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Project CARS – Weekly Build Recap

Slightly Mad Studios has released a new build of Project CARS, adding a brand-new car to the WMD-powered title.

Slightly Mad Studios has released a new build of Project CARS, adding a brand-new car to the WMD-powered title.

WMD members now get to drive an early version of the Ruf CTR3, as always with early cars being added to the development builds of Project CARS, none of the car’s features are final yet but due to be added in refined in the weeks to come.

The newest build also adds plenty of other improvements as listed below, including improved tire scrubs sounds and much more!

The new build is now available to all WMD members with Team Member level and above, the builds are accessible via Steam.

Build 668 (21/02/14, Team Member+) – 203.6 MB
* Fix for compiler error
* PS4: Adds support for rendering mip-maps 6 faces at once or 1 at a time
* PS4: Adds support for single face mip-map generation on cube maps. Also fixes bug on generating all faces at once and not setting the blend state correctly.
* Added 64-bit debug
* More control variables based on Feedback for the screen drops
* New scrub and skid sounds. A new model with separate sets for both slicks and semi-slicks, shuffled event play mode so we don’t always hear the same scrub and skid sounds everytime!
* Adding select to kick player callback to the ingame lobby players list.
* Connecting the new main menu lobby voting mechanisms for WillS to hook up.
* Backing out accidental changes to the InGame version of the lobby, to be moved to the Menu version of the lobby.
* New functionality and applinks for in-game lobby voting system to be hooked up by WillS.
* New Accolode Achieved popup added
* Fixed overlapping text on HUD
* Radical SR3/SR8: Added Radical badges and names
* Applink missing from the Resume button allows you to resume the start point of the last session you were in once again.
AI & Pitstops:
* AI can exit garage, using a feeler / raycast system to see walls and avoid hitting them
* Fixed up pit engineer final lap strings
* GT pitstop sequence re-ordered (1.Refueling, 2.Wheel maintenance)
* Added regular resync of synchronised race time and app timer in MP race.
* RestartSynchronization now remembers sync status if the node has been previously synchronized. If host then migrates to such node, it will revert back to previous timesync results, rather than completely disconnecting because the sync info has been forgotten.
* Fix for aries multiplayer crash
* Fix to restrictor size setting and first pass at turbo wastegate
* Further multiplayer turbo fix
* BAC Mono: New brake fade tech, engine stalling, revised ARB and dampers, unique tire components for easy changes in the future
* Ginetta G40: Reduced engine braking
* RUF CTR3: Preparations for first export, selection sets created, added countless features, etc.
* Sauber C9: New export with cockpit textured
* Caterham R500: Camber baked into suspension animations
* Caterham Classic: Baked in camber to suspension animations
* Eifelwald: Lofted missing armco, fixed various CSM issues, fixed floating cars, trees
* Loire: Added textures for a15 – small huts
* Oulton Park GP: New Export

Known issues:
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled

[toggle title=”Click Here for the full notes of all builds released during the past seven days”] Build 667 (20/02/14, Team Member+) – 201.2 MB
* PS4: Fix for shadow slope bias.
* PS4: Fix for motec displays.
* Timer updates based on Feedback from Darren.
* Fixed detection of damage meshes by extension (not currently used, but would have been broken if it was)
* Mouse smoothing for attached freecamera.
* New Online Lobby design in preparation for the in-game lobby to be created
* Added new pit-engineer strings for ‘one lap to go’
* Updated textIDs for new championship data
* Fixed FormulaB having missing AIs then crashing caused by it having more than 16 racers (due to differences in the participant generation). As part of the fix, career is now using/storing localised player names rather than getting them via driverDetails
Flags & Penalties:
* Fixed bug which left false start checking enabled, even for rolling starts
* FA pitstop animations (not yet ingame)
* Ginetta G40: Fixed an oversight which caused the suspension to be somewhat overdamped, added 3.92:1 final drive for Junior spec
* Added missing tire file
* Lotus 72D: Reworked the Flexi tread to get the grip lowered. Used the smaller tire widths and changes to the load sensitivity. Changed the heating to warm up slower. Chassis: Dropped the unsprung weights to reflect the inboard barkes. This required less rebound damping and a slight softening of the springs for balance. Tire feels more like a raceday tire than a qualifier now.
* Ruf CTR3: Added Ruf CTR3, added support for custom liveries, added runtime files + collision export, texture fixes for 1st export (LIGHTS and WHEEL) – First export
* Ford Mustang Boss: Fixed cockpit texture typo
* Mercedes SLS GT3: WIP on LODs
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Rollback ULTRA file
* Sauber C9: Cockcpit DDS texture. Initial check in.
* Loire: Fixed mixing fencepoles around track, new texture maps, 1st commit, tweaked spec map, added textures for a11 – tribune set
* Belgium Forest: Changed grids objects to overlay shaders as requested required by Robert, added fences all areound track added latest assets from Jan and Tomas
* German Tracks: Textures for bigger ambulance for German tracks, fixed color on decals.
* Moravia: Textures for bigger Ambulance, new decals.
* Bathurst: Fix of missing trackedge segment, fix of jira issue
* Oulton Park: New Export

Known issues:
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled

Build DCLXVI (19/02/14, Team Member+) – 60.3 MB
* Added Debug Pool on PS4/Xbox One
* PS4: Fix for lazy init on PS4 shader dictionary.
* PS4: Fix for PS4 autograss. Also fixes a bug where if the camera moved a greater distance than the active grid, the grid would not reset. This could happen on track cams or if you restarted a race from some distance away from the start line. Also fixes massive fps drop on race restart caused by bad ray cast positions from grass.
* PS4: Sets PS4 autograss to 100M.
* PS4: Sanity check on PS4 for using lightweight dynamic prims.
* PS4: Fix for PS4 visor effect
* PS4: Added copy of PS4 trophy files
* PS4: Added PS4 trophy pack to data
* PS4: Moved trophy file to a nicer place
* XB1: Added Xbox One helper files for grabbing dbgSession logs from the devkit
* Increase -WindowSize limits to allow 8k
* Working behavior for Black and Blue flags
* Fix the restart AI stuck bug
* Updated splash and ‘return to frontend’ loading screen
* Implemented cancellation of stat and leaderboard queries when the stat component shut downs while some queries are in progress
* Lobby voting mechanisms for MP in the Main Menu – to be hooked up by WillS
* Ginetta G40: Initial physics set
* Sauber C9: Added alpha 2 animations
* Ginetta G55 GT3: Cockpit2, alpha, DDS texture. Fixed spelling on a sticker
* Formula A: Driver animation: fixed in 3PV animation: elbow no longer cuts through side of the car
* Pagani Zonda Cinque: Fixed 1PV naming on the bank animation
* German Tracks: German texture version for Ambulance
* Brands Hatch: Fix of many mesh issues
* Oulton Park GP: Added static objects, ded dynamic objects, grass exclusion

Known issues:
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled

Build 665 (18/02/14, Team Member+) – 148.7 MB
* Corrected handling of session ending for PS4
* PS4: Build correction for unused vars
* XB1: MSAA is now enabled as the default AA mode
* XB1: Stats & leaderboards work in progress – Implementing sending of TimeTrialTime events, which drive all TT stats and leaderboards,Implemented ranged and user leaderboard queries to overall TT leaderboards. Queries do not return all leaderboard details yet.
* XB1: Texture handling fixes for MSAA (don’t use EQAA for the moment – since the non-standard sample pattern requires custom shaders to resolve)
* Fix for Scene Graph crash on XB1
* Implemented XB1 leaderboard secondary column stat queries. Overall track leaderboards now work and display correctly.
* Enabled LeaderboardsGUIHandler on consoles
* Added in live edit tweakers for the Freecamera scalers based on Eds feedback.
* Fixed game entry crash when > 24 players
* Adding in a new world lensflare on DaveF request.
* Screen Rain drop feedback changes.
* Fix for issue when leaving MP races sometimes causes assert in voting system
* Fixed local ghost cache file name parsing.
* Fixing null dereference from career options.
* Connecting the fuel use and tire wear gameplay options from the front end into the physics system.
* Updating career options applinks to move away form the modal dialog system. This fixes the missing AppLinks in Aries Realism->Authenticity options menu.
* Background track image now fades on to cover the load of the applink
* Updated Pause screen and Loading screen and Invitations screen, plus Please Wait holder
* Edit HUD button fixed on pause screen
* Profile Invitations screen updated
* Fixing missing TextDB app enum entry
* Career Options removed from the CareerDetail screen
* Driver side handling of flags such as the blue and black flag
* GT pitstop mechanics animations
* BMW Z4 GT3: AI suspension and tire model changes to try and improve stability
* LMP RWD P30: Minor logos fix
* Lotus 72D: Added alpha 2 animations
* Ford Mustang Boss: Prepared for exporting, updated runtime files + data, texture updates, added new CPIT display variation, added missing LODC meshes, fully textured chassis/cpit with all LODs
* Pagani Zonda: Animatins exports alpha 2
* Ford GT40 MkIV: Fixed Ultra setup file
* Loire: New texture maps, 1st commit
* Eifelwald GP: Grass cover texture, brightness and colour tweaks
* Moravia: Textures for new czech ambulance trackside vehicle

Known issues:
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
– Ginetta G40 Junior: Ride height is too high (issue of the placeholder physics)
– Zonda Cinque: Animations are not working
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled

Build 664 (17/02/14, Team Member+) – 451.7 MB
* Fix for AppLoader using incorrect 32BIT Game Pool Size on 64BIT Console platforms. (the difference made PS4 have 180MB more memory than XB1 available)
* Fixed assert during multiplayer match joining on Xbox One.
* New System for mapping physics material to Particles Effects.
* GaussianBlur: Corrected warning treated as error; disabled creation of own render targets
* GaussianBlur class implemented for applying 2 pass blur on current render target
* Updated CareerDetails screen (still in progress) and updated Career Accolades screen (Invitation screen still in progress)
* Fix for bumper navigation on Dashboard, Quick Solo, and Profile screens
Penalties & Flags:
* Blue flags also now contain info of participant index of person lapping
* Moved flag event sending to physics from raise to send event so that both flag raise and lower are processed
* Added support for processing participant flags (blue and black) in physics and prepped code to send to AI systems
* Tidied flag event code
* Turbo changes phase 1: Calculate boost pressure from turbine rpm and ambient conditions
* Turbos: Added data for next round of turbo code changes
* Fix the AI Assert firing too often + prep work on black flags and blue flags
* LMP RWD P30: Minor logos fix, fixed number plate issue, added winning liveries, added new silver rims, black wheels switched as default rims, added new livery, initial check-in
* Ginetta G40: Prepared for 1st export, lots of feature setup, added placeholder LODs
* Mclaren 12C: Approval fixes, updated CPIT display
* BMW Z4 GT3: Added Panasonic new livery
* Fix null pointer exception in Oulton Park in Free Practice
* Old skool style lamp flares removed from Silverstone
* Eifelwald: Fixed flickering groove in Karrousell by setting alpha to zero for those waypoints, fixed CSM kicking out the car
* Oulton Park GP: New export
* California Highway: Updated various tunnels to add vertex darkening, updated light brightnesses in 2 tunnels.
* Loire: Add textures for a12(small building) and a13(big hall)

Known issues:
– Multiplayer – DO NOT PRESS THE LOBBY OPTION when pressing ESC during a online race.
– Ginetta G40 Junior: Ride height is too high (issue of the placeholder physics)
x64 Known issues:
– x64 currently disabled [/toggle]

Project CARS will be available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, and Wii U starting Fall 2014. More info can be found on the WMD website.

  • Anonymous

    For many of the cars, the physics don’t match the FFB in that it feels worse than it is. Luckily, they’ve put forth a huge effort to eliminate the floating *feeling* which is often just FFB. The Ariel Atom models drive very well (especially around Oultan Park) but don’t feel the same as they drive.

    Good to see the effort put in by the community specifically to the FFB as they have with the tire model changes.

    • brrupsz

      It wasn’t “often just FFB”, that floating. It was tire stiffnesses and tire model related. FFB alone, even with very bad configuration won’t give you effects that early pCars builds and Shift games had. I agree though that now cars in pCars drive better. At least on recent clips it looks that way.

      • Chris

        I agree. Hate to call it but any sim if pushed to 90% hard driving it will look good. It’s that 100-110% pushing it that you really see the physics. That being said, I really hope they get the physics nailed cause this will be amazing if they do with so much content and great gfx and sounds.

  • Anonymous

    I have not driven this car yet but looks like I will enjoy it!

  • Markus Ott

    Loving the Sauber C9. All alone for the torque monster it is.

    • MatzeLoCal

      Jap… if they only could fix the AI (at least for Loire!) so I could have nice 24h.

  • John Karagiannis

    Horses to the masses…

  • Glen Orpheus

    looks like a completely different game, when in the cockpit it looks amazing, glad that’s were ill be sat (“,)

  • fritzisbro


    please don’t go down the path of Sony with their advertising for Gran Tourismo.
    Telling you there are 200-300 cars in the game when in actuality there are only about 50 the rest being variants of those 50 or so cars.
    QUIT IT.

    But having said that and putting the argument to one side for the moment.
    Nice going dudes I love the RUF cars and can’t wait to try it it game

    • Anonymous

      These cars start out with placeholder physics and when it’s own physics set is created it is applied. So no need to get Pissed Off!

    • Anonymous

      You’re throwing a major hysterical fit because there are two (different) RUFs in the sim now? :-/

      Both are WIPs, and the new one, RUF CTR3, is in pre alpha (each car has a separate development status), meaning that that is has: “LODX meshes finished, collision export, placeholder physics, placeholder sound, LODX as LODA meshes, placeholder materials/textures”. If you’re a WMD member you should know this… And for everybody who has seen the car list it’s obvious that pCARS goes in the opposite direction of what you’re yelling about.

      Oh well. It’s a good thing you like RUFs as there will be 4 completely different ones in the sim.

    • Anonymous

      The most amusing part is that the CTR3 isn’t even a variant of any other car in real life, never mind a game.

      It’s not based on a 911 like the RGT8 is – some of the front panels and suspension are related but the rest of the car is a bespoke frame. The twin-turbo flat six is derived from the RT 12R, but makes more power and I believe it has a different transaxle.

      • Anonymous

        Just to add to my own post now that I went and looked it up again: the front end of the chassis is based on 997 GT3 RS parts, while the bonnet, door skins, and head and tail lights are all OEM Porsche. The rest of the chassis is a tubeframe designed with the assistance of Multimatic, the transmission is a Hoer sequential, and the rest of the body panels are carbon-fibre. The engine block is of course the venerable Mezger Porsche unit, from the old Turbos, however Ruf bore it out an extra 2mm to 3746cc.

        It also sounds like they’re planning a revision with the modern direct-injected 3800cc 991 Turbo block and an adapted 7-speed PDK, but the one in pCARS is the 2013 spec.

    • SeriousSpyNZ

      Uh, it’s not a varient on the existing RUF, not all RUF’s are 911’s, this is a different car, it’s like saying that a BMW M3 and a BMW 1M are the same car, they’re not. I suggest you apologize to the dev team for your remark.

    • Big Ron

      A variant of which car? Ruf RGT-8 and RUF CRT3 are two different cars, even in real life.

  • Anonymous

    When we get video like this and thanks to it’s creator I have to stop for a second and again think to myself wow. Great works in the making. Then as I think of others I remind myself when it comes to ones own experience they are the only ones that count where it concerns them. I urge you like what you want to like not what others think you should like. Drive how you want to drive not how others think you should drive. Race how you want to race until it effects others experiences and make up your minds for yourselves. It’s all waiting for you so no matter the title jump right in and go for a drive and remember enjoy yourselves!

  • ChevyGuy566

    Just noticed they put Build 666 in Roman numerals. Haha the devil’s in the details!

    • Anonymous

      Keeping the devil out. Is like keeping the bugs out.

  • Rick Lopatic

    I don’t have the RUF CRT3 and I don’t know why. I have all cars and tracks except the RUF CRT3.

  • Anonymous

    me to Rick ,, im missing the crt3 as well . Anyone know why this is ?

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