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R3E – Free Content Updated

Sector3 Studios have updated the free content package of their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

Sector3 Studios have updated the free content package of their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

Consisting of three tracks and eleven cars, the content has been updated with improved with new sounds and physics.

The free content largely consists of R3E’s fictional cars and tracks, featuring one real-life race car (the BMW-based Judd 134 hillclimb car) as well as the Portimao track.

RaceRoom Racing Experience Free Content


-134 Judd V8
-Aquila CR1 Sports GT
-Canhard R51
-Canhard R52
-Cougar C14-1
-Cougar C14-2
-DMD P20
-DMD P21

-Mistral M530
-Mistral M531
-Saleen S7R


-RaceRoom Raceway
-Portimao Circuit
-Lakeview Hillclimb

RaceRoom Racing Experience can be downloaded here.

  • Nigel – OSR

    Um message to the editor! pretty sure the Aquila CR1 Sports GT and
    the Saleen S7R are race cars also 🙂

    • Jay Ekkel

      You are correct there!

      And the Lakeview hillclimb is an actual road/hillclimb just east of Gothenburg. So its pretty real! 😉

    • Bakkster

      They’re certainly not fictional!

  • Babis Rataplan

    I have stopped playing this great Sim because it makes me angry every time R3E is messing up my T300RS degrees of rotation in the profile.

    • Leynad

      There´s a button-combination for the wheel to adjust the DOR on the fly. Simultaneously hold the Mode button and either the Left or Right button on the D-Pad. Left will decrease it, while Right will increase.
      The red light will then flash:
      1 flash – 270 degrees
      2 flashes – 360 degrees
      3 flashes – 540 degrees
      4 flashes – 900 degrees
      5 flashes – 1080 degrees.

      • Babis Rataplan

        Thank you very much, but still I have to change the degrees every time I am exiting the game, because all the other games are setup at 900 degrees.
        I don’t think that’s very hard for R3E not to change the profile settings.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Thanks for that info, I did not know that…all I have been doing is adjusting the in-game ‘Steering Set up’ rotation to suit my needs.

  • Patrik Marek

    good, I always thought that it’s bit strange decision to be selling fictitious cars

  • RKipker

    Thanks R3E… I hope this develops new players.

    However, as a long time supporter I would like to request an investigation to start an for all loyal owner appreciation dicount (like at iRacing) for R3E owners who own all content when new content is released. Currently I’m over $250US invested and when new cars/tracks come out I still have to pay full price.

    Surely they’re is something you guys can do to help long time supporters and owners with offsetting continued high cost. Thanks for considering.

    • Redglyph

      You should probably take that up with them, they won’t read your messages on other boards. Actually, they probably won’t read their own forums, you should open a ticket.

      • quf

        I’ve seen r3e devs reply here in this website, to help with issues or advising to send a support ticket.

      • Hash

        And their forum is very active with devs, you even get replies in steam forums.

      • Bulle

        Just look at the Bottom of this Discussion and you see Anthonie Monteil as a Member of the Dev-Team and Jay Ekkel as an unfortunately ex-member of the Team since a few days.

        But for sure… Bug-Reporting or Help-Requests are best placed at their Support as it would be addressed directly to the dev’s and the don’t need to search them in different forums.

      • Redglyph

        I stand corrected, nice to see they are present here and there 🙂

        They didn’t answer though, nor did they seem to have addressed this in their own forums (cfr. 1st sentence). When I’m saying they probably don’t read them, it’s not meant as an insult but as a simple fact, they don’t have the time to read all the posts, those forums are meant to release the pressure and for users to help one another.

        And this look like a legitimate request so they wouldn’t have just ignored it.

        Be that as it may, I still feel it’s a personal issue that is best kept private and sent directly to the relevant people. It’s just more efficient, and more ethical. Unless this first attempt failed, of course 😉

      • RKipker

        Wow, no more Jay Eckel???? Shame, as I thought he was a top teir team member.

    • James Cook

      I’ve mentioned this (too) many times on the Sector3 forums. A loyalty discount is something I believe is sorely needed. For the completionist looking to own the majority of content (and support the studio), R3E quickly gets expensive, even when taking advantage of sales.

      I’m also well invested in this title and buy most new content on day one. Not sure what my exact spend is but it’s a lot. I don’t regret it but I would like my loyal support to be recognised, even if it’s just a small percentage off the price of new content.

      Anyway, rest assured, this is a concept that has been discussed many times on the official forums. Not sure how much Sector3 are in control of the sales model and pricing as I guess that’s down to Raceroom.

    • Michael

      “Currently I’m over $250US invested”

      Any chance of you writing that on a piece of paper and posting a photo holding the same?

      I’m trying to teach my kids the value of money and I think getting them to look at this picture for 10 minutes a day will be good aversion therapy.

      Excuse the shaky typing I’m stifling a laugh myself.

      $250? Sheesh kebab. You want to swap your computer for some beans? (They’re magic!)

  • Martin Atyne

    perfect example of free2play game where the only free thing is that you can download it

    • ZETT

      guess you never played RRRE then.

      • Martin Atyne

        why do you think so?

      • Hash

        They should drop the F2P tagline, I hate it on my sim, look at the reviews of this sim because it attracts all the bored kids who rip it to pieces in reviews and forums, little punks,its the same with game stock car, good steam reviews,check out the free version which is exactly the same game and its been ripped to pieces by ppl more akin to playskool games, drop F2P sector3 for the love of sim racing.

    • EZehn

      “where the only free thing is that you can download it”

      The point of the article is that *more* free content has been added to the free content that was already there.

      So, “the only free thing is that you can download it” is 100% false.

      • Martin Atyne

        omg you didn’t get my point, all free content in the game is useless, almost all of it is fictional, so you need to purchase licensed content to use it, thus game is not properly free2play

      • ZETT

        your logic makes no sense, only because you don’t like the free content because some of it is fictional doesn’t mean it’s useless. if it’s not free2play, why are then so many players on the servers which only use the free content? i doubt you every played rrre.

      • EZehn

        omg you don’t understand the difference between fact and your own opinion.

        The fact is that there is lots of free content.

        Your *opinion* is that it’s useless.

  • Lukas Macedo

    Good timing as I just reinstalled RRE. Thanks, Sector3!

  • Chillisteak

    So plenty of cars to try, but not one extra track?
    pointless me loading this back up then.

    • Bulle

      There are plenty of tracks you can buy 😉

      • Chillisteak

        That there are, but to get the tracks the cars etc would cost a stupid amount of money.
        So as much as I want to like this game, due to it’s Free 2 Play pricing structure I just can’t 🙁

      • EZehn

        They’re generally a 3rd the cost of iRacing tracks, FWIW. I’ve paid around $60 for the game so far and I have nearly all the content acquired during different sales.

        So, I got a full game for a full game price.

      • Chillisteak

        I don’t play iRacing for the exact same reason, the pricing model is insane.
        I shouldn’t have to wait for sales to get “nearly all the content” at the price of a regular game.

        It’s a shame really because I’d play both games if it wasn’t for their stupid pricing structure, as I’ve enjoyed what little they give you to start with.

      • Bulle

        iRacing and R3E aren’t so much comparable IMO. Both have a pay per content-Model but R3E don’t want to have additional money for playing.
        R3E really isn’t the cheapest Sim on the market, but you know exactly what you pay for and there is no need to buy all at once. You can select the content you really use and don’t buy things you are totally not interested in, like it is in other Sims.
        IMO it is a bit sad that R3E is so often reduced to a price, as it is much much more.

      • noroardanto

        Unless you are collecting cars and tracks, I don’t see why you need all of them. I never have time to try all the tracks and cars so I just bought what I really like. Also I always buy them when they were on big discount.

      • RKipker

        I simply don’t belive this statement…. no way $60US for all content… I like R3E, but $60US will not even cover all the tracks.

      • EZehn

        I didn’t say all content.

      • noroardanto

        Unless you are collecting cars and tracks, I don’t see why you need them all. I never have time to try all the tracks and cars so I just bought what I really like. Also I always buy contents when they were on big discount.

  • Leynad

    What i really hate about Raceroom, it´s not possible to play offline and even online their lame fu*king servers are giving up regularly, at least every second time i want to start this game. That´s not acceptable. They assured months ago that this issue would be in the past and it even got more worse.

    • gimmelbop

      Wut, never happened to me

      • Bulle

        same here… It happens some times, but not very often on my side… At the moment there is an issue on the servers – maybe in the Database that caused alot of trouble yesterday. But Sector3 is aware of and investigating the problem.

        For sure, an offline-mode would be good, but i think the decision was made early in development and such a fundamental architectural decision isn’t easily changed…

      • noroardanto

        You’re a very lucky guy then.. you should buy lotteries ;D

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I really LOVE this Sim, fantastically detailed cars and tracks, AWESOME Audio, Brilliant FFB Wheel Feel on my T300RS…and looking forward to any new content they bring out, especially ‘Nords’ and the V8 Supercars…hehe

  • Bulle

    If I get it right, there are 10.000 posts about Raceroom and not about the problem.

    And if you play the game regularly (so, more than two days a year), you should notice that ttimes where the problem exists aren’t that often. It is existent yet, yes – but as written they are aware of and yesterday there was no trouble with the game.

    But exaggerations are normal in every QoS-Relevant surroundings. Telefone-Provider for example – the provider can deliver his service for 10 years without any noteable failure, but if the service isn’t available for half an hour, reactions came up, as the hole world is breaking down.

    • Leynad

      I had trouble with this game while i was writing my first post and two weeks ago too. And if you have some issues with you internet connection due to the ISP or a broken router, you can still play pCars with all DLCs but no Raceroom. There should be a time frame for offline usage. Maybe not the 60 days period Adobe provides, but one or two days would be appreciate.

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