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R3E – 24h 50% Flash Sale Tonight

Following the successful free weekend that allowed everyone to sample all content in RaceRoom Racing Experience, Sector 3 are now running a flash sale in the title’s content store.

Following the successful free weekend that allowed everyone to sample all content in RaceRoom Racing Experience, Sector 3 are now running a flash sale in the title’s content store.

Starting tonight at 20:00 CEST, all content in the game’s store will be selling for a half price for exactly 24 hours.

RaceRoom Racing Experience is available as a free download here.

  • Lukas Macedo

    Excellent news! Count me in!

  • Gui Cramer

    I was looking into this but it’s pretty much only tracks. The cars packed into the packs, such as Group 5, need to have liveries individually purchased and some run for 50vrp.

    All the “experience” packs are in permanent 50%+ discount since they are priced wildly unrealistic to begin with, so those don’t get affected by actual discounted sales. Very disappointing, the pieced content is still priced higher than my perceived value… so no point spending credits on Suzuka or Monza either.

    Roll on December and any hopes for 75% off.

    • Manuel Bohlken

      Not sure if I get you right… if you buy a the Group5-Pack you get every livery of the Group5. If you open the pack in the store every content of it is shown seperatly, so you exactly see what you get.

      If you only buy one car – for example the Ford Capri, you only get the basic-Livery and have to buy the other Liveries you want separately.

      The Discount on Packs that is permanently shown is a “discount” in comparison to the Price you have to pay, if you would buy every piece of the pack individually. If you buy a Pack now, you get the “permanent” Discount + 50% Discount.

      • Lukas Macedo

        Yeah, Macau (tracks) for 250vrp and Each car (single livery) for 150. Car Packs seem to have the same price as before.

      • sebOgel

        I just checked and the full WTCC 2014 car pack amounts to less than 10$ (including all liveries), Macau is $2.79… I reckon that for $20 spent today, someone can get a lot of content and a lot of fun. It seems some people will keep moaning until the developer literally give away their stuff for free.

        There is absolutely no need to buy individual liveries to have fun in this game. Just get entire series, car packs and track packs and like me this issue will be a comical myth.

      • Lukas Macedo

        Bought Macau+WTCC 14 Citroen. As I mentioned above, I only got One (1) livery for the Citroen. I have no problem with that. Just letting people know. It was cheap enough. R$ 13,65 (Brazilian Real)

      • Gui Cramer

        Sorry for the confusion, I did understand it. My comment was with regards to the meaning of sale. There is a sale going on for tracks and individual cars but only if they’re not part of a package. The packages are permanently discounted because the MSRP was off the charts expensive, so the 2014 DTM Experience sells for 2900 vrp which is about $30 bucks and the original price was $60. So basically, there is no discount, this is the full price.

        Using the Group 5 as an example, the discounted price is the actual content price. A pack of 6 cars selling for $30? Would never happen. Anyway, it’s marketing and pricing ploy – I know too well… – and thus the discount is only properly applicable for tracks and the cars not available in any pack.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I have purchased everything already….dang…should have waited instead of impulse buying when it was first released…oh, never mind it’s worth it anyway as it’s my number one go to Sim….lol

  • BC72

    “Following the successful free weekend that allowed everyone to sample all content in RaceRoom Racing Experience”
    Ah, not so much… I spent 90min just trying to get the game to recognize my CSWv2. No solutions on the ‘net, either. Guess they missed this customer. 😉

    • Jay Ekkel

      Took a bit longer then expected to get theV2 support in and if not mistaken is coming with the next patch.

      • BC72

        Appreciate the feedback… I guess it is my bad for assuming such a wheel was on the compatibility list.

      • Jay Ekkel

        Its not on the compatibility list now, while it does work it requires some tinkering, but as said with the next patch (if not mistaken) V2 support should be present.

  • Andrea Candini

    Bought Macau and three cars for 6,35€: it seems a reasonable price to me. 🙂

  • pillerjong

    make content FREE to people who already paid 50-80 bucks (or more) – i see no reason to pay for every track from now on – ok Nordschleife is another thing

  • Mike Cimuchowski

    I grabbed a track, 3 cars and a couple liveries for $9.50. I’m happy.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    bought the Citroen and the redbull A1 ring…

  • noroardanto

    Bought another 2 group A cars, a couple of 320 Turbo skins and Red Bull Ring.. I’m glad I managed to buy only what I likes atm, not grabbing everything because they are on sale.. phew that’s actually really hard to do 😀

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