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Race of Champions 2008 1.0 – Released

Race of Champions 2008 1.0 – Released

Com8 has released yet another high-quality track for rFactor, bringing the 2008 Race of Champions track inside London’s New Wembley Stadium to the simulation.


– detailed Wembley stadium
– catacombs used as garage
– nightracing atmosphere
– close side by side racing with accurate timing

The real Race of Champions event uses a variety of cars including Cup Porsches and road cars as well as ROC-specific buggy which is not available for rFactor. Those of you looking for some ROC-style action should check out the nimble Palatov DP4 which is also used in the previews below.

The Race of Champions is an annual motorsports event held each winter, allowing star drivers from various motorsport categories to race in other in a variety of cars. The RoC races take place on a narrow parallel track located inside a stadium, from 2007 to 2008 London’s New Wembley hosted the event.

Download Race of Champions 2008 Here

  • Gerdoner

    Thanks for the heads up.
    Haven’t tested it yet, but hey, it’s a Com8 track, I’m sure it’ll be good  🙂

  • MonSum

    I do some laps with the Palatov – great fun! And a perfect atmosphere! Great work – thank you for this nice track.

  • Turkey :D

    This looks like one of the most well made and fun rFactor tracks. DOWNLOADING!

  • Robert Gödicke

    The release event this weekend was so awesome!
    Great work Com8, absolutely fantastic track!

  • M1ST4K3

    Thanks Com8 😀 

    Wonderful feeling, the night driving in this track…

  • pexa

    Freaking Spotless! Well done!

  • GTEvo

    Best Kart Track Ever for rFactor
     Hübsch Alex, really nice.

  • Robert Gödicke

    This was yesterday’s release event livestream:

    Careful! 1.42GB… 😉

  • Lmt Moddinggroup

    Great work com8! thanks alot.

  • Daveo555

    Its not a kart track. Its a track where they race a varity of cars with the legends of current motorsport at the end of each year.

  • dknine

    thanks com8 for your hard work! me likes! 😎

  • KastaRules

    Thanks for this cool track!

  • GTEvo


  • GTEvo

    “Mammaplatzdamoddospott” vs. ……

    Sensational!  JensWeissflog on Air^^

  • jimmy
  • JGoenR

    Thanks for this great track Com8! Your all tracks are a masterpiece.

  • jimmy

    This is a really unique and incredibly fun track, a hall of fame of rFactor surely. Thanks, Com8 for this masterpiece. A great fun with Palatovs, Mini Coopers but also Formula BMW (one of the quickest cars for this track) or Enduracers’ GT2 cars.

  • Dan

    great track, very detailed, amazing atmosphere, and very fun to drive 🙂

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