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R3E – BMW M1 at Hungaroring Preview Video

Simbin has released a new preview video of their RaceRoom Racing Experience title, showing a new car & track in action.

Simbin has released a new preview video of their RaceRoom Racing Experience title, showing a new car & track in action.

The video shows the BMW M1 Procar around the Hungaroging, both the iconic German sports car and the Hungarian Formula One venue will be available as additional content for R3E in due course.

The M1 Procar was the racing version of BMW’s popular M1 sports car. Based on the road-going version of the M1, the Procar version was equipped with a racing suspension, racing aerodynamics and a more powerful version of the BMW M88 straight-six engine that provided 470hp in racing trim.

Racing in support of the Formula One World Championship, the Procar Series used a unique approach in which veteran Formula One drivers would compete against young & promising drivers, all racing in equal BMW M1 Procar race cars.

  • Ross Siggers

    what happened to the lovely vibrant contrast and colours? 🙁

    • Jay Ekkel

      The video has lost some colour in the youtube conversion…so it is a bit more vibrant in the original!

      • somebody somebody

        Not to mention that all YouTube videos (except for big channels such as VEVO and what not) are capped at 30 fps for the video feed and 128 kbps for the audio feed.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        I didn’t know that bigger channels get 60fps. So stupid, why do you need 60fps for a music video? lol Fair enough for the audio bitrate, but gaming channels get neither.

        Dailymotion allows 60fps. shame it’s only 720p max.

      • Mogens Lundgreen

        Nice to see you here Again Jay 🙂

        Any news on multiplayer and any news on GTR3?

  • me

    I like the colors more, less cartoony and more natural, just a bit hazy day. Only the sky looks too primitive

  • Anonymous

    sounds so good!!

  • Jeroen de Wit

    Nice to see that they are adding more Group 5 content. A Group 5 content pack would be quite cool. I might even consider buying that just for a time filler until multiplayer mode and / or AC is released!

    • Justin Schmidt

      the turbo version of this car is group 5. the procar is not.

  • Alex White

    It would be really nice if they would get rid of the massive brake markers for all the corners. Really off putting.

    • Mario Strada

      I hate them with a passion. And also they are often wrong. Some are way too early and others are way too late. Plus, as big as they are, I noticed them only after a while as I was expecting regular brake markers. I want those back.

    • Realkman666

      Ah ah, I didn’t remember they had those. Adorable!

  • Gulyás Tamás

    This game is big disappointment so far…
    I expected MUCH better ( car handling and physics on the road ) from Simbin !
    Graphycs is ugly. Sounds are good.

  • GamerMuscle

    I’m waiting for the multi-player racing in this , as it is right now I just have no excitement for this game.

    It looked promising during the bata , the graphics and sound were fine, The interface and stats tracking is also well done.

    The physics of the demo car were fairly solid like a very good RF1 mod but since playing the game more recently allot of the cars seemed to have less attention to there handling and the FFB sometimes seems a bit strange.

    I guess its mostly just being limited to hot lapping that’s holding it back and makes it undesirable. I think the multi-player beta is under-way though so who knows maybe 3-6 months time we will be able to actually race 🙂

    • StarFoxySxv550

      Mate, the whole game is STILL in Beta. Why are people expecting a finished game?

      How are people missing the big beta stamp at the top of the site page

      • GamerMuscle

        As soon as a company allows users to buy content its pointless claiming a product is still beta as an excuse for lacking features or being buggy.

  • Andy Thompson

    The only efforts that have impressed me from SimBin in R3E are the sounds. The rest of the package so far has left me disappointed, maybe I shouldn’t of had such high hopes for this title (wishing for GTR3).

  • Sean_S36

    I can’t get the car to steer , everything setup in controller settings but still car has very little steering response G25 900%

    • Anonymous

      Maybe better to post those questions at the official simbin forum.. somebody at their office might read it.

    • Jay Ekkel

      yes please write a report at the R3E Beta Support

      • Sean_S36

        Sorry mate, I don’t get paid to do your job for you.

      • Jay Ekkel

        this website is not a support page for our games, if you like support and help to solve your problems, the support page is the way to go 🙂

  • zerez86

    Interesting that they are using wtcc adboards from 2011. Maybe we will see some touring cars next. If they will add ai races and remove these terrible corner markers and fictional adboards it has the potential to be a good sim.

    • StarFoxySxv550

      I think the corner markers are staying.
      If they do get removed, it won’t be anytime soon. It’s a shame they can’t be turned off with “Get real” mode, that would be the best soloution if at all possible, IMO.

  • Professional Operator

    This could have potential but there are some issues with nowdays Simbin that will cause the FAILURE of this project:

    1- Free to play scheme. If your plan is to clone iracing you have to deliver the same service, FROM THE BEGINNING. Where is online? Leagues? Organized events? Servers for hosting these races? If you have none of these release a complete product (good selection of cars, tracks, AI, multiplayer) and add DLC later instead. You’ll surely find more people interested in a project like that. There are still loads of people interested in an eventual GTR3 just saying.

    2- Trying to milk people even with liveries, this is borderline greedy and WILL NOT WORK. People cannot longer paint their cars like in the good old days of GTR2 and Race 07. Once a sim racer realize that, there are high chances he just rage quit and unistall RRE. People forced to use 1 livery for each car is completely lame, They are trying to SELL a Corvette livery? Oh yeah? What a JOKE, expecially when their main competitors like ISI, SMS are doing the right thing with liveries.

    3- The “it’s still beta” excuse no longer work. Adding multiplayer and AI too late in the game it’s surely bad advertising, most of the people that tried RRRE so far won’t come back when you’ll add AI and multiplayer they probably already unsitall it.

    • Jay Ekkel

      Well its still a beta…………

      Having the patience to let a game develop is the hardest part for everybody, developers included. This don’t magically appear overnight, its a long process.

      • Professional Operator

        The money are asking to buy crap stuff like a single Corvette livery are not in beta stage. They want money “final version”, and they want it now.

        At least they could have done like SMS, where they rise a budget and develop stuff in a 2 years cycle. Instead of the lame “its still a beta” excuse and pretend to charge for crappy stuff with zero features.

      • Jay Ekkel

        It makes little sense comparing different projects to each other, as they are completely different i approach, the only similar thing is that they are both racing games.

        If you want you can spend money on the game, and if you do you can spend it on things you like. If you don’t want to you don’t have too.

        In my world that is a fair deal!

        AFAIK Get Real mode is available for all…….

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Exactly, The key word in his post there was “Asking”, they didn’t force you to buy into the game. If you don’t want to pay for the product, why did you pay?

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Just come back in one year.

    • Xe Gg

      Agree. As I did with R07 and all its addons, I will bite if they are selling it as a whole nice packet with a competitive price. Do that before AC and you’ll break the market, people are hungry for a new decent sim.

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