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Project CARS – Special Build 141 Available

Slightly Mad Studios have released a new build of Project CARS for all Team Members & above.

Just three days after the regular release of the weekly build on Friday, WMD members with Team Member status and above get to enjoy a special new build of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS.

Build 141 introduces vast improvements made with the title’s input & force feedback system and the developers are looking for as much feedback on these changes as possible, leading to this special release.

The new release also contains all changes made by the Senior Manager Build 140, including a much-improved UI featuring a Digital Manual, new versions of various tracks and lots of other changes & improvements as listed below:

Build 141 (30/1/12, Team Member+)

  • Disable visual steering wheel prediction
  • FFB progressive slip updates for understeer improvements
  • Protect against no vehicle details having been set for player when doing seat adjustments
  • Take direction into account when validating quick race track selection
  • WIP – subtle FFB engine vibration (enabled on Logitech devices for now). New profile required
  • Input Lag updates
  • Added F1 menu item for Render Bridge Interval
  • Legs/fingers micromovement
  • Updated the TRDs to have appropriate “Setup Group” data (Circuits/Karts/Test Track)
  • SuperKart: cockpit display added
  • Seatbelts and face rig added for Driver
  • Ariel Atom: new collisions finished, WIP ambient occlusion
  • Massive update to the UI (see UI Engineering Thread)
  • Corrected maximum opponent count.
  • Decimal places added to Tire Pressure in advance of Steve reducing the number by 100
  • Set quick race grid position to random (may change depending on WMD poll result).
  • Car Setup on main screen swapped over to Options instead
  • Increase grip of drains and astro turf.
  • 1st pass textures Belgian Forest
  • Deleted desktop and start menu Wip Lag shortcuts
  • New Connecticut Hill exports
  • New Belgium Forest export

The new build is available for download on the WMD Downloads Page, new members can register here.

[toggle title=”Click Here To View The Changelogs Of Build 140″]

Build 140 (30/1/12, Senior Manager)

  • Added callbacks to modify setup visual values
  • Remove hardcoded max participant numbers in special effects code
  • Validate quick race menu options when changing track
  • Driver paddle animations, idle finger animations
  • -new 1pv 3pv , in out sets, adjusted with local layers for better manipulation
  • Driver helmet skin cleanup + visor bones added
  • Driver rig export + face rig + seatbelt rig added
  • Moved the starting point for the rolling start for the TT event on Bologna. Player now takes control just before the 90 degree turn before the S/F straight.
  • Allow 32 participants in quick race again
  • Add 1st pass textures for Belgian Forest asset
  • New Bathurst export
  • New Northampton export
  • New Caterham export

To play the builds, Team Membership of Project CARS is required, membership starts at a one-time payment of 10€ for Junior access, including access to the busy WMD forum where members can talk to the development team and help shape Project CARS. For more info on pricing and benefits of membership, check out the WMD website.

Those who are still unsure on what the Project CARS experience is about can check out a stunning new video trailer made by WMD member BSNismo below, showing the content of the current development builds in action.

  • Guilherme Cramer

    Can anyone please share proper feedback regarding Input Lag? I’m very interested in CARS but the fear of it being Shift 3 keeps me from chipping in.

    • Ben Lee

      They have done a lot of work on the input threading, feels a lot better. Not 100% cured, but maybe 85%.

      • Guilherme Cramer

        Thanks for your response, Ben. I really hope the ex-Stig has a lot of input in this, and that his is an all-out sim :).

      • Eric Zehnder

        We can’t post his specific comments here (though the cheapest $10 ‘tool pack’ gets you builds AND his comments/forums) but I can tell you that he’s extremely impressed. His knowledge of tracks and cars makes the input spot on which is leading to spot on physics.

      • Guilherme Cramer

        Nice. Since he didn’t join until a couple of months ago it will certainly take a few more months for his feedback to carry over most of the game but it’s promising nonetheless!

      • pez2k .

        You’d be surprised, there are a fair few changes already in the physics and the direction of physics development that are directly influenced by Mr. Collins. It’s a very ‘reactive’ development process, things can be adapted to feedback quite quickly. The feel really has come on leaps and bounds since Christmas, and there’s starting to be quite a bit of content as a bonus.

  • Mike Cimuchowski

    This build 141 really has gotten rid of all of the lag for me. The FFB feels really good. It is miles away from “shift 3” already in it’s pre-alpha state. 

    I just got done driving it for 4 hours.

    • J

      Exactly the comment I was looking for! Downloading now.

  • Adam Lindsey

    I must have been lucky because I havent had any imput lag in any build since like 119, but everything is alot more responsive in this build, like the throttle can be modulated to turn the car on the limit.  I havent played any of the shift series but this is by far the best feeling racing sim I have drove on.  Nothing compares to the feeling that you get through the wheel. You can tell exactly where the edge is.  Your outlap is touchous but once you get some heat in the tires you can pound some laps and it will put a big smile on your face.

    Go try it the junior membership is super cheap for what you are getting. Just dont expect for it to not some bugs since it is pre beta right now.

    • Guilherme Cramer

      I like what you said about the touchy first lap… 1st thing I think of is the CARTfactor mod for rF1.

  • Anonymous

    I’m using a Fanatec GT3RS V2.   With the Ariel Atom the steering is very hypersensitive. A tiny turn from me results in the car turning a lot. I have calibrated the steering within the game and even if I set minimum steering lock in-game it’s still the same (though not as bad).   It kinda pivots around if I turn my wheel more than say 45-50 degrees.
    The other cars seem ok.    Just me ?

    • Markus Ott

      The Atom is an extremely oversteery car. Everything fine with that.

    • Philip Samuelson

      I get the same thing with my G25 with almost all the cars. I’ve been tweaking my steering settings and it doesn’t seem to be going away too much. For me the Gumpert is almost too hard to drive it is so twitchy. I’ve also noticed that when I change the steering lock in game it will revert back after I start driving a car, so I’ll pull out of racing to find the lock maximized again after saving it at, say, 220 beforehand.

      Rather frustrating, makes me wish I could bathe my hands in the development of the game and fix some of these issues myself! It’s coming along nicely though.


      • Anonymous

        I get the twitchy feeling on almost all the cars too (T500RS).  Can’t wait to try this build, because right now for me it’s almost undrivable.

      • Lemming asdfafh

        These are just issues with the new UI which has only just been added to the build. They’re known issues, and I’m sure they’ll be fixed by Friday. 🙂 The same issue applies to the car setups aswell I’m afraid.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve had this issue before this UI.  The steering on some of the cars has been an issue for me since day 1.   This isn’t just a case of oversteer, it’s beyond that.   A small turn on the wheel results in a twitchy spin.   Formula B seems ok though.    Maybe I should video it.

      • Lemming asdfafh

        I was referring more to the configuration issues Philip was having. I’m not sure what to suggest for your twitchy steering I’m afraid, even if the UI was fully functional. Sorry.

      • Kris Baxter

        I think I had this issue too, was particularly noticeable when we had the caterham comp earlier in the month, but IIRC, I reduced the speed sensitivity, and something else that escapes me, which helped alleviate it a little, but not entirely. Will be interested to test this now, will go home and download.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I’m going to have a play around with it again and see if I can improve things.  I think my steering sensitivity is pretty low. 

      • Anonymous

        Heh, I didn’t even notice.  I replied just after waking up so I wasn’t fully with it 🙂

      • Lemming asdfafh

        Hehe fair enough 🙂

      • Laurent Cortier

        I think I had the same issue a few builds ago with my PWGT2, but a full Windows reinstall and a few builds later, the issue seemed to have disappeared. I’ll try to finish building my rig tomorrow, in order to try this build more thoroughly and report back to you here.
        Did you mention this in the WMD forums ? Any answer ?

      • Anonymous

        I think I did mention it a while back in the forum, I can’t be totally sure.   I will check later and if I didn’t I will do so.  
        A Windows reinstall is out of the question though as I don’t think that should be the answer and I have way way too much software installed to make that option worthwhile.

      • Laurent Cortier

        I mentionned the Windows reinstall because maybe that cleaned everything from previous CARS installs. Maybe it could be sufficient to uninstall CARS and clean your registry and Local Files from anything CARS related (or better, SMS if you don’t have any Shift left).
        Anyways, tomorrow I’ll know more about this build on Fanatec wheels.

      • Allister

        I had a similar problem for the last couple of builds. I’d set the steering wheel to 900 degrees in game, and as soon as I go to the track it would revert to 360, and thus very twitchy handling. 

        This latest build has added a calibration tool that once I ran, the wheel rotation I selected finally stuck, and the handling feels much more manageable.

        My feeling on the current state of the FFB is that it’s rather superb with lots of subtle detail. Better than just about anything I’ve played, really.

    • badracer

      The Fanatec-wheels are not setup correctly for the game so far (but they will soon). Logitech-wheels (especially G25/G27) work best, yet. Yes, the steering lock-feature isn´t working with the new UI, but just calibrate the wheel to your wished degree and everything is fine for the moment.

      I can´t deal with your comments, that the cars handle very twitchy. You need to uninstall your profile in the user-folder everytime you install a new build or patch…never forget it. I installed the patch, calibrated the wheel and was very impressed, how pCARS feels and drives now. It feels great, not many problems for me so far.

      • Anonymous

        I guess I`ll have to wait for when Fanatec wheels are set up correctly in the game then.

        I have calibrated the wheel to my required amount in-game and in my wheel profiler.
        Also I always delete my profile when installing a new build.

        I’m guessing none of the devs are using Fanatecs 🙂

      • badracer

        They are using Fanatec, but mostly Logitech. Try to use the G25/ G27 preset, maybe it´s better then.

    • Marco Conti

      I have been having the same problem but it’s much better if you delete the old profile each time a new version is released. 

      • Anonymous

         Always do 🙂

    • Laurent Cortier

      No, you’re not alone… Weird is that the steering wheel moves the same way on screen, so it’s probably not related to the Fanatec wheels but rather to the Atom physics I think.

  • Anonymous

    So the Junior Members get this Friday a new build and thats also 141? 🙂

    • yorch sincla

      I think so (junior member too). First friday of every month you get the latest release…

    • Anonymous

      Yes of course, the full builds always include all changes & content introduced with earlier builds. 

      You get a new Junior build on Friday including everything that has been added since the last Junior release 🙂

  • Eric Zehnder

    I only get about 30-35 FPS with my rig and the input lag I always had was never more than any other racing game I’ve played. It’s there a bit if you jerk back and forth quickly but in regular driving I never really noticed it.

    At the default new setting in this recent patch, it was noticeable in that there was what I perceive to be no lag. I realize there’s always lag based on your system having to process everything but in regular driving I don’t feel or see any perceivable lag at this point.

    Looking forward to the new cars and tracks being released each week!

  • Richard Hessels

    I thought to test “our” latest version this evening.

    All in all feels pretty solid, better than before.
    After that i tested iRacing with its latest season 1 updates…
    Ouch.. still a long way to go in physics for pCARS.
    As you have might have guessed, this latest update for iRacing was awesome.
    If pCARS can get a iRacing like feeling with their own superb graphics engine.
    It’s a winner.
    Still a some way to go for the developers, but i suspect they get there in the end.
    Seeing how seriously they take our input.
    Way to go!!!

    • Eric Zehnder

      There’s a decent road ahead, for sure. Keep in mind, though, that they’re coming at the sim racing genre from an angle that most people don’t agree with: that previous sims were not realistic. Specifically that they were realistic and then made unnecessarily more difficult than IS realistic.

      So I don’t think Project CARS will ever feel like iRacing even when 100% complete. I’m OK with that, though. To each his own. 🙂

    • badracer

      Pretty cute, how you think, iRacing is the non-plus-ultra. Ever thought, that even iRacing isn´t simulating everything perfect? Nowadays simulation games are just a matter of taste. You can´t never say, which one comes closest to reality.

      • Laurent Cortier

        Agreed… I used to have a very connected feeling in iRacing, but today I felt more connected to the Audi in CARS than the FW31 with the NTM in iRacing last build. Go figure…

        That said, I think I’ll reinstall DiRT2 😀

  • Anonymous

    not trying to be a prick… but why is the drivers butt, and feet, below the floor of the vehicle at 0:53 of this video?

    • badracer

      Because the actual driver was a placeholder. They already have two new models which they are including now.

    • pez2k .

      Don’t forget: it’s still only a pre-alpha!

  • Laurent Cortier

    I’ve just had the best session ever in CARS, in the Audi DTM… It’s really getting better and better. Still can’t drive the Atom, but that might be the driver’s fault 😉

    I don’t like CARS version of Spa, though, especially after iRacing laser scanned one or rF2 historical realism. Feels too much like a game… wait… 😛

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