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RACE 07 – Steam Patch Released

RACE 07 – Steam Patch Released

Simbin has released the version patch for RACE07. The patch is available for Steam users right now, the patch for the boxed version will be made available shortly. The changelog of the patch can be found below, updating your game is as easy as starting RACE07 via Steam.

Changelog for version:

  • Fix for missing client replays
  • Fix for standing (disconnected) cars in multiplayer
  • New lag icon for clients ( shown with driver labels on )
  • “Type to search”-function in replay list
  • Disabled saving of replays files which are less than 5s
  • Implemented HUD in replays ( use the configured HUD button to toggle it )
  • Added Prevent False starts option in dedicated server
  • Fix network packet loss bug
  • Fixed unload time attack button so it is disabled when there isn’t a time attack to unload
  • Fixed time attack driver names labels
  • Moved ingame driver labels up a bit (nametags)
  • Disabled ESC to exit dedicated server
  • Fixed waiting for… text on rolling starts
  • Fixed traction control turning off bug
  • Added support for east europe languages
  • Tweaked tire wall locations on Porto and Pau

Simbin recommends to create a new profile in order for the patch to work properly.

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