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R3E – Formula RaceRoom 2 Now Available

Sector3 Studios have released the Formula RaceRoom 2 car for R3E.

Sector3 Studios have released the Formula RaceRoom 2 car for R3E.

The fictional Formula RaceRoom car is the first open-wheeler to be added to the free to play racing game, coming with new features such as animated suspensions.

The FR2 comes with a full carset of 22 liveries, selling for 349 vRP in the R3E store.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    ‘SOLD’…to the Sim Racer with the triple monitors….lol

  • Traumahound

    There’s a Crew Chief app??

  • Hash

    Really interested to see how these go.

    • Hash

      So yeah great fun, very easy compared to say RF2 and GSCE open wheelers, but the dynamics feel very right, AI can handle them very well so far, in my setup had to move brake forwards and up it to 98 pressure, as braking was bit underwhelming, and tighten up front sway a bit, but other than that shes a blast, default diff settings near perfect, producing very smooth power delivery.

      MP with these would be fantastic, doing a custom champ now lotta fun.

  • ftrracingtv

    I love this car but making us pay extra for liverys a bit harsh since on other Sim out there makes u pay for new liverys

    • Nick Harrison

      The difference in cost between 1 livery and all of the liveries is like 60 cents u.s.

    • James Cook

      The pack cost me about £2.20. Not exactly bank-busting.

  • clydeOro

    Fun_tastic job again Sector3. Good times.

  • Dean Doucette

    Just completed a 4-player 15-minute multiplayer race at Red Bull Ring. I had pole position and managed to hold my position until the finish line. It was a photo finish, 0.3 seconds separated 1st from 2nd.
    I have raced every open-wheel racing sim that has ever been created so I think my opinion is valid. I agree with Hash, the cars are much more planted than the cars in GSCE or RF2. I do prefer the feel and the handling of the cars in RF2. However, RRE has the best sound and graphics, while not as good as Project Cars, are second best.
    Overall, I am pleased with the open-wheeler add-on. My only gripe is that the cars are too easy to drive. While in GSCE or in RF2, it is easy to apply too much throttle and send the car off the track, I find there is much less chance of that happening in RRE.

  • Erik

    Just bought some vRps through the race room store and have to wait until January 4th until it gets processed…. Really annoying as I have a few days committed to this game. Grrr, guess there won’t be any r3e holiday play

    • Bulle

      Why do you have to wait till January the 4th? Normally you get an email with the redeem-code as soon as the Payment via paypal was send.
      Have you checked your email and to be sure the Spam/Junk-Mail-Filters?

      • Erik

        Yeah I received an email from race room saying that they are on holiday until the 3rd and therefore my payment would not get processed until the 4th :/ I thought it would all be automated but I guess not.

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