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RACE On – New Patch Coming Up

A new patch for Simbin’s RACE On will soon be available on Steam.

Despite working hard on their upcoming GTR3 title, Simbin is still providing improvements to their existing title as a new patch for RACE On has been deployed to Steam.

The patch fixes several issues as listed below and should be available for download via Steam shortly. A patch for the DVD version of RACE On has not been announced yet.


– (Finally) corrected Race On’s Volvo C30 weight and inertia
– Updated Formula Masters’ final gear ratio to prevent reaching the limiter on tracks like Monza
– Fixed a false cut warning that occured on Curitiba when rolling start was enabled
– Tweaked the location of smoke emission when breaking the Camaro engine
– Slight adjustment to the tyres grip properties



  • Mike Coleman

    It’s already out on Steam. Very small patch, less than 2 min download. It’s nice to see SimBin still supporting their older titles even while working on their next release.

    • Tomas Beha

      They kinda have to, if they want anyone to buy their new title – no-one wonder why did it took THAT long ?

      • Ricoo

        I never noticed this was needed and I played Race07 and addons around 300 hours.

      • zerez86

        The postedited screenshot you can see in the virtualr post was released nearly 3 years ago (on August 5th 2009) and was clearly marked as an artwork. So what do you mean with “again”? Yes Montoya used it “again” but how do you want to blame simbin for this? They always marked their edited screenshots as artworks. Just don’t like your attitude…

      • Anonymous

        It’s hardly worth getting worked up about zerez86.  He did use a smiley too so don’t take life so serious.

      • Tomas Beha

        I realize that, but left out the mention – since I’m pretty sure that everybody know, Simbin didn’t supply this picture with the patch-info. Sorry to step on your toes, homour and irony don’t work well for everyone I guess 🙂

        But how do you make an “artwork” ? You post-edit a screenshot, yes ?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the support simbin.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still waiting for the jagged anti-aliasing to be fixed with Nvidia video cards…
    Thanks for supporting the title all this time though.

  • Diromo

    Yo SimBin players

  • Anonymous

    Damn Steam !    How do I know if its downloaded the patch or how can I tell it to ?
    I’ve got no evidence to show me that it’s done it.   It was downloading something but it didn’t tell me what it was and I can find no place where you can check for game updates.   I found some obscure option for a history of updates but it was only listing things like the Retro pack, the RR1 pack etc..

    Not very user friendly is it ?

    • Laurent Cortier

      Didn’t this update come with a release version ? Maybe that’s visible somewhere, like the config screen ?

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