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R3E vs. Forza Motorsport 4 – Comparison Video

The guys at MotoGamesTV have put together yet another interesting comparison video, putting Simbin’s R3E and Forza Motorsport 4 side by side.

The guys at MotoGamesTV have put together yet another interesting comparison video, putting Simbin’s R3E and Forza Motorsport 4 side by side.

The video below shows off a lap in the recently released BMW M3 GT2 car at Hockenheim, both in R3E as well as in the very popular Forza 4 title.

How does Simbin’s free to play racer stack up against the mighty console title? Check it out below!

  • William Schweinsteiger Dyer

    Graphically forza looks nice but doesn’t have the detail levels of R3E, and the forza sounds are rubbish, overall forza is a good arcade fun game but in most aspects R3E is much better at being fun and a sim racer.

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    What happened to SimBins Track-makers? Until STCC (1) they were on top of the game, their tracks always looked natural and realistic, but since then none of them looked good. All too bright, too few details, to many hilarious trackside objects like colored brake markers or massive sponsoring-boards which spoil the atmosphere (surprise surprise, the same story which goes for the other half of “real-SimBin” at SMS…)

    I do not own Forza nor an xBox but looking at this video I’d prefer Forzas graphics to those of R3E, except for the cockpit details. Sound wise they are massively different, I guess the reality is to be found somewhere in the middle, neither of them seem perfect…

    • Anonymous

      I agree. The big colored brake markers are completely rediculous. But, graphics wise, RRRE takes the trophy in my opinion. The problem with all console racers I’ve ever raced is that after a short distance ahead of the car, the track and tracksides turn into pixelated mush. With computer racers, draw distance is much, much better. It’s really noticeable if you go from a playstation and xbox, as I did, to a high end PC.

      • Paul Todd

        The brake markers are a bit to much!

    • GamerMuscle

      Forza has better general lighting but it runs at less than 1920×1080 resolution with no AA.

      I owned forza 4 for a while , resolution alone is a huge issue obviously they are pushing the xbox 360 to its limits. (x box outputs at 1080p but the internal game resolution is less)

      If you play Forza 4 on anything bigger than a 19″ screen or like to sit close to a screen as most sim-racers do then its incomparable even to old pc games its like playing a pc game with a eye disorder jaggies and interpolation all over the place as its not even run native to the screen you will be playing it on.

      If anything I feel sorry for the developers as they clearly put allot of work into the game and the core 3D art and texturing is very nice , the platform itself is just far to slow to show that work off.

    • Guest

      I agree, consoles are graphically really limited, even though every game seems to take a different step in “saving ressources”. Some games just allow fewer cars at the same time on track, others have disappointing tracks or low FPS.

      Forza and Gran Turismo for the new consoles should be interesting though. I always loved GT5s roadcar physics (racecars not so much though) but I don’t like the flimmering because of missing AA and that they are concentrating so hard on having 47 Mazda MX5 and 700 Nissan Silvias in the game whilst there are just four Alfa Romeos or not a single modern AMG Merc (just for example). Quality over quantity is what I hope for with GT6 – and better sounds of course :).

  • Marklar Marklar

    Don’t forget x360 is 7yrs old! FM4 could not have better graphic because of hardware limits. Comparing these two titles is pointless IMO.

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