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R3E – New Nordschleife Teaser

Sector3 Studios have released a small new video teaser of their upcoming Nürburgring Nordschleife for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Sector3 Studios have released a small new video teaser of their upcoming Nürburgring Nordschleife for RaceRoom Racing Experience.

The video shows a mixed grid of cars passing the track’s iconic and challenging Adenauer Forst section. Interesting, the video reveals an extended grid size as we get to see 35 cars on track at once.

The legendary Green Hell will be R3E’s first-ever laser-scanned track addition, coming with four different layouts:

  • Nordschleife:
    This is the layout without the GP track attached. Timing starts and ends after “T13” next to the “old paddock”
  • Nordschleife Tourist:
    On this layout, you will start off on the famous Tourist carpark, next to the long straight known as “Döttinger Höhe”, which serves as a meeting point for many car enthusiasts from all around the world.
  • Nordschleife VLN:
    This is the layout used by the popular german VLN Series, holding regular races on the Nordschleife featuring a wide variety of different car classes, ranging from small road legal cars to professional factory teams racing GT3 cars.
  • Nordschleife 24h:
    The annual Nürburgring 24h Race is a Highlight for many race drivers and fans, and we made sure you will experience exactly why that is.

Aside from working with laser-scan data, Sector3 also had access to suspension data from the experts over at KW Suspensions to further refine the replication of the track’s challenging track surface.

  • Ayrton

    How many times are they going to “tease” this????? We’ve seen everything. Now where’s the track?

    • Leeman

      Yeah, I think at this point we are all well aware it’s coming. The question is when? (“Next Week” is a bit ambiguous).

      • john

        Be happy not have to read soon 🙂 Next Week sound refreshing 🙂

      • Leeman

        Ha. Good point!

      • Reapercore

        They said Easter, but that’s been and gone now.

      • quf

        There are two Easter though. One Catholic, one Orthodox. The Orthodox one will be on May 1st.

        So just saying, one more month… could be..

        edit. But video said “next week.” So it will be this week since the video was posted last Saturday.

      • Bulle

        I’m pretty sure they never said Easter. The only thing they confirmed that the next update will be released end of march – which is this week. They said additionally that the Update will contain the files for the Nordschleife but it doesn’t necessarily mean, that it will be released with the Update.
        In that Teaser it is Confirmed that it will be released “Next”-Week, but the Teaser was published on Saturday. So I guess it will be this week.

    • Easy DaRon

      I guess, the point of the video is the big number of cars on track and the very mixed type of cars on the track as a possible setting for Nordschleife-track.

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