you see the interview here, the man from SimBin explains some of it (the stuff about high-end and low-end computers):

    Oh, and for the record, I don’t think it looks bad at all!!

    You also ask what the selling point is when the games are 95 % the same. Well, isn’t that obvious? One game is for PC and one is for XBOX360 – the selling points are, to my knowledge, pretty much the same. One game is just for console racers and one is for PC-based sim racers. I don’t think the two games are supposed to be that different. 😀

  • phil23

    Other than the much needed revenue a console game could give Simbin it’s also a way of introducing new gamers to their products. They’re not going to the effort of making a console version of their product just to sell it to their PC following!!

    I think it looks respectable and I’m likely to add this to my Simbin collection 😀

  • scca1981

    game is looking great… much improved over previous trailers.

    Agree 100% with Bram. The pc will always be king of the hill power wise.

  • michael

    > the Xbox does not have the computing horsepower of a PC

    Well it does, just not the power of a better PC 🙂
    It’s actually pretty powerful albeit yes, you can spec a PC that is more powerful.

    Plus, some have stated PCs often have 2gb of ram related to textures. This is rather moot as (a) the 360 doesn’t need to run Vista or XP and (b) Textures are generally stored in the graphics card ram, and that’s typically 512mb on both PC and 360 at the moment [depending on the PC in question of course]

    360s are all [nearly] identical hardware and this gives developers the opportunity to optimise their game more than they can for the more disparate PC platform.

    But to me the most important thing graphics wise is that it runs at 60fps like Forza 2. This makes Forza far better to actually watch than the [arguably] prettier but blurry Grid.

  • hornet

    …”a 91m drop”… wow, I understand why the corkscrew is famous 😉

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