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Project CARS – Upcoming DLC Content Revealed

Some previews of Slightly Mad Studios’ next DLC pack for the best-selling Project CARS title has surfaced as the studio has revealed some of the upcoming cars on its Instagram feed.

Some previews of Slightly Mad Studios’ next DLC pack for the best-selling Project CARS title has surfaced as the studio has revealed some of the upcoming cars on its Instagram feed.

Dubbed “Old vs. New”, the next content pack will introduce both classic machinery and their modern counter part, giving car enthusiasts from all generations something to enjoy.

The previews show the iconic 1966 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback alongside its modern brother, the 2015 Ford Mustang GT. The previews also reveal two popular German cars, the rare 1973 BMW 2002 Turbo as well as BMW 320TC WTCC car.

More details on the upcoming DLC pack are due to be revealed soon!

Project CARS is now available on Steam, boxed copies for all platforms are available here.

  • RapidRefund

    Nice! Look forward to em.

  • Stefan Pajkić

    I saw on youtube few days ago Mustang 2015, Mustang 1966, RUF Yellowbird, RUF RT12R and BMW 320TC. Based on that, I tought those cars will be in the next DLC. Just type on youtube Project cars ruf yellowbird, and other clips are on the same channel. Weird

    • Gui Cramer

      A lot of stuff available during the alpha/beta got held back for DLC.

      • pez2k

        I don’t know about ‘a lot’ – there were a handful of unfinished tracks that weren’t going to make release, and they cut the A4 DTM lookalike because it wasn’t going to be licensed. Everything that was done by the content freeze date was shipped, even the Caper stock car which has nowhere and nothing to race. Saying that unfinished stuff was ‘held back’ is a bit unfair because, well, it wasn’t actually finished.

      • Dirk Hüwe

        That’s where you are wrong. Did you even participate in the alpha and beta? Guess not because otherwise you wouldn’t be telling such nonsense.

      • Gui Cramer

        I did and I remember back from when we had NFS S2 assets that got pulled back and other cars that were once available (but of course without finalized physics). Let’s not fanboy it up, there’s no need to call nonsense as the go-to defense here. Read the post above your nonsense.

      • MontoyaVR

        Project CARS hit the shelves almost three months ago and the content had to be locked down many weeks before that.

        None of the cars included in these packs were even remotely finished at that point, some were hardly started around that time.

        Nothing was “held back” really, the tracks were removed from the development builds because they were in serious need of more polishing to get up to the quality level of the other content and there was no room in the schedule for them to make the release.

  • Lukas Macedo

    Nice! Looking forward to drive the BMW 320TC around Nords.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    Like the ‘Old vs New’ idea…maybe a 69 Camaro with it’s 2015 counterpart and the 71 Challenger with the Hellcat Challenger might be nice, the list could be long…dreams are free I suppose…lol

  • Udo Thiel

    I like the idea, but I’d even more like it if they would do this with tracks: Old vs new layouts, for example old 14km Spa, old Monza with banking sans chicanes, old Le Mans sans chicanes etc. We don’t need to race in a sim on tracks that were mutilated to increase real driver safety, we can have the real, dangerous thing!

    • pez2k

      There were early versions of a few historic tracks tested out during development including Spa and Monza, they’ll probably turn up alongside some historic racers further down the line (maybe the Team Lotus cars).

    • Leeman

      Ahh, but then the old circuits wouldn’t be laser scanned and, well, the rivet-counters don’t want any part of that. (rolls eyes)

      Yes, I agree, some vintage circuits would be welcome to go along with the period cars present in the sim.

      • Udo Thiel

        Laser scanning…yeah well maybe not for the old Spa circuit. But Monza and Le Mans without the chicanes should be possible both accurately and with little extra work.

      • Brownninja97 .

        well Pcars tracks arent laserscanned so does it really matter.

      • Leeman

        No, doesn’t matter to me at all, actually. Personally, I think laser scanning is overrated. I think developers can make good quality tracks without laser scanning.

      • EZehn

        Ditto. Project CARS is proof positive that quality devs can take non-laser references and create a track just as good as the laser scanned version. Assetto Corsa’s Nordschleife is impressive but it’s pretty ugly and doesn’t really feel much different to Project CARS. Yes, laser scanning gives you all the cambers and bumps but the devs took that into account and added them in manually in PCARS.

      • Hash

        Poor example IMO, Pcars tracks for the most part are some of the most inaccurate, flat and smooth representation of tracks ive seen in a modern sim, alot are just the shift crap touched up.

        “Project CARS is proof positive that quality devs can take non-laser references and create a track just as good as the laser scanned version.”

        What about reiza , S7 and ISI, all have made quality accurate tracks.

      • RKipker

        That’s what I said months ago… AC’s version is real nice, but compared to pCARS version… not that much differrent… IMHO.

      • melanieuk1

        Laser scanned circuits are overrated!, funny just a few years ago when only iracing had laser scanned tracks, iracing tracks was the most talked about and wanted tracks, now that Assetto corsa, Pcars, iracing, and soon race room race experience, (any other title missing from that list)?, have laser scanned tracks, laser scanned tracks are now looked on as overrated, I wonder why the sudden change of heart, the more simulator titles that use laser scanned for their titles the better, or is it a case of my favourite sim don’t have it, so it’s not needed or it’s overrated.

      • Leeman

        Geez, talk about an over-reaction. I don’t pretend to speak for anyone other than myself. And I certainly haven’t had any “sudden change of heart”. You’ll never find a post of mine extoling the virtues of laser scanning. This has nothing to do with which sims have laser scanned tracks and which sims don’t. Personally, I think AC’s laser-scanned version of Nordschleife is, arguably, the best circuit available in the genre. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a non-laser scanned version of it, in another sim, too.

        All I’m saying is that, PERSONALLY, I don’t need a track to be laser scanned to enjoy it. Since I’ve never driven any of these tracks (and never will) I will likely never notice the subtle nuances that laser scanning brings. While I appreciate the accuracy that laser scanning lends to the creation of tracks for our hobby I simply don’t think it is the be-all, end-all of sim track re-creation.

        And let me make something absolutely, perfectly, crystal, beyond any doubt, clear to you: I do NOT have a sim I consider “mine”. I like something about every current-gen sim on the market today. I like AC, rF2, GSCE, R3E, iRacing and PCars (in no particular order, by the way). For instance, I really enjoy the offline racing vs the AI in R3E, but I”ve actually logged far more hours in AC.

        And, I really don’t give a rat’s left butt cheek which tracks in those sims are laser-scanned or not.

      • RKipker

        I’m with you Leeman, I like them all… except you left out Dirt Rally…LOL! Laser scanned is fine, but give me more tracks vs. less laser scanned tracks… use Google maps, and topo maps for elevations….!

        Anyway, I enjoy all the games… even Forza and GT5.

      • Leeman

        Yes, good point. Forgot about Dirt Rally!

      • IceVioletteDevil

        Laser scanned tracks are indeed very overrated. You can do a just as thorough and accurate job (end product) by surveying.

      • RapidRefund

        Well the idea of having a racing surface within mm tolerances of the actual RL track at the cost of x’s10 of that of a cad generated track surface with pretty close surface assets is overrated. However the topography of the entire facility is more important and an area where Aerial Lidar may be better

      • RapidRefund

        Anyway there is a very good chance most racing facilities have already been aerial mapped and there are softwares to use with the collected data that’s available

      • RapidRefund

        There are I believe 4 laser scanned tracks in pCARS

      • acedick72

        don’t be a dummy, laserscan tracks are great. it’s not snobbery to admit that. do you hate accuracy or something?? lol
        all the same a really good scratch made track is still a really good track, so no one really loses out.

      • Leeman

        I never said they were bad. As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, I simply think you can get a good quality track without laser scanning. We all raced on good quality, non-laser scanned tracks for YEARS without complaint. But now, for some people, they don’t want to waste their time racing on a track that’s not laser-scanned.

      • acedick72

        ah got you

    • Steve Shears

      They’re already done. Just not released. God knows why. Old Spa is about two years old in pCARS and Monza should be finished i’d reckon (i’ve not been on the forum). Le mans might not be though – i thought we once had it in the game.

  • pez2k

    I like that the 320TC livery is using several community-made sponsors, nice to see that the WMD input hasn’t been forgotten after release. Now we’ll just need something to race it against!

  • Paul Maguire

    Everytime i boot this sim up it closed within 10 mins.. i just can’t dig it

    • seppo taalasmaa

      you need gamepad and kids mind to play this arcade game

      • IVJG Knight

        Clearly the remarks of someone who has no clue what he’s talking about and is just trying to get people wound up.

      • Eric Heenie

        No,you need a good wheel and a fast thinking adult mind to play this simulator…you must be thinking of Driveclub

    • Paul Maguire

      Why do I feel so disconnected? Surely I am not the only one, or am I? Really, its not a bash on PC.. I just don’t get physics.

      • JackTorrance

        Probably because it specialises in nothing particular, its just a generic racing game with pretty decent but flashy graphics… most of the time. Got flamed for saying it during pre-alpha but just saw nothing to keep people coming back aside from new content – see above. For me the physics were just all over the shop, didnt mind some of the cars but most felt really awkward when pushed hard, plus the sound was ruined by the distortion layer placed over the top of everything. Playing with headphones felt like i was going to get industrial deafness if i played too long lol.

      • Paul Maguire

        Take the GT3 for instance around spa.. Its ridiculously easy and the driving just feels genetic between them.

        I just don’t feel the road or something, can’t put my figure on it.. really not to far off shift for me in terms of handling, call me crazy.

      • Leeman

        Far be it from me to be defending PCars but I had similar issues as you until I played with the FFB settings (I wasn’t feeling the road worth a damn). Even now, with improved settings, it’s far from perfect and it’s still inconsistent from track to track and even on the same track (on some tracks you feel the kerbs, others you don’t) but it is lightyears better than it was when the game was first released. I can actually enjoying the racing in this sim now.

      • The Turtle

        You are definitely not the only one. The way the cars behave in a slide is ridiculous and the way the grass is so grippy is ridiculous. Almost every other sim on the market, to me, is believable except this one. It’s like how a really good movie makes you suspend disbelief. It’s impossible for me to suspend my disbelief with this one.

    • gimmelbop

      Each to his own, I feel the same about other sims

  • seppo taalasmaa

    this has all seen on beta..really wierd approach. why not make physics engine first then other things like eye candy

  • gimmelbop

    Yay, Mustangs! Would be nice to see a 427 BOSS one day though! And other older muscle cars too.

  • Brownninja97 .

    oh great, project cars is getting some real awesome dlc trouble is i just cant like the game. Not sure what it is about the dlc but it also just feels odd.

    • KamyKazeRacing

      Lol. The DLC feels odd. Best comment ever 😉

  • Sky

    Nice dlc! Hope they will bring some track dlc in the future.. like the Dutch circuit Zandvoort. That track has to be in Pcars!

    • EZehn

      It already is.

      • pez2k

        Unless I’ve missed a very ambitious mod, it’s not. I don’t even recall it being discussed as something in planning.

      • Sky

        Oh well so far i know there is no Zandvoort in Pcars.

  • Rantam

    Nice! 🙂

  • David Wright

    I’m all in favour of DLC but I do have issues with the way SMS group the cars.

    For me the beauty of DLC is you choose to buy the cars you want. When you have to buy 4 cars to get the one you really want it starts to feel like you are being milked.

    While there is a loose link between the 4 cars, I would prefer much stronger linking. For example the WTCC BMW would be best grouped with 3 other WTCC cars. If you are a modern touring car fan you will end up with 3 cars you don’t really want. Similarly if you are a 60s muscle car fan you will also end up with 3 cars you didn’t want.

    So keep churning out the DLC but please group the cars in a similar way to S3S do for R3E, or sell them individually like iRacing.

    • RapidRefund

      Can’t please everyone can ya? While I can disagree with you over your gripe I can however agree that selling car classes like a GT3 or TCC class is a better way to go for a title that needs to build on existing classes of cars for similar time periods.

    • BackMarker

      good point
      Perhaps it is a multiplayer issue where all racers on same server must own same cars? So, to make is easy for sms they just toss all the new cars into one pack? Either way, the price is so cheap I have no problem buying the packs (imho,ymmv)

      I would like to see the cars sold individually like rrre or iRacing and then group them together in a discount package. iirc, in iRacing one no longer needs to own all the cars running in one race. how does rrre handle the issue of a server running multiple cars; does the person joining need to own all the cars to join?

      • pez2k

        You can race against DLC cars online without owning them – each patch includes enough of the DLC cars’ files to make them compatible. It’s the same approach as GT5/6 and Forza 5, and I believe R3E.

      • BackMarker

        awesome! wtg sms.
        i have not been online in pcars mp in ages due to the persistent presence of wreckers/griefers! haha

    • pez2k

      I believe the ’65 Mustang and the 2002 Turbo are competitive against each other and against the existing RS1600 and 300SEL, so this is sort of a historic touring addon. I don’t think there are enough other historic touring cars licensed to make a full pack, so the modern Mustang roadcar fills a spot since it won’t fit well in any pack, and the 320TC is included because (at least at the time of release) no other WTCC cars were licensed so that wouldn’t fit in a pack either.

      I can agree somewhat that it’d be nice to have fully themed packs, but I would expect that licensing gets in the way.

    • Markus Ott

      What’s the problem? You get a DLC with maybe 6 or 8 cars for a lower price than a single car in iRacing. Buy it for the car you want, get 7 more others, still pay less than in other sims, be happy.

  • Mar Mar

    I’m ready to pay for DLCs as long as they are not made with existing assets, then that would be DLC.

  • RobertH

    Not a big fan of this type of DLC, i would rather pay for individual cars, like open wheelers, prototypes, LMP’s 🙂

  • Dentykaffalatta

    I do like the ’66 Mustang and 2002. YAY!

  • 2Air

    I read alot about how cheap the dlc pack is but aren’t the packs free for pc owners?

    • Danfilm007



    After some time off i took a ride in PC cars again.
    The thing that strikes first in comparison to Assetto Corsa
    is the lack off road feel. I dont have enough control
    off the cars (some are better and some are terrible).
    They still have the worst replaysystem in the buisness
    and the 2 min limit is still there. I want to play something
    beside Assetto Corsa..

    • RapidRefund

      Have you tried rF2?

      • ASUSNEX

        Yes. Good but not enough wow factor for me.
        Maybe Ishould try Raceroom again. I was not
        so impressed how the cars felt and the FFB. Been a while
        though since I drove it.

      • RapidRefund

        Have you tried it recently the on track experience has become quite solid over the last few updates. However if it is bling you want I understand rF2 may not do it for you.

    • Cock Pit

      Hotlapping AC RUF Yellowbird at Nords n Mugello with a street tire make me a better sim driver..Make my iRacing races better too.Now driving in r2 without aid also easy since the tire model in rf2 feel more rubbery.

  • Mario Strada

    Vintage tracks: bring them back please. Rouen-Les-Essarts, monza, spa, hockenheim, I forgot if there were others, but those we know were part of the game until they weren’t.
    And I really miss them. Driving vintage cars on modern tracks is OK, I guess, but driving them in the tracks where they actually raced is a completely different experience.

    The first time I drove a vintage F1 car at old SPA in rFactor 2 it gave me a completely different perspective on what those drivers had to face. Old tracks are so different. Modern tracks do their best to slow down the cars and they are OK for modern cars. Nothing wrong with that.
    But those vintage cars drove on makeshift tracks at time and the driving was all about going as fast as possible on wide, long turns where a small line change was the difference between getting passed or visiting the pitiful safety barriers.

    Since those tracks are not coming back, and with good reason, driving them in a simulator is the only way to experience the thrill of those days without risking life and limb.

    • RapidRefund

      Well maybe SMS can roll out a historic expansion since vintage racing has always been very important to those guys. GTL is still tops in my book for a historic racing title but I look forward to a Hi-def version.

  • Dubuque Vortex Sutra

    Excited about the Mustangs especially the 66. I wish there were more classic cars (hell just port all of GT Legends over to Pcars/AC already).

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