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Prototype C – Alive & Kicking

Prototype C – Alive & Kicking

During the past few weeks, quite a few rumors have been floating around Virtua_LM Junior Team’s Prototype C project for rFactor.

Several people claimed the mod is dead and no longer being worked on and the fact that Virtua_LM usually chooses to work in privacy without much giving updates helped these rumors to persist. Now, amax, head of the V_LM Junior Team has posted a small statement over at RSC, showing that the mod is still very much alive.

Furthermore, the team is still looking for people to join their staff. Instead of a straight conversion, Prototype C for rFactor will be hugely brushed up compared to the F1 Challenge version, requiring lots of manpower in terms of modeling, painting, physics and sounds.

So if you have skills in these departments and a soft spot for the great era of Group C racing, make sure to contact Virtua_LM and offer your help. Prototype C was one of the greatest mods for F1 Challenge, hopefully we´ll one day be able to enjoy these cars in rFactor as well….

  • Slowest

    Will it be released for other platforms such as Race’07 like previous VLM addon mods (Le Mans & Mid Ohio) ??

    Would be cool

  • six.degrees

    Good news for sure.

  • Dimitris

    Thank god they still continue the project. But we’re just waiting way too long. :ooo:
    I felt frustrated when they decided to add more cars to the game (and the progress bar in RFC felt from 90% to 70%), which is sth they could easily do after they release the mod (like expansion packs, etc) :weird:

  • GeraArg

    Good news 😀

  • UncleChuckle

    Send me an email 18 months ago when I’d have still given a crap.

    This is the one mod above all others I was really looking forward too when I first bought rFactor. Now I loathe rFactor, and they’re finally saying “We’re still here”…

    Yeah, too little too late guys.

  • stabiz

    You have been spewing crap all over this site lately, Chuckle … Bad christmas presents?

  • tarnakman

    stabiz: yeah.. He received need for speed underground.. for mac!!!

  • Montoya

    Hey, no Mac jokes around here :sd:

  • CunningStunt8

    Aww you guys want a hug? Stop complainin if you don’t like the site then **** off and shut yo mouth. If you’re sick of waiting then go help, these guys are doin this for free n you guys are all waaa waa waaa. In my honorable opinion this mod looks friggin wicked and the site is fantastic so u guys can go shove it.

  • navalhawkeye

    um…only one person was saying that. And no one said anything bad about this site…:roll:

    UncleChuckle needs to get a grip on things. I think you hit it on the head with a bad Christmas lol

    I can’t wait for this mod…if it’s half as good as their tracks, it will still be the best mod for rfactor.

  • Slowest

    So, does anyone know if they plan to release it on other platforms?

  • GeraArg

    UncleChuckle is the Grinch :sd:

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