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RACE Pro – Four New Videos

RACE Pro – Four New Videos

Four all-new videos of Simbin’s RACE Pro Xbox360 simulation have surfaced on

The videos show WTCC races at Oschersleben & Brands Hatch, a wet Caterham battle at Curitiba as well as Formula 3000s in the streets of Porto. Furthermore, we get a first look at the simulation’s setup screens which seem to not have been dumbed down to suit mainstream console audience.

RACE Pro will be Simbin’s first ever console simulation, powered by ther in-house developed Lizard engine. The game is due to be released in Q1 2009, published by Atari. Click on the images below to get to the action-packed videos.

Thanks to tezuka_18 for the find!

  • ADC David

    I recognize the MFFFRRR in video #2, I see him in almost every lobby race I join 😉

  • GeraArg

    Lizzard is a new engine?, or an evolution of gMotor?.
    In the setup screen, You can see that the tire model is very similar to gMotor2, each tire is divided into 3 parts; also the other options are very similar. 😐 😐 😐

  • Brad

    Hmmm I am suddenly not impressed with the graphics engine anymore. I guess being engulfed in so much Gran Turismo action lately, it’s actually making the environments in this game look a but dated, in terms of detailing and lighting. 😐

  • RKipker

    If those graphics do not impress you, your BLIND 😮 .

    I for one do not find GT5 all that impressive, looks to un-natural IMHO And yes, I have it!

  • Brad

    @RKipker – Are you joking me? Ok let’s forget GT5. What about Ferrari Project? Impressive graphics as well.

    When I saw the vids and images I thought of a game from back in 2003, 2002.

    I don’t think Race Pro is going on the whole GFX train, more on actual sim game play.

  • Brad

    I think you need to take a moment from the game, go watch some real races in real life, as well as check out some other racing titles and then come back and tell me how the graphics look.

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