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R3E – Sonoma Now Available

Sector 3 Studios have released the Sonoma Raceway for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Sector 3 Studios have released the Sonoma Raceway for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Located in California, Sonoma is also known as Infineon Raceway, it hosts annual NASCAR Sprint Cup & Indycar rounds and has also hosted road racing like the American Le Mans Series in the past.

The track has also seen its share of European-style racing as Sonoma played host to the American round of the World Touring Car Championship.

Sonoma comes with four different layouts, including the 4.1 kilometer layout used during the American WTCC rounds as well as the shorter 3.2 kilometer layout used for the annual NASCAR Sprint Cup road course race.

The track is now available for purchase for R3E users, selling for 499vRP points, roughly 5€.

  • Chris Wright

    Now that’s an add on I can believe in, as opposed to endless liveries. A release day purchase after work today if ever there was one. Clearly exquisitely modeled and nice to see Sector 3 spreading their track coverage over here once more.

    • Hurdy Hurdy

      Indeed. RRRE is coming along nicely under Sector 3.

      I recently re-installed it and it’s night and day from back with the early builds. Love the competitions they have running (no need to purchase the car or track) also have test drive option to try any potential car purchase.

      The sounds are undeniably awesome.

      Having great fun with it at the moment, all for the princely sum of £0.00

      • James Cook

        Don’t be tight! Buy some content!

        It’s worth it.

    • RKipker

      I’ll be getting this one to, so these guys know they’re supported for producing tracks, espically in the US!

  • Thomas Boyle

    Seeing this pictures it makes you wonder what is ISI doing with rF2…

    • 5hitm4k3r666

      First of all it is easier to make a track for static conditions and a static sky texture compared to moving clouds will alwas look more flashy. IRacing is a good example for this. If your sim has less stuff to calculate in real time, you can spend your resources elsewhere. So both sims do different things. And just looking at new scratchmade tracks by ISI like Silverstone or Mores they are pretty solid aswell and on a similar standard. I am damn sure Atlanta Motorsportspark will look decent aswell and set a new benchmark for rF2.

      Other than that the track looks pretty amazing. It is just sad that the whole product R3E is not really appealing to me.

      • Jukka Karppinen

        Out of interest, why R3E is not appealing to you?

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        I don’t like the bussiness model and last time I played it, the FFB and car handling was not convincing for me and I had horrible imput lag. I will give it a shot in the future for sure, but so far it just doesn’t offer enough features for me. I rather would have seen a proper GTR3 to be honest. The content side is pretty impressive though. What lacks a bit is the diversity of content that you have in GSC or rF2 for example.

      • Jukka Karppinen

        I can understand the thing about business model (not bothering me personally) but this sim has taken some huge leaps forward in last months in physic/ffb wise. There is certainly not anykind of input lag for me and handling is up to any other sim out there especially with those cars wich have updated physics.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        As said, I will recheck it once in a while. Maybe one day I will purchase some more content. I’m still following it’s development and it’s not off my radar. 😉

  • clydeOro

    I wish they’ll do COTA next.

  • Jorge Araujo

    That looks really good. Too bad R3E base game isn’t a real game… unless they release this track in a pack like the DTM Experience stuff with cars and stuff.

    • StarFoxySxv550

      I think the idea is, you pay them $60, they let you pick your own base game?

      • Jorge Araujo

        Really sad since the game actually have a quite great potential, with decent, nice physics. And it also looks and sounds really good.

  • Skytrill

    I don’t know who’s making the track environment for Sector 3 but.. they’re doing a hell of a good job.

  • Alan Dallas

    Uuug… My nemesis track. Never could wrap my head around it’s flow.

    • BackMarker

      +1 I really really struggle at this track….and not in a good way that is enjoyable! haha

  • Mark Bass

    So happy to have a new track and listening to the amazing soundtrack ! I was trying Assetto Cora again but the sounds were driving be nuts. The Lotus Exige V6 cup made a Woodpecker sound on the rev limiter. Really all the engine sounds were recorded with a Banana in the tail pipe. I was out in California for the WTCC qualifying in 2013, me and 15 other people. No joke I was the only one in the Nascar turn 7 till another person showed up for the Porsche Cup race and I said “Gee now it’s too crowed !” Maybe more showed up for the race but I went to Laguna Seca to see Grand Am cars as I hadn’t seen the corkscrew before. Too bad as the WTCC guys are nuts, even in practice they were attacking the track every lap.

    • TheFourHorsemen

      I like AC but R3E sounds are amazing. Way ahead of Kunos for sure!

  • Mike Cantwell

    Wow, some of those images are so very close to a photo of the real thing. Great work indeed. Stunning even…..

  • Leeman

    Hmmm. Bought it. But, it won’t run. It says I own it, it shows up in my list of Purchased Items and it shows in the track list from within the sim but when I go to the track folder on my HD it is not there. Bummer. I have submitted a ticket to S3. Hopefully it’ll be sorted out soon. This is the first time I’ve ever had an issue purchasing any of their content.

    • Jean-François Chardon

      Hi Leeman, they’ll probably get back to you through helpdesk but I can already try and help, it seems like the patch didn’t deploy immediately for everyone through Steam. Sometimes restarting Steam will trigger the actual download of the update.

      • Leeman

        Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try and report back.


      • Leeman

        You were exactly right. That’s all it was. Must admit, I’m a bit embarrassed I didn’t think of it myself. I was considering re-booting my PC but I decided to move on to something else and didn’t bother.

        Thanks again for the tip!

      • TheFourHorsemen

        Bonjour du Québec, cousin francais! 😉

      • Dean Doucette

        Thank-you for the tip. I was wondering why the MP servers list would not display. That’s probably what it was. I battled it out with a full grid of ADAC GT in single-player campaign. Now that’s a challenge.

  • Alexandre Martini


  • Gui Cramer

    It is staggeringly beautiful.

  • TheFourHorsemen

    Sector3 skies are amazing!

  • F1Racer

    The screenshots are pretty exceptional ! When I’m back to full fitness I`ll be trying this out first thing.

  • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

    R3E looks and sounds so good I just wanna sell my car and buy a huge sim racing cockpit with a monster PC next to me! Oh dear I need to build a hardcore rig – and my wife is gonna kill me so much! Heck, we only live once!

    Thank you Sector3 for giving us such an amazing sim! Luv that Zakspeed Ford Capri sound! Stunning!

  • john

    This can eventually become GTR3 if they push further so hard as they pushing last few months.

    • RKipker

      Yeah, with a very Sim type single player career mode with pit stops, customized series, and eventually weather changes.

  • RKipker

    Well Done Sector3, he track is very nicely done and with all 4 layouts. The Sprint Layout (NASCARS Layout) is great for the old DTM cars, while the IRL layout works nicely with GT cars, then you have the WTCC layout…. with the WTCC cars leaving the Long layout for mixing it up.

    Great feel to the track and looks awesome!

  • Marc Collins

    This is a classic demonstration of what you can achieve with track technical ARTISTS versus track technicians. Sector3 made some good hiring choices (or at least one we all know about too well).

  • hotak

    the only reason that keeps me from playing RRE is the F2P model: to have all the cars and tracks i’d like to have i’d end up paying more than a boxed game + a pair of DLCs, they should make some “packs” of content to let people wanting *most* of the content to pay a reasonable amount. Pcars or even AC are offering quite more bang for the bucks, i don’t think RRE got enough supporters for a iRacing-like elitary buisness model, i think they should try to appeal more to AC/pCars/rF2 users reducing the prices somehow

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