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R3E – May Dev Stream Recap (Lots of Previews!)

Sector 3 Studios held their monthly dev stream on Twitch yesterday, revealing plenty of news regarding their free to play sim racing title.

Sector 3 Studios held their monthly dev stream on Twitch yesterday, revealing plenty of news regarding their free to play sim racing title.

The development stream did include an interview with Audio engineer Anthony Monteil who talked about the new audio transmission model that will include improved backfire effects.

Furthermore, the team has shown off R3E’s much-requested dedicated server functionality, a feature that will become available with the next update for the title that is expected as soon as next week.

A bit further away are plenty of content additions that have been shown off, including the 2014 World Touring Car Championship season cars as well as Macau & Shanghai. The video features a lap around the Chinese track driven by WTCC driver Tom Coronel.

Other content mentioned in the video includes:

DTM 2015 cars – Interestingly enough, the 2015 will not be available for purchase but part of online competitions only (are DTM’s often strict licensing regulations at play here?)

Spa Francorchamps – R3E’s take on the popular Belgian F1 venue is progressing nicely as seen in plenty of previews

Audi TT-R Cup Car – Audi’s newest cup car that races in support of the DTM is seen in first WIP shots.

Audi R18 TDi LMP1 – Audi’s Le Mans challenger can be seen in new previews, still awaiting physics and sounds.

Open Wheelers – As rumored before, R3E will finally receive some open-wheelers as several semi-fictional open wheel cars are planned to be added

Nürburgring Nordschleife – The stream also includes first sights of the Nürburgring Nordschleife in R3E, including a look at the scan data used for the track creation as well as some very early WIP footage of the track.

All of this can be seen in the development stream below. Those of you who can’t be arsed to watch the full thing can also find the main previews below, courtesy of VirtualR!

  • IceT

    I think at some point there will be DTM 2015 experience for sale, just not at 1st. It’s great for the open wheelers, but semi fictional sucks… I rather have nothing than something fake.

    • Leeman

      I’m perfectly ok with semi-fictional as long as the cars are well done. And there’s no reason to think they won’t be.

      • RKipker

        I agree…. even tracks IMHO if developed properly do not have to be laser scanned. Take pCARS’s Nord vs. AC’s Nord version. IMHO this is not a deal breaker. Although if the tracks is developed from GPS data, good photos, and Topo Maps. Simple GPS coordinates done properly could easly produce a fantastic tracks.

        Anyway, whatever the developer finds to be their preferred methd is fine with me. Just would like many new tracks added… like Barber MSP, Watkins Glenn, Road Atlanta, Road America, Miller MSP and many other good US tracks…. not to mention many good European tracks that would be great additons as well.

        Like I said above… I support S3E but only want to see them show some loyalty to their supporters

      • Leeman

        Yes, I agree. Personally, I think laser scanning is overrated. All I mean by that is that I believe you can get a terrific version of a track without laser scanning and I can accept it won’t have every nook and cranny that a laser scanned version will have.

        Yes, like you, I’d also like to see a few more American tracks as well. Those you’ve listed would be on my wish-list as well. But, generally, I think Sector 3’s track selection has been excellent.

      • IceT

        It has nothing to do with quality, it’s just that they are fake… Rather they put more effort in content they do have license for, rather than making fake vehicles.

      • Leeman

        they would likely be fake in name only. where the open wheelers are concerned, I’m ok with that. perhaps the licensing would come later.

  • faybn

    Dedicated servers: I see bazillions of GT3 servers incoming.

    • Trimaz

      Just wait till that add Spa.

  • RapidRefund

    It’s good to see more transparency from this somewhat in the past tight lipped developer as to future plans for their title R3E. Still I would like to know when Diego left to go to the title of Creative Director for WRC 5 but may never get an answer for that question(I’d put money on it).

  • Dean Doucette

    I am very pleased about the imminent release of dedicated server functionality. I have always preferred RRE sound but despise the hit-to-pass newbies in online races. I will have a dedicated server up and running. I am also excited about Spa, Nordschliefe, Macau, and open wheelers. This is still my preferred sim, but I split my time between RRE, AC, GSE, and PC.

  • Chima Madujibeya

    I like what these guys are doing and look forward to every thing they mentioned in this video. Well done sector 3!

  • Markus Ott

    This with state of the art graphics and it could develop to be number 1 sim out there.

  • Leeman

    People can whine all they want about the marketing/business model for this sim but, IMHO, this studio has made VERY few mistakes (if any) with regards to content. I love what they’ve been doing since they dropped the SimBin name. I’m looking forward to everything they have in the pipeline.

    • RKipker

      Ok, I like the game to… but answer me this please. How much money have you invested in S3E’s current game? Please be specific. Folks like me who own everything offered(with a few livery exceptions) have over 250US involved… so what’s your cost for a team that’s been perfect?

      I’d like to see some loyatly to the guys that spend the cash 1st…. and have supported them since the games inception. Much like iRacing; as I get 25% discount of all purchases no matter what. Also 30% discount if I would buy all available at that time.

      S3E even stopped the challenges which offered credits “vrp” for top 50 players. That at least helped me obtain a few items….. but still over $250US invested.

      • Leeman

        I haven’t added it up in quite awhile but I own everything except one hillclimb track and DTM 2014. I own the vast majority of the cars, with the exception of a couple of the open cockpit prototypes and I have purchased all available liveries for every car I own. So, I’m guessing my investment is very close to what yours is.

        That being said, I’m lucky that I can afford it and it is still just a fraction of what I’ve invested in iRacing (probably over $400) and I use iRacing far less than I do R3E, so, for me, it’s an acceptable expense.

        That being said, I understand why many people will complain about the cost. To own all the content, the price is exorbitant when compared to the likes of AC, PCars, rF2, GSCE, etc. But, for me, personally, I generally log more hours in this sim than any others, so I don’t mind the extra expense.

      • Chris Wright

        Best not to add up what we’ve spent I think. That said, it has been over an extended period of time, so it’s an easier pill to swallow for that.

      • Manuel Bohlken

        Compared price to the hours i’ve played it, for me R3E is cheaper than most of the other games (and much more other things) I own. I haven’t summed it up, but it wasn’t more than three bucks per month…

        For those who are new in R3E, it seems expensive for sure, but the biggest mistake would be buying everything at once…

      • RKipker

        Yeah,, I wait for sales or buy new adds when its something I really like. I always buy the tracks to send the message I’ll support any new track.

      • Leeman

        Exactly. My investment in R3E has been spread over nearly 2 years. I don’t need to start figuring cost per hour of gameplay or anything like that to justify the dollars spent.

        Technically, I’ve spent more hours in AC than
        R3E but the majority of that time was watching replays and taking screenshots (AC sure is pretty). But I’ve had far more actual racing time in R3E than AC (or pretty much anything else) over the last 24 months or so.

      • RKipker

        OK, fair enough Leeman…. but many folks post they support games and really don’t. Sorry if I came accross harsh… did not mean to.

        Funny I’m in the sme boat with iRacing.. for years having all content, even still buy new road tracks and car…. but I do not get ovals and new ovarl racers.

      • Leeman

        No, I did not think you were coming on harsh at all and I was happy to answer the question.

        Yes, it’s only road cars and tracks for me, as well, regarding iRacing. And I’m a sucker for anything with a GT3 designation so I’m sure I’ll get around to getting the Aston Martin (when they release that version) at some point and I’m looking forward to the newly announced Mercedez as well.

        But, I don’t play iRacing as much as I used to. I’ve had a few unlucky events that left a sour taste in my mouth. The safety rating can be a bit unforgiving.

      • pastor_tedhaggard

        its easy.
        its whatever the cost of iracing is, divided by 15

      • Dirk Steffen

        To me this is actually absolutely irrelevant. This point is brought up every single time any news about R3E makes the net and it is getting old.
        I too have probably bought every available content there is and enjoyed every bit of it.
        I do like the “hybrid” cost model of R3E – it is not as strictly off limits like pure prescription racing models and yet provides with every improvement good turnover for the devs to be able to continue working on new content.

        It all comes down not to how much one paid total for R3E content vs. that US 4.99 CD-Rom, bought at the local supermarket with Richard Burns Rally (insert any of the great, great past racing sim titles here that sold for pennies a few years after initial release) on it and it’s endless “free” modding communities content releases.

        I rather compare the cost of a great R3E pack to the cost of a night out in town and see how many hours of great sim-racing one can get out of this small admission fee.

        When developers and studios get paid good money, great content is becoming available. When every sim racing enthusiast is spending thousands of USD on FFB wheels, pedals, shifters, computer components and such but shuts the wallet with eyes in tears for a few USD worth of a software license, we are headed in a wrong direction – remember the time all those great software developers died like flies, one after another and the only serious sim racing software around for years around were those old original titles full of mods and less than a handful studios still standing (on weak feet) ?


    We. Are. In.

  • Chris Wright

    Watching a re-run of this last night, I thought I would ask everyone a question. Who really wants another WTCC car set? I mean why? Hardly the world’s most spectacular formula, and yet here it comes again. I think I’m going to start being more selective on DLC.

    After getting that off my chest, it’s pleasing to see the progress that is constantly being made. The sound guy is a total genius and they are really refining what is, all too often, a disregarded element of immersion. What’s interesting is that Sector 3 already leads the pack in this category.

    Single seaters finally appearing over the horizon, which I am very happy to see.

    Spa and Nordschleife will be most welcome, though they should have been done years ago, as that would have attracted more customers.

    Anyway, generally upward and onward and it would be nice to see ISI offering this level of communication and transparency also.

    • Leeman

      I pretty much agree, point for point. I really enjoy the WTCC cars but I don’t need another pack. In fact, as much as I love the DTM cars, I only bought DTM 2013, I still haven’t bought DTM 2014 (yet).

      Yes, sound is too often overlooked and, for me, it is a HUGE addition to immersion. If it’s done badly, I find it unforgivable (yeah, I’m talking to you, Gran Turismo) and when it’s done well, as in R3E, AC, iRacing, etc. it adds immensely to the experience.

      I’m glad they’re adding some open wheelers but I will always prefer the tin tops. But, now that I have triple screens, I love the unobstructed view of looking out of an open wheel vehicle.

      Yes, Spa and Nords are no brainers and it would have been nice to have had them sooner but I really commend S3 for the circuit choices they’ve made. They’ve really made a few “thinking outside the box” choices with the likes of Lausitz, Moscow, Sachsenring, Salzburgring and Slovakia Ring. These are tracks that I was, heretofore, mostly unfamiliar, and they’ve become favorites of mine over the development cycle of this title.

  • Patrik Marek

    is it me or does it look even better now ?? the lighting on SPA/Shanghai and even the shots of the Nords somehow look much better then what I remember ?

    this title is really improving nicely, most likely will be buying either 2015 or 2014 WTCC pack once it’s ready

    • fkkamil

      I agree Patrick, it is getting better and better every update. As a visual specialist you probably see every bit of change, that awesome.
      Me, as a physics nerd, can see other improvements like TRANSMISSION MODEL which is really important in simulation in my opinion. Car behaviour is also really correct. The only thing to do is to finaly get right with feeling.

      This sim is about to be the most complete pack in near future. For sure.

      • Patrik Marek

        which is exactly why instead of arguing which sim is the best, everyone should buy as many as he can and enjoy them all 🙂

        I’m really eagerly waiting for the WTCC pack , I hope they go for 2015, the cars look slightly better imo, more agressive

      • Trimaz

        You’re absolutely correct. Every sim has it’s pros and cons, and that’s why every sim racer should have a variety to choose from in their arsenal. I have everything from GPL all the way to PCARS and everything in between in racing list. (Even the Codemasters games too),

    • Dirk Steffen

      Patrick, if you did not go for it yet, I highly recommend to go for the available DTM 2014 pack! For me this and the DTM 1992 pack are still the finest content, R3E has to offer. Especially the DTM 2014 pack offers fantastic, tight racing!

  • AdamJonas

    About the DTM 2015 pack: it’s fine how they will release it. Remember for the 2014 edition: they did the same. First, you will be able to play with it as a part of competitions, then they released it.

  • msportdan

    Swaying center , center pivot
    Rf2 is king . Bla bla bla.

    • Manuel Bohlken

      Maybe you should write that in a Textfile, so you just need to copy & paste it 😉

      Did you have a look at your steering-sensitivity?

    • msportdan

      Just let people know theres another one of me going around lol Even knocked my avatar… sad really…
      god know why anyone would wanna imitate me..

    • ImageArtSigns .

      I had that with my G27…added some centre spring and it almost went away…however I have upgraded to a T300RS and I do not have any swaying centre anymore.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Looking forward to everything they bring out, even the open wheelers…although not my preferred genre but as ‘Leeman’ mentioned below…”I love the unobstructed view of looking out of an open wheel vehicle”.

    I wonder if, down the line in the future S3S will introduce some Nascar…they could do it and do it well….pCARS have a small amount just to wet the appitite, as this is all that is needed ….maybe licensing might be the problem though…just a thought 🙂

    • Trimaz

      I’d love to see them do some Aussie V8 Supercars.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Yes, that would be great as well…as they are part way there already with Bathurst

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