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Project CARS vs. AC – Audi R8 Comparison

A new comparison video shows off Assetto Corsa’s new Audi R8 Plus alongside Project CARS’ version.

Kunos Simulazioni recently added the Audi R8 Plus road car to their simulation as part of the 1.3.5 update.

How does Kunos’ take on the popular German mid-engine road car compare to the competition?

Find out yourself by watching the video below, showing the Audi both in AC and in Slightly Mad Studios’ WMD-powered multi-platform Project CARS title.

  • Glen Orpheus

    they look quite different from the rear …….ooo err 😉

  • Hash

    “Lets not do the ‘which is better’ thing. It’s been done to death for years and is very subjective and based on many different variables.”

    Sorry couldn’t help it.
    But honestly what’s the actual point of these comparisons? could they not at least put a pedal meter in and some ACTUAL data in the videos,tyre meter,G meter etc etc maybe some ACTUAL comparisons of physics and specific scenarios, all this shows is probably the least important aspect of siming, the tiny tiny differences in looks, even the driving and lines taken is very very average, was certainly not on the edge driving.

    • F1Racer

      What did you quote me for ?

      • Hash

        Tongue in cheek mate, just thought funny the moment I seen that,I went back to main page and this was posted, A “which is better” video.

      • F1Racer

        OK, well you know I don’t post the articles, right ?

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    Its not even a real comparison, if it was for environment visual projection & car model recreation purposes – I guess it is right out for comparison, but if it is an overall rating… “you’re joking right?”.

  • IVJG Knight

    AC has Ferrari license and they make a r8 which has been done and redone in other games.
    And the Classic lotus cars : Who was the idiot (PC or AC) that made the same lotus 49 and lotus 98 cars that the others were already doing.

    Again Ac can choose to make ferrari cars and i wish the would have made a ferarri 156/85 or 187 instead of lotus 98t.

    Ps: I have both games and i like them both. But i wished i could have some more f1 ferrari cars in one of them or both.

    • quf

      I think that is a limited view on why different devs choose the same cars. One is because not all have both games. So who has AC might want to drive those cars in AC and doesn’t want to buy Pcars, or vice-versa.
      And then when a certain game acquires a license for a car or track, the other game might have not announced they are doing it too, but could still already be developing it.
      So, if one game already did most of the popular content, the other game should look for alternatives and not repeat? There’s a reason for that, and I said in my second sentence of the post.

      • IVJG Knight

        I’m limited for wanting unique classic Ferrari f1 cars . Lol .

        One can think that the lotus 49 was unique because of it’s design and it just happed that both developers were thinking of developing it.But the the 98t has nothing special compared to lotus 97t for example which Senna drove brilliantly in the rain to his first victory at Estoril 1985 or lotus 99t .So it’s a ridiculous coincidence .

        I think you only have AC. You don’t have Project Cars. I know i’m right.

      • quf

        “Everyone” suddenly has the best ideas and plans for a sim racing game. The harder thing is coming up with it in the first place, and the easier is giving opinions as they were facts, after the work is done.

        This post is not specifically just to you, but you can’t be so judgmental-critical about what was done because everyone took and has a different path, and only they know how it was.
        For sure, you can point out new ideas and plans.

        Today, Project Cars has plenty of Classic Lotus cars. I think that if other racing games want classic lotus cars too, several or most will be the same. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because even if the content repeats itself in other racing games, but especially between sims, it doesn’t make it less interesting. For one, I didn’t know Pcars had specifically the audi r8 v10 plus, because I don’t follow everything from its list. The most I know is some content from their dlcs, like the recent classic lotus dlc.

    • gianluca p

      Classic Lotus make a lot of sense in a game that since the beginning was planning to have historic circuits and a career mode, like Project Cars.
      I can’t say the same for AC. They also decided to make most of the cars already available or announced for pCars: check Sauber, Audi, BMW, Pagani, McLaren, Mercedes, they got basically the same models.
      I guess Kunos simply decided to get in game the most wanted cars, choosing them without a particular logic. Slighty Mad Studios, instead, chose them thinking at the career, except few road cars.
      As for the Ferrari, the license doesn’t cover all their cars, but few models, the ones that they asked and paid for. But if they were planning the Lotus 98T and 49, why they didn’t asked for two Ferrari of the same era? That would have been great.

    • Patrik Marek

      how about the licensing though ? Ferraries might be quite pircey to license and some of the old ones perhaps not even possible to do so, because the owners of the license might not be that easy to figure out

      Lotus was licensed as a sort of “unlimited” license, where Kunos can make how many cars from Lotus they want ( to my understanding) , that’s why there is so many Lotus cars in there

  • Marklar

    How the hell did they manage to complete a lap in pcars in this car? Every time I take it for a spin I hit an invisible wall or my front suspension collapses. This car is a one big bug!

    • Patrik Marek

      I was driving in yesteday on Brands Hatch and experienced no problems at all. did you try to talk to someone on the forums ?

      • Marklar

        No, I haven’t. There are already hundreds of posts about this issue.

  • Lukas Macedo

    Visually they resemble each other. But most of the details are different. Different models? Different year?

  • IVJG Knight

    Imagine one of these cars in AC and not the legions of street cars .Wouldn’t that be a sight ?



  • wajdi nujeidat

    Sorry I will never understand the utility of these comparison videos! They are simply useless.

  • James Cook

    These comparisons are pointless and tiresome.

  • Kev

    Wow. Great video. How did you do that? Amazing. So glad I saw this. Now I know how to be happy.

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