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Project CARS – Renault Sport Pack Available!

Slightly Mad Studios have released the brand new Renault Sport Pack that is part of their Project CARS On DEMAND DLC program.

Slightly Mad Studios have released the brand new Renault Sport Pack that is part of their Project CARS On DEMAND DLC program.

The new pack adds five brand new cars from Renault’s roster to the WMD-powered simulation, including both current road & racing machinery from the French manufacturer as well as an iconic Le Mans champion.

Included Cars

  • 1978 Renault Alpine A442B
  • 2014 Renault Mégane R.S. 275 Trophy-R
  • 2009 Renault Mégane Trophy V6
  • 2015 Renault Sport R.S. 01
  • 2015 Formula Renault 3.5
  • Radical RXC Turbo (free car)


One new invitational event:

Renault Masters Trophy – A four-round series featuring vehicles manufactured by Renault
Start Date – May 15th
Location – Snetterton 200, Zolder, Hockenheim Sprint, Sonoma National
Unlock Criteria – Win The LMP3 UK Semi Pro Cup

The Renault Sport Pack is now available for 3.49€, the free Radical RXC Turbo is accessible to all players regardless of purchase! More information on Project CARS On Demand is available on the official website.

Project CARS is now available on Steam, boxed copies for all platforms are available here.

  • noroardanto

    Purchased. Only eur 1.7 here.. crazy low price! Thanks SMS

  • melanieuk1

    Tried the dlc last night, and I found that the rear tires on the Renault Mégane Trophy V6 hardly heated up, during a race and practise sessions.
    During a Ten lap race they only started showing a very very faint green, will have to test it more, surely ten laps is enough to get them up to temp, the two front tires was up to temp though.

    • BC72

      There is a bug that was introduced in 7.0, and tire heating is broken as a result. It has been acknowledged by SMS and should be addressed in 8.0.

      • Patrik Marek

        yep, have been having same issue and I never thought that it was this difficult to get heat into tires

        no heat, no grip

  • Nic Van

    “The Classic Lotus Track Expansion is now available for 3.49€”.
    Price remains 7,49€ on steam.

    • C172fccc

      He obviously made a mistake, it is suppose to say “The Renault Sport Pack (…)”.

  • Jovica Ilic

    After finding out we will not get Custom Championship option, I really don’t care anymore

    • Lacslyer

      I haven’t been following pCARS for a while, but after hearing this and looking into it I can’t say I’m not surprised. What a joke of game development this is.

  • Traumahound

    That Alpine looks insane.. huge 70s era F1 air intake.. love it. And even the free Radical I like the idea of! Love the notion of a mini Lemans car, heh!

  • Leynad

    Just tried the V6 and this Formula 3.5 and both have this pCars-issue: You push a tiny bit “to much” throttle and the rear goes sideways without a chance to catch it. This is such a bullshit-behaviour they introduced with one of their updates just to show: we have the most challenging sim on the market, but i don´t buy it and racing would be forbidden long time ago if cars would behave like that.

    • Markus Ott

      No clue about setups? Took me half an hour to plant the car on the ground.

      • Leynad

        At least half an hour setup work with most cars and the guy who got the best tune normally wins. They should rename this game in Project Car Mechanic.

      • gianluca p

        Isn’t this what happens in real life though?
        You go on track and you do back and forth between the circuit and the box trying to find the best setup for that track. And that takes hours. I’d say they simulate this aspect pretty damn well. 🙂
        In a game the cars have to have a general safe setup, valid for the majority of the tracks and that have to work well with a gamepad (it’s released on consoles). This leads inevitably to a compromise and the sim racer that wants to set records or to find what is best for his style is forced to adjust the setups or to make at least 2-3 for every car. It’s inevitable for a game like this: you don’t have only 10 tracks, but about a hundred counting the different layouts.
        The best option would be to have by default a series of setups for each car, loaded automatically by the game depending on the type of the track selected. Hopefully we’ll see that in pCars 2. Meanwhile players have to adapt.
        Generally the only problem I have with the default setups is that I need to change the brake pressure distribution more to the front and to increase the brake pressure to 95-100% depending on the car.
        Again, everyone is different. When Schumacher arrived in Ferrari and tried the cars of Berger and Alesi, he found their setups very bad to drive. 🙂

      • Leynad

        No, this isn´t, what i was talking about. Adjusting break balance, aero, camber is all fine for me, but for example this Renaul Alpine is totally broken. It power oversteers just out of every second corner for no reasons with no chance to catch it. This has just a totally broken setup or Bullshit-physics. Even new differential settings and lowering rear ARB doesn´t change anything of this behavior. Take out the new Lotus 72D in AC on any track you like and it´s just awesome for example. In this pack are to many cars with this bogus physics and most of the old cars in the Lotus pack have a much better handling than this V6. Does this make any sense?

      • Dean Doucette

        My favorite car to drive is the Lotus 72D in Assetto Corsa. I am renting a server just so I can host races between Ferrari 312T and the Lotus 72D. I would check the Assetto Corsa server list every day looking for someone to host that combo, but no one would, so I guess I just have to do it myself. Looking forward to those 2 cars at Imola and Brands Hatch.

      • gianluca p

        I agree that the new cars are far from perfect as for the setup. But I can’t tell if it’s a physics thing/bug or just a bad setup.

      • Leynad

        It isn’t the purpose of a setup to make the car drivable. It should go faster with better handling after but not just possible to manage. And why I should buy this if there are so many good cars out there in Sim-Racing?

      • MH

        Is it just the turbo kicking in? Especially if you have the boost pressure turned up its hard to manage getting the power down.

      • Dani .

        I have always this in mind when I think in making setups in a sim. I am not a racing engineer, and i don’t want to spend hours and hours learning how the differential preload works with caster degrees…

        A assistan like in this game would be the best, but sadly I didn’t see anything similar in newer sims.

      • gianluca p

        Would be great also to have a simple setup adjustment like in rFactor, where you can change several parameters at once and automatically just using sliders (soft/stiff, grip/speed, etc.).
        I’m not an expert at all in the setups and a function like that would be great. Everything beyond brake balance and pressure adjustment and tires choice needs too much study. 🙂

  • MC

    What’s the FR3.5 like? Everytime I play pCARS something ‘hilarious’ happens, like the R8 plus going into neutral when you hit a bump, or the rubbing sound in the prototypes at Leman sounding like someone passing wind 🙂

    • Dean Doucette

      I did about 20 laps at Spa in the FR 3.5 last night. It has less grip than the FR2 Cup open-wheeler in RRE and more grip than the F1 mods in Rfactor 2 or in GSCE. I like the FR 3.5 grip level and the handling. Actually, I like all of them. I am like a kid in a candy store. It’s just a matter of learning the limits of each car and driving within it.

  • Kev

    Graphics are starting to look dated

    • ipitydafool

      Haha, WHAT?!

  • Vladimir Starborn Antic

    Is there less grip in this sim nowdays? Ive been away about 4 months and it feels way more slippery.. I dont like it at al!

    Does enyine know if they changed there tiremodel?

    • Dean Doucette

      They may have changed the grip threshold in the last patch. I actually prefer it. The cars require the driver to do more than just point the car into the corner. Now I have to feather the throttle and the brake. It’s like driving the Shelby Cobra in Assetto Corsa, you have to find it’s limits and stay within it. The cars now behaves similar to Rfactor 2 for grip and Rfactor 2 is my preferred racing sim for hotlapping. I find the new FR2 open-wheeler in RRE to have too much grip. I suppose it’s a personal preference.

    • Patrik Marek

      any chance you didn’t have enough heat in tires? it took me quite a while to get some heat in there, and I also had to lower the tire pressure for Megane Trophy. When the tires are cold, cars are almost like driving on ice

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