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R3E – Small Patch Released

Simbin has released a small patch for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

Simbin has released a small patch for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.


  • Fixed an issue with AI adaptation logic where some intermediate AI skill levels could cause the AI to generate lap time 0.

We found a rather tricky bug in the Adaptive AI logic which we fixed now. On certain intermediate AI skill levels the AI had a risk of generating a lap time of 0.

  • Fixed a rare crash on exit.

On rare occasions there was a chance that certain systems running in the background weren’t shutting down properly upon exiting so it was ending with a crash dump.

  • Optimized and made various fixes to collision detection and processing. Cars no longer teleport and cars no longer clip through the tarmac after collision.

If you’ve been racing against AI, especially in DTM Experience, you probably experienced cars clipping through tarmac after a heavy collision. That’s never fun and ideally you should never see what’s beneath the tarmac :). Thanks to the refactoring we improved the way we detect and process the collision and fixed a lot of teleporting and car clipping through environment issues.

  • Fixed rare freeze/crash issues that could occur during loading and driving.

We refactored the code and fixed a few rare issues that could cause freezes or crashes on specific systems during loading or even driving.

  • Fixed memory overflow issue on 32-bit systems. 32-bit systems should no longer experience memory related crashes/freezes.

Despite our optimizations, we still experienced memory overflow issues when running the game on 32-bit systems. We now made it more bullet-proof and you should no longer experience memory related crashes when running R3E on 32-bit systems.


  • Re-enabled stats.

Unfortunately due to inconsistencies caused by the new stats server, we were forced to roll back the stats. A small chunk of the stats players have gathered have been compromised and had to be removed. We are still investigating and fixing the issue with stats but you might see some inconsistencies when looking at your profile. This does not include leaderboard and competition entries, but stats such as distance driven, time spent on a track and similar. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. If you experience that the majority of your stats are missing or there is too much inconsistency let us know by submitting a ticket at our helpdesk and we will manually look through older back-ups and retrieve what we can.

These things can unfortunately happen, especially during beta. Our Portal team is working around the clock to fix and implement the stats gathering system further. The current stat system is still, in a sense in Alpha stage. We hope you understand and continue to help us improve the system by adding more stats.

  • Paul Thompson

    Thanks, nice to see some updates rolling out after the holiday season 😀

  • Anonymous


    • Chris Wright

      Not an exciting change, but as I mention elsewhere, I’ll swear it’s running smoother.

  • Chris Wright

    Seems to be running a little smoother to me – what does everyone else think. Dumb colored braking markers still in situ. Are they so hard to change?

    • Anonymous

      They have no plans to change the brake markers I bet because they don’t effect game play only visual perception and we as gamers are expected to adapt. Remember they did create an AI to adapt to us so they expect us to adapt to these Brake Markers. 🙂

      • Chris Wright

        No they’ve said they will offer conventional markers as an option. Taking them forever, though, for what would seem a simple aesthetic change. But then I’m not a developer so maybe it’s more involved, especially if tracks don’t draw from a central asset library.

      • Anonymous

        When you approach them all you have to do is close your eyes then they will be of no bother. 🙂

      • Chris Wright


  • Anonymous

    Along with an adaptive AI option I think a manual setting for AI strength would be good to include as well

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