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Putnam Park for rFactor 2 0.9 – Released

feels3 has released a beta version of his Putnam Park track for rFactor 2.

feels3 has released a beta version of his Putnam Park track for rFactor 2.

Release Notes
– trees use temporary T1 shader, more advanced shader with specular, normal map and ambient occlusion is planned for v1.0
– HDR profile is from ISI’s track
– track include two layouts, “GP” and “Chicanes”, third, short layout is planned for v1.0
– animated cornerworkers are planned for v1.0
– racegroove, marbles and crowd textures are from ISI’s tracks.
– temporary replay cameras, upgrade is planned for 1.0
– some models and textures improvements are planned for 1.0

Just as with his excellent Snetterton track, feels3 is reserving the 1.0 version of the track for once rFactor 2 goes gold.

The 1.87 mile Putnam Park track is a popular club racing facility in Indiana, hosting plenty of events and test sessions. rFactor users are probably already familiar with the track thanks to GMT’s version that was released back in 2008.

[boxdownload]Dwonload Putnam Park for rFactor 2 0.9 Here[/boxdownload]
  • Rantam

    Love this track. Hard to say if it’s better than Croft, but for sure these ones from feels3 are very well made. He put a lot of attention to detail, you just need to see these tarmac textures. And bumps and the rest feel sooo well on the steering wheel.

    Well done feel3! 🙂

    • Jorge Azcoitia

      Totally agreed! Loved racing here with the Brabham!

    • Juhan Voolaid

      I like it better than Croft.

  • Gerald

    I’m holding off rf2 until I upgrade my computer in several years (assuming I won’t be homeless then) so I actually have to try to rf1 version again since seeing this. Looks very good!!!

  • yorch sincla

    Fantastic. I recommend race at 4:30pm for a great great feeling.

  • Anonymous

    The attention to detail is simply phenomenal !
    Didn’t even think that was possible with rF2 😉
    “Bowing in reverence” 🙂

  • Mike Cimuchowski

    Just Drove it for the first time. Simply Amazing work.

    A must have for anyone with RF2. Along with Croft.

  • Matt Orr

    Is track development streamlined in rF2, or is Feels3 just a beast? Two top quality tracks already from a seemingly one man show.

  • Richard Dozier

    I couldn’t figure out the language on that d/l site.

    • feels3

      There is a save icon, just click on it. 🙂

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