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RACE 360? Apparently Not!

RACE 360? Apparently Not!

My two stories on Simbin’s new XBOX 360 title created quite a stir, getting linked on various gaming websites and starting quite some discussion. 24 hours later, it looks like we´ve all been on the wrong path though as I´ve just received word from Simbin regarding the RACE 360 rumors.

”We are issuing this statement to counter false rumours currently circulating on the internet regarding a new X360 game,” Simbin’s Magnus Ling states. “We do have plans for an upcoming X360 game and an official announcement from Simbin will follow shortly with correct information on title and publisher. The information currently circulating is incorrect.”

I have to apologise for the misleading information, THQ’s announcement was backed by quite some sites though. It does not seem to be all wrong as a XBOX 360 Simbin simulation will be coming…..and those screenshots are definitely not from GTR Evolution. Either way, I´m sure plenty of people are looking forward to the official announcement.

  • crobol

    Don’t worry, Montoya. You are only trying to do the best with your blog.

  • Trebor901

    yeah, whats with THQ announcing it then?

  • Wix

    No apologie needed as i can see it.the web is full of it. I can imagine Simbin wanting to keep their upcomming plans away from the public. but the scanned pictures came from somewhere, and they are surely not from evolution (PC) further more , you clearly stated that nothing was comfirmed. so the way i look at it , you just done what people expect of a sim race news site ! Now lets hope this is not a cinsole tittle but a Lizzard powered PC version 😉

  • stabiz

    I`m with you, wix!

  • Bramzel

    What Wix said 🙂 Don’t apologize, this is what we visit this website for 😉 The latest rumors, even if it turns out to be false.

  • Montoya

    Thanks for the kind words guys 🙂

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