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R3E – New Entry Level Mode Added

Simbin has added a new entry level difficulty mode to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title, opening the free to play title to a wider audience.

Simbin has added a new entry level difficulty mode to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title, opening the free to play title to a wider audience.

“The introduction of the Novice difficulty serves to keep new drivers on the track while they learn about handling a car at high speeds. Much like modern driving assists, the features in Novice mode stay out of the way and take over only when things are about to go wrong for the car and driver. Our roots are in providing the most realistic racing experience possible, but we understand that even the fastest drivers have to start somewhere. It’s our hope that these new systems will be interesting and helpful to the next generation of race drivers”
– Klaus Wohlfarth, CEO Simbin Studios AB

To go along with the new novice mode, RaceRoom has launched a new hardware controller, featuring a miniature steering wheel for improved control.

The controller is compatible to all common PC racing games, selling for €24.95.

  • Chris Wright

    Hmmm. Oh well. Why do the words “desperate to find a niche” spring to mind? I wonder what the take up is on this thing.

    • Anonymous

      You could say the same about Kunos.
      Quote from a interview with “Assetto Corsa is one of the most anticipated racing games of 2013. Will
      not only be an accurate simulation and realistic, but will also allow
      less experienced players to have deep and rewarding gameplay experience ,
      a bit ‘as it happens with Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport.
      Full translation can be found here

      Kunos and Simbin are focusing on a wider audience just like Slightly mad studios.

      • Anonymous

        More Sim Racer can only be good for the industry rather than seeing it slowly fade away. While we may see some form of saturation of titles there is definitely a need for players to play them or the whole industry suffers. Good post melanieuk1

      • Mar Mar

        Every sim that I have played had options to make things easy (braking help, etc) … not sure about nkPRO.

        Now where did GTR3 go?

      • Realkman666

        GTR3 is like Gandalf, it will arrive on the first light of the fifth day to save Simbin from annihilation.

      • Marcus Reynolds

        There is no GTR3, have you not worked that out yet ?

      • Realkman666

        They could repackage all their disjointed crap, improve the visuals and fix the physics to release all that later as GTR 3. The content is there, but the package and physics are horrible at the moment. I’d try it. They just have to fire the lunatic who thought this mess was a good idea.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Like I said I wish the Simbin team the best. If it’s a level I don’t play why should I care if they want to attract beginners. 🙂

  • gt3rsr

    Probably not the kind of news worth mentioning on a simracing website.

  • PetrolheadDen

    Well, if iRacing can do it and people still call it a ‘sim’, why not? Considering most current REAL cars are now dumbed down for bad drivers with all kinds of nannyassists (I know here, ALL new cars have them by law because Canadians are among the worse drivers in the world and feel they need them or their cars are unsafe, lol.) , there may be very few drivers who CAN drive a car, real or cyber without them these days.

  • Wim

    Why not… At one stage we all got interested in Race Gaming / Sim Racing, by trying an easy mode here or there.
    However serious we might take our hobby, there is no real reason to go all ” Macho” It is what it is.. A computer simulation for the masses, and that should mean everyone.

    • C4


      But I doubt more aids that take over when things go wrong and a gamepad with a mini wheel attached will raise interest much by the audience they are trying to target with those things.

      I do think though that it’s necessary to attract to people who love cars, driving and motorsports but for some reason are not that into racing sims (yet) 🙂

      • StarFoxySxv550

        If that gamepad works *well* with a PS3, I can’t help but think the majority of people who end up buying it (Gran turismo fans) will start to wonder “What the heck is this raceroom branding is on my controller” Even just 5000 controllers and 5000 DLC packages sold isn’t really anything to sniff at. It could be 5000 sales that may be difficult to reach by other means, sales to people that are fanatical quite honestly (yeah, I was one back for GT1 and 2 too), their mind will also be blown once they hear R3E lol. They’ll also spread the word.

        That said, those newcomers standards have been raised since the PS1, in everything except the aforementioned sound department. Simbin will NEED to implement those features if they intend to capture and keep that new audience. They said they would, so I don’t doubt them TBH.

        I don’t think anyone should be suprised by the current crop of next-gen sims going after this “new-market”, everyone except ISI and iRacing have already made their intentions clear that they would for quite a while now.

      • Anonymous

        Why do you say iRacing isn’t going after them? You must have missed the outrage on the forums over anything that meant players didn’t need to be uber hardcore (driving aids, gamepads, touch and mouse driving).

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Yeah,I guess they are too. But those are just features most sims have had forever, I feel that’s just playing catch-up on standard features in a sense. And, I’ve never read any statements from them to the extent I have from Kunos, SMS and Simbin. They maybe doing it, but in a sly way.
        I remember the driving assists drama, but if they announced outright in the same way as the others have, I think the internet would melt.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, they’re doing it but can’t be as vocal about it without a riot breaking out. When you see how upset people are over mouse driving (ignoring that this was iRacing’s way of getting Intel to pay for free advertising and letting us adjust black boxes with the mouse) it’s hard to blame them for not being more overt about attracting new audiences.

      • C4

        I see.

        I guess on PS3 it’s detected as game pad so you have the same smoothing as with the analog sticks which might induce problems.

  • Anonymous

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  • Paul

    What are you doing Klaus? Why not post a 13 minute video describing what you’re actually trying to do with this title, rather than one about a new difficulty setting.

    Beginners know how to work a steering wheel and pedals, is a branded game pad absolutely necessary?

    You need to listen to what the community wants from R3E – multiplayer, single player racing, more cars and tracks, an intuitive menu we can navigate without getting lost. We need something complete so we can race the stuff we’ve purchased. News about a new difficulty setting will not get SimBin fans doing backflips down the street.

    My first venture with SimBin was with GTR and that was bastard hard. It was also brilliant and I’ve not stopped racing since. Please do something with this title before I and many others give up on it.

    • Anonymous

      13 minutes? Why 13 minutes? Don’t you think they would have better luck with a 7 minute one?

  • Gulyás Tamás

    R3E is dissapointing so far …

  • murat erdogan

    Who cares beginner mod? is this game sim or arcade? You will fail simbin you know.

  • Paul Todd

    After years of GTR2 you dreamed of what GTR3 would be. Then they gave us this

    • Anonymous

      It’s not the same team, The people that gave you GTR2 don’t work at Simbin

      • Paul Todd

        Well my view is they should get rid of the people making this or get them to go back to making a quality sim, because this is just a polished of version of simraceway

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    Hmmm… I guess their aiming this gamepad for the guys on the Third World Country – or those who can’t still afford the excellent Steering Wheels.

    • F1Racer

      wow that’s quite a harsh and rather silly statement. When was the last starving child you saw with a PC and a gamepad ? My guess is his priorities would be different to most peoples.

  • XN

    This controller looks so hilariously bad, I just have to laugh every time I look at it, it just seems so awkward to use, doesn’t seem to have analog triggers, and simply looks like a really cheap Chinese knockoff of the real Dual Shock 3. Seriously, whoever thought this was a good idea must have been high on soap.

    • StarFoxySxv550

      I’m sure they have their reasons. But, I do think an Xbox 360 replica gamepad would have been a better basis for this. IMO it’s by far the better gamepad for racing games, in terms of ergonomics and triggers. I never could cramp my thumbs together, much less coordinate them well enough to make full use of the analouge features of the orginal Dual-Shock back in the day. Kinda put me off using them for life.

  • Marcus Reynolds

    Supporting the novice driver can only breed new blood into the genre, that can only be a good thing surely ?

    • Paul

      You have a choice between a wheel and a game pad to steer a car – which do you think is more natural to learn with? Such a bizarre decision from a company that prides itself on realism.

      Novices are well supported with this title. There are plenty of driving aids to help beginners with, the tracks have large brake markers and there is a driving line available which dynamically changes colour to indicate braking and acceleration points. I really don’t understand how driving a virtual car can be made any easier.

      This title will have been in open beta for over eight months now, and we still don’t have the ability to race one another or the AI. Seems odd that with the amount of cars and tracks available we STILL can’t do that.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Which is device is less intimidating to purchase and set up in the house?

        KB/M is no doubt the best device for FPS games, to market your game to only KB/M users is kinda shooting yourself in the virtually modelled foot. Why not cater to that audience too? I don’t consider it bizarre decision when it’s obviously a niche market to begin with, outside of “AAA” racing games.

      • Marcus Reynolds

        The idea is you breed the interest and train them the basics to get them to take a deeper plunge into the genre, after the interest is taken up then they go and buy a wheel and move to the next level, I cannot comment on this particular controller as I have never used it, however I have spent many hours over the years having just as much fun with a 360 pad on everything from GTL onwards in Simbin titles, they are simply expanding the functionality and usability of pads to make the experience even more intuitive, how you can regard this as a negative aspect is pure elitism at best (IMHO)

        Does it affect what your doing ? and how you play, if the answer is no then I fail to see your beef.

    • Anonymous

      I’m far from a novice, I built a sim cockpit in the early 90’s using a real car seat. Remember Grand Prix circuit & the early 90’s World circuit on PC?
      ThrustMaster T1? Well these days I have to use a Controller.
      Thanks simbin, now an old veteran can play your game.

      • Marcus Reynolds

        You have mobility issues Moaimana ??

  • Anonymous

    Anyone having problems with the UI loading?


    Anyone got a link to where to get this controller? I want one – looks like it’d be fantastic if the shipping isn’t too expensive.

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