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Prototype C – Three New Previews

Prototype C – Three New Previews

The Virtua_LM Junior Team has released three new screenshots of their Prototype C mod for rFactor, giving us a rather artsy look at the inside and outside of these sleek race cars.

Combining both Prototypes and GT’s from three different classes, Prototype C for rFactor centers around the 1983 edition of the Le Mans 24 Hour race. The mod includes legendary race cars like the Porsche 956, the Lancia LC2, the BMW M1 and countless other cars that are still considered to be among the most beautiful and spectacular sports cars of all time.

Screenshots via rFactorcentral

  • Vkt

    the third shoot looks ugly as hell

  • Uff

    It looks ugly because it was intended to be distorted in that way, I suppose. 😀

  • dknine

    I like the 3rd shot, cause it shows the great interior :ooo: 😎 great job.

    the body off the car looks amazing aswell, I want to drive these puppies :sd:

  • Howie47

    WOW! I think those, are bad ass. I can’t wait for this mod. Maybe in time for rFactor2? 😮

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