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R3E Introduces Knutstrop & New Update

Sector3 Studios have added a new track to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title, adding the Swedish Knutstorp track to the simulation.

Sector3 Studios have added a new track to their RaceRoom Racing Experience title, adding the Swedish Knutstorp track to the simulation.

Knutstorp sells for 2,98€ in the R3E store.

Alongside the new track, a new update for the simulation itself has been released as well, adressing various issues:



  • Reworked the Yellow Flag code logic to address all cases where penalties would wrongfully be handed out.
  • Fixed various issues with Data Displays
  • Fixed a crash occurring on some machines with specific sound systems. As a result, all sound profiles are now listed in the Sound Settings menu instead of attempting to auto-detect.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck when accessing the Timing screen right at the moment the qualifying session ends and game switches to race session.
  • Fixed an issue with external links to auto-start the game and join a specific multiplayer server when the livery ID wasn’t passed in the link.
  • Fixed an issue where “Session Freeze” setting wasn’t passed to the dedicated server.
  • Fixed a case where certain track cuts would wrongfully result in instantaneous DQ for the player (ie: cutting T1 of Anderstorp onto the pitlane exit path)
  • Fixed an issue where dedicated server could sometimes remain stuck in race session
  • Fixed an issue where DNF players could sometimes show up in the race results .json file with their logged laps listed twice.


  • Brought back the possibility to set the resolution using a startup argument.
  • Made it so that the SteamVR Supersampling setting will be used for the resolution only if the user doesn’t use a startup argument for setting the resolution.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics & AI:

  • Updated the Audi TT cup handling after feedback from Philip Ellis. More biting in the front at turn in, and looser rear under braking.
  • Fixed a glitch where code would report some RPM when the ignition was on but the engine wasn’t running.
  • Fixed an issue where code would briefly lock up all four wheels in certain cars when control is handed from AI to player (ie: rolling & leaderboard starts)


  • Nürburgring & Nordschleife: updated to 2017 visuals after our visit to the 24H earlier this year. Main pit wall logos, old pit wall color, BMW bridge, BMW sign at Brünnchen, T13 pit wall, NGK chicane logo, carousel banner, Armco flags, graffitis, new fencing.
  • Paul Ricard: Fixed some floating elements after the camber changes in the last patch.
  • Zandvoort: Updated S/F gate visuals to the current logo of the track.

Portal & Backend:

  • Added team field to profile details. This will (for now) be used in MP race results and standings seen in the portal.
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    Knutstrop is another great track I liked in RACE07, will purchase for sure….I liked the roller coaster nature of it….I would also like to see more of the Race07 tracks re-worked and placed in Raceroom….keep up the good work

    • Traumahound

      Roller coaster.. I thought Knutstorp was that track! I really enjoyed that feel to it as well. I’m happy to add it to my R3E library.

  • Richard Hessels

    Looks stunning.

  • Ak1504

    Where are the Porsche news ? 😀

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