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RACE Pro – BMW at Zandvoort Video

RACE Pro – BMW at Zandvoort Video

Below is a new video of Simbin’s upcoming RACE Pro simulation for Xbox360, showing the BMW 320si at the Dutch Zandvoort circuit. The video was made by Game fan on the Games Convention 2008 where fans were able to try Simbin’s newest simulation.

In similar news, Eurogamer reports that a demo of RACE Pro will be available within three weeks on Xbox live.

Race Pro GC day 2 BMW Zandvoort from Game fan on Vimeo.

  • 6e66o

    upshift backfire? seriously?

  • Substance242

    Somebody really uses this childish camera view for racing?

  • phil23

    Well it looks a lot more realistic than Grid doesn’t it? It also looks more involving and exciting than Forza2, which like the Gran Turismo series, gets a bit tedious. Lets pass judgment until we get to try it.

  • jiggaman

    No G25 no buy!

  • steve

    wait for pc version

  • Bram

    Looks tasty as hell 🙂

  • ermax18

    I am with you Jiggaman. No real wheel support then no buy. So I am still left looking for a reason to buy the Xbox360. I don’t play games. As it is, the only reason I even got the original Xbox was because of XBMC, not for games.

  • Kill4f00f

    I’ll only get the PC version, if one ever comes out. Xbox 360 is for children.

  • Ryan Gilmore

    PC version is GTR Evo minus Road America and that other american track (can’t remember it).
    First Lizzard engine game will most likely be a brand new RACE game, brand new FIA GT game (if ferr & porky play ball) or another licenced game.

  • scope

    Phew it looks so awesome!! especially the sun reflections in groove on track – never seen that before in a sim – and thats how it looks in reallife…

    so lets soon have a pc title aswell

  • Raikku

    ‘Cause i have XO, i plan to buy this, maybe this is little bit better than XO’s other, quite lame driving games.

    I don’t think that this will beat GT5P in PS3, with G25 GT is surprisingly good to drive(yes, i have PS3 too).

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