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Project CARS – Release Moved to May 2015

Slightly Mad Studios have announced that the released of their WMD-powered Project CARS simulation has been pushed back to May 2015.

Slightly Mad Studios have announced that the released of their WMD-powered Project CARS simulation has been pushed back to May 2015.

The additional development time will be used to polish final aspects of the title to the quality standard people expect from the veteran racing game studio. To make up for the short delay, buyers can look forward to a free content gift as compensation.

“Despite our long heritage and pedigree in making critically-acclaimed racing games, Project CARS is by far the grandest and most intricately detailed of them all. Despite therefore the game being 99.9% complete, the remaining 0.1% attending to small issues and bugs has been tricky to anticipate. We’re absolutely dedicated to delivering a ground-breaking experience and by targeting mid-May fans can be assured that’s what they’ll receive”, Head of Studio Ian Bell explained.

“Again, we want to thank our fans for their support and patience on this matter. There’s a high expectancy from racing fans around the world that Project CARS is going to be an exciting new contender in the simulation racing space and we firmly believe gamers deserve it to be in its most complete and polished state when they come to play it on day one. And since the gaming community is our primary focus and has always been at the heart of the project during development, we would like to offer some free content to all players as compensation for this short delay and as acknowledgement of how grateful we are. This gift, that we’re sure is going to excite fans, will be available from day one and revealed shortly. Keep an eye on our website for more info, ” Bell continued.

Project CARS will be available for the PC, Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One starting mid-May, coming both as standard edition as well as being available as Limited Edition with additional goodies & content.

Project CARS will be sold both as boxed copies available at your favorite retailers as well as via digital distribution on Steam. More info can be found on the Project CARS website.

The Steam version of Project CARS can be pre-purchased here, boxed copies are available here.

  • Per

    didnt see that one coming ^^

  • IceT

    You’re serious… again ? Well in a way it’s a good thing because this means they really trying to make this game good, but at the same time they shouldn’t give a release date if they are not going to honor it… it’s been like that at least 4 times now no ?

  • IceT

    What they should do is make it early access to forgive themselves on PC ! (sorry console guys, I say PC because I don’t know if such thing is possible on console).

  • Jaimy Mewe

    Great, then maybe they can finally fix the horrible FFB…

    • F1Racer

      Have you ever tried playing with the all of the FFB settings in the menus ?
      It makes a difference. I doubt this issue you’re having is across the board.

      • Jaimy Mewe

        why is a good working default g25 ffb profile too much to ask? Other sims can provide me with one, or with a minimal amount of adjustments work just fine. I tried alot of things, but the FFB in pCARS just doesn`t make me enjoy it…i wish i could. I love AC`s ffb, maybe pCARS just isn`t my cup of tea. Anyway, i`m open to suggestions…

      • HardRock

        It’s too much to ask because good is subjective. FFB in itself is a subjective matter as well. You and others like AC’s default FFB and don’t like pCARS’. For me it’s the other way around and I’m not alone either. I even know of G25 users who share this sentiment, so it’s not a wheel specific thing. There’s no single default setting that will satisfy every people out there. The best you can do is write a comment on the WMD forums, telling the community in detail what exactly you don’t like, what you want instead and if possible why do you expect things to be different. If there’s a consensus on the community the defaults can and will change, like they did a few weeks ago. There are many knowledgeable people there who I’m sure could help with the many FFB settings, many of which I admit can be a little intimidating for people new to them.

      • Jaimy Mewe

        I`m not new to editing ffb settings, i`ve spend countless hours editing the realfeel numbers 😉

        We live in 2015, spending so much time setting up my ffb trough settings like that isn`t something i`m looking for anymore. Other sims can do it, why not pCARS?

      • HardRock

        Other sims can’t either, you’ve been simply lucky to run into defaults in other sims that were acceptable to you personally. I could go to the AC forums and tell them that they should fix their, in my humble opinion, horrible FFB, but what would be the point? The devs obviously liked it, as do many people in the community, so why should they do the adjusting instead of me? And even they would, if that would change your opinion on their defaults, who should they listen to? Surely you can see the dilemma here. The reason we have FFB options (or any options at all really) is because it’s expected that some people will need to adjust them. Unfortunately in the case of pCARS you’re one of those people, it’s really as simple as that.

      • F1Racer

        Maybe the default profile is good for others but not for you which is why you should tweak it to suit your particular tastes.
        Don’t worry about what other sims provide, that won’t change what pCARS is providing.
        FFB in pCARS is like car setups. You need to tweak it to get the best out of it.

        Anyway I gave you a suggestion, up to you if you are willing to change a few settings or decide that pCARS isn’t for you because you won’t make those changes.

      • pez2k

        A good set of defaults is one of the last things to be done in the final polishing, ie. what is being done now.

    • HardRock

      Did you make a detailed report about your issues on the WMD forums?

      • Jaimy Mewe

        Yes, troughout the years, multiple times. I`ll just wait for release….

  • Mark Bass

    Yea but I got to commend them, are any other new racing sims even released? Assetto Cora might say ver 1 but with the sound, AI, multiplayer and many other things should not be in released status. RaceRoom my favorite still says beta as I hit an few invisible walls. rFactor2? is that out of beta since they update it all the time. So is it better to make one close to 100 percent perfect or keep playing Beta ones for years. I think even goofy Simraceway said Beta last I looked.

    • Associat0r

      rFactor2 has been out of beta for 2 years now.

      • Mark Bass

        My guess was rFactor2 was released and though WIP is good it seems like now the open wheel cars give me such motion sickness I can’t plan them anymore. Oh well since R3E is a blast and AC 1.1 seems much better including the sound of the Alfa GTA and McClaren F1 GTR are very cool. The Alfa sounds like an old VW Karmann Ghia that use to just tear up my local oval track. So Good Luck with Project Cars as I will visit it when it’s done.

      • Associat0r
      • HardRock

        Isn’t there an ingame option for that?

      • Associat0r

        There is one, but it doesn’t affect all the necessary variables, so you have to dig into the player.JSON file to control it fully.
        This seems to be an oversight as I explained in that link. If possible you could add some comments there to raise awareness for this issue.

      • HardRock

        Ah, sorry, the link wasn’t there originally. 🙂

        I’m afraid I don’t have much knowledge about rF2 and how its settings should work, which is why I’m hesitant to bring this up on the ISI forums. I only played the demo and it was some time ago, but I did remember seeing an option to disable the vibration, which is why I asked.

      • Mark Bass

        Thanks a LOT !! I will have to give that a try. I knew there was some mods but I will try this instead. The DW12 now that you can force the Road Course setup on oh I don’t know ROAD COURSES ! makes this a great car. Also the Barham vintage is also a lot of fun and the sounds great.

      • Associat0r

        Btw, If possible you could add some comments in the thread I linked to raise awareness for this cockpit vibration issue.

    • QUF

      sim racing game are a constant work in progress. Release is just a formality. Because in sim racing games the community stays side by side with the developers helping with feedback and extra paid content they release, because in a continuous development you need constant revenue too. Otherwise you release the game, call the day, and 1 year later release another game; so in that aspect sim racing games are different than a traditional game.

      • Brandon Miller

        I agree in some regard, but when it comes to consoles, I believe the conditions to not be the same.

    • Chris Wright

      An excellent post. Those of us who’ve backed pCars know what a journey this has been. SMS has operated with an incredible level of transparency and honesty throughout this exciting process and are now applying the final polish before it’s unleashed on a wider audience.

      Having lived through the experience, I much prefer being in on the ground floor of a project to coming in halfway in a beta where too much is inevitably expected and disappointment ensues.

      Here’s hoping today’s Dream Pack and 1.1 update gives AC the boost it needs.

  • robxb

    I get it…they want it to be perfect when it’s released (unlike the mess that was Driveclub), but I still can’t help but be pissed off. It’s been pushed back for two years! First it was supposed to be a last-gen game, then it was supposed to be released back in November (which is why I bought a PS4 last year..there have been lots of great deals since, which I could’ve waited for had I known ahead of time that the game would be delayed this long), then they announce it’ll be another month, another month, another month. When will it end?

    • Ross Siggers

      It was never set to be a previous gen game? I don’t recall any mention of that.

      • Ross Siggers

        At least it didn’t take as long as GTAV Heists 😉

      • Danfilm007

        It was originally planned to be on 360 and PS3, before swapping to 1 and PS4.

      • robxb

        Yeah it was, look it up.

      • HardRock

        Technically that’s still not true though. There would have been a prevgen version *as well*. The PC version was never compromised for that. Actually this was partly the reason why the dev team moved on to the new consoles, the old ones required too much changes in the end and maintaining a vastly different codebase is time consuming.

      • RKipker

        As a WMD Senior member I can confirm the 360/PS3 was in the plan, though development never started when it was then decided to move to Next Gen consoles… which was the right move for the game and the WMD community.

    • RKipker

      In May…. I feel they’ll make it this time!

  • varis11

    6 months from the original date. It would be nice if all the pre-ordered buyers can have access now.

    • HardRock

      It could be nice or it could be a huge disappointment for them. There’s a reason the sim isn’t out yet. There are still some serious issues that need to be fixed. I think there’s a real risk that many people who pre-ordered wouldn’t understand that they would be playing a beta for at least two months (hell, not even every WMD member did) and expecting a perfectly playable sim they would likely ask for refunds. Of course if they don’t trust SMS to deliver then they may do that anyway, but personally I think that would be a mistake.

    • RKipker

      Agreed, but think of all the slack they’d catch from folks birching and complaining about small issues which would likely affect sales when it was released.

      This game will be the best ever released on XBone/PS4 to date…. Bar None IMHO!

  • Brandon Miller

    I empathize with the non backers who do not get to experience this excellent game yet. Must be frustrating.

    On a different note. I feel that the E30 Group A car feels floaty and non responsive in PCARS. I really enjoy the E30 from AC and feel it is much more responsive and connected to the sim experience. I also have a 89 325i that I track and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions or have some similar feedback.

    I enjoy PCARS very much but this particular car doesn’t feel right like the some of the others and was hoping to fix this. Is setup really the answer? I’m not so sure.

    • RKipker

      “Brandon Miller” I feel that the E30 Group A car feels floaty and non responsive in PCARS.
      While, I completely disagree,,, I ran this and the other Group A cars… the Merc and the Cosworth, all three are fantastic. Did many lap’s, in these on the Green HellI suggest you get your setup and wheel settings.

      • BigMillerTime

        Thanks for the feedback. What do you suggest for setup? I’ve actually had the pleasure of running a G27, a CSWV1, and a Thrustmaster TX in the past 90 days and all felt the same. It feels like the car floats and is disconnected from the experience compared to the AC version. Looking for options to dial the experience in closer.

  • Weyland-Yutani

    Well Mythbusters proved you can polish a turd.

    • Chris Wright

  • Aaron Carlisle

    lol… Delayed again. I was a backer of this the day that we could, so it’s not like I don’t have access to the game. But it’s really comical to me at this point.

  • Chris Wright

    Again not surprising, as the daily builds continue to improve and one gets the sense that the team is determined to polish this title to a fine buff.

    Clearly it’s going to frustrate those non-backers who were probably salivating at the thought of April 2nd. Not the first thing ever to be delayed of course.

    All I can tell those waiting in the wings is that SMS are preparing an experience that is well worth your patience.

    • Marc Collins


      This isn’t a conspiracy. The new builds are continuous and everyone involved is able to gauge progress and bug squashing.

  • Barry Hilton

    Well you having a laugh now, I watch vids on YouTube, live feed on twitch and these guys are having a great time with this game, so what’s the problem. Tell us what the problem is, I think your having problems getting it to run 1080p 60fps on x box 1. Why, because we have not seen any xbox1 vids at all, only Ps4 and Pc. I have had this game ordered since it was first announced for release., getting really pissed off with it all now. At least release betas for all formats, then I will be happy to wait.

    • pez2k

      The XB1 version has been shown off since the EGX show last year – there are plenty of videos of it.

      • Barry Hilton

        No there arnt, show me one. They say xbox one, but they are pc.

      • MontoyaVR
      • SundayRacers

        I can assure you, the below video is Xbox One. I took that video and played the game too.

      • HardRock

        Was there a PS4 version nearby? I wonder, how did they compare in framerate and general graphics quality? I don’t really like to make comparisons based on YouTube videos, as their compression introduces all kinds of artifacts. I hope you don’t mind my questions. 🙂

      • SundayRacers

        No problem chap. I have a video of the PS4 version too. The PS4 version felt a lot more advanced, although the handling was pretty dead in the demo I played. I am going to EGX Rezzed on Saturday and will get more video then of the newer version, hopefully.

      • HardRock

        Thanks, I’m glad I’ve found someone who has first-hand experience with both versions. I’ll be watching your channel for the update.

      • SundayRacers

        I’ll be uploading videos Saturday night, all being well. The new EGX demo is apparently completely unlocked with all cars and tracks.

      • HardRock

        If you’ll have a chance to drive it with a wheel try the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth. Be prepared for the turbo kicking you in the butt a few times though until you get used to it. When you do, it’s a blast to drive in my opinion, easily my favorite at the moment.

      • RKipker

        Agreed, the RS500 Cosworth is flat AWESOME on the Green Hell

    • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

      I’ve preordered the Xbox One LE version – and I thought it already was confirmed that the XB1 version would run in 900p @60fps. ???

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I am not to bothered about it being pushed back, I have plenty of other Sims to race in while I wait in patience.

  • erictheking87

    Bla, bla, bla… we all know that they also want to play Assetto Corsa Dream Pack DLC…

    They downloaded and started up Kunos’ laserscanned Nordschleife and decided to delay release date after few laps.

    In the end, who can blame them???

    • BackMarker


    • TripleJay

      ….isn’t AC 1.2 coming mid-may? ^^ 😉

      …atleast they were this time smart enough to not set a explicit date again.

    • HardRock

      Trust me, track detail isn’t the reason for the delay.

    • MAFIAA

      It’s such a shame that Assetto Corsa is a simcade.

  • BackMarker

    what a shame about the pCars delay! It sounds like sms will put the delay to good use on polishing the game. We can enjoy the new iracing and ac content in the meantime.
    : )

  • Dhikaz

    take this from another forum:
    ” May is Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Final Fantasy X / X2 – HD, Witcher 3 and then Batman at the start of June. ”
    and what next PCars will be delay again or what? well… I suspect PCars is avoiding some big names game but they get to another big names game in same month as rival thought.

  • thierry

    It is good to clarify the year Ha! Ha!…..are you sure…2015?

  • Gui Cramer

    No idea of the true motives but I’ve never liked Namco Bandai coming to the party, I am not fond of their publishing/development practices. I wonder how much influence they have.

    • ibbybn

      Devs have said they have had absolutely nothing to do with this or the previous delays.

      • RKipker

        I agree, the Dev Team/Ian has complete control… if anything they (Namco Bandai would prefer it be polished as well as they have no real skin in anything else.

    • Alan Dallas

      Zero influence. Being only the Distributor is behooves them to see it launched sooner rather than later so they can get paid the money they put up for mfg/dist. the hard copies.

  • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

    I joked the other day that I actually hoped that SMS would delay it even further – so they did. Quite ok with me – I’d rather that they recognize their mistakes than making an “oops-release” like DriveClub turned out to be.

    My hopes are up for the Xbox One version now actually reaching [email protected]!

    • Hurdy Hurdy

      DriveClub definitely was an ‘oops release’ but has now evolved in to something worth having on PS4, IMO.

      Granted there is still no PS+ free version (with limited content), but the only ones whining about that are the tight-wads who don’t want to pay for a game.

  • Guest

    They are going to try and out-do Evolution Studios and their delay of DriveClub, lol.

  • Richard Pittam

    Although a delay isn’t a bad thing, a lot of delays are. I played some PCARS today and it actually felt not too bad, though I know that it depends on what car as some are stinkers. What I do not believe though, is the claim that the game is 99.9% done. In my eyes, that is everything done except something small like proof reading all the text.

    • Benjamin Overgaard Karslund

      The 99,9% was just a way to illustrate the progress – like a way to speak – it’s not exactly 99,9% you know.

      • HardRock

        Yeah, basically it means that the sim is feature complete (that is it has all the features that was deemed necessary and possible to do for the release version) and everything works, just not perfectly. Which is indeed the case by the way, just bug squashing is left.

      • RKipker

        Agreed, like a couple weeks ago I was racing in the rain and the rain was everywhere except on the windshield. However in Qualifying it worked as rain was on the windshield.

  • Glen Orpheus

    yeah yeah, then it’ll be june, then july, then august and so on…blah blah blah this title has become a joke within the gaming industry, many sites are now asking the question….what year ?

    • HardRock

      Which sites?

      • Glen Orpheus

        can’t remember to be honest, saw a few sites say it on the last delay, i visit around 50 or so gaming sites per week, so really hard to track down (“,)

    • RKipker

      Completely unfair comment here. pCARS is experiencing some setbacks and its frustrating it will be delayed, again (though I did not think a few weeks was smart on their part prior) the title is really shaping up nicely.

      Also investors (like me) are playing the game anyway… :^) sorry many folks had their chance and passed!

      • Glen Orpheus

        which is what i was pointing out, that they havant sat back and given the delay much thought, or so it would appear.

        would have loved to have been an investor, i was for AC and proud of that fact too. but was too late when i moved over to PC.

        as someone who gets to play the game whenever they want, surely can empathise with the rest of us who have to hear of yet more delays.
        don’t get me wrong I’m so looking forward to this game, in fact i paid full price for this a year ago, so they have my money already, would have been a nice gesture on there part to give people like myself the chance to play also, as we have had to wait so long already…..surely you can see that ?

      • Steven Sander

        This. As somebody who was busy with a moving and starting a new job and finishing school, I wasn’t able to get in as an investor, but I paid full price a long time ago. How about a soft release for people who pre-ordered to help further testing?

      • Alan Dallas

        And the 80,000 we already have in WMD isn’t enough? Granted, only about 1000 people are active at all in giving any sort of feedback. Adding more would do nothing but add more that just want to play.
        Sad truth of it is. Of those 80k people that bought in to WMD, 99% only did so, so they could have early builds to play with, with NO intent at all in helping develop it.

      • Axel

        Actually in the early days of the project we were told on the forums that playing the builds WAS helping to develop it as it reported performance/debug data back to SMS!

        Combined with the fact that for a lot of us when we got to play a build and noticed a problem there was the inevitable fact that by the time you logged on and searched it had not only been raised but discussed to death.

        This entire us 1% who actually care about pCARS vs those who as you say had “NO intent at all in helping develop it” is the biggest failing in the WMD system. The fact that its assumed that anyone who doesn’t have thousands of posts in the forum doesn’t care about the project and that they are freely attacked and banned when they do try to voice their opinion is a bloody disgrace.

        pCARS wouldn’t have been possible without everybodys money even if that is ALL that they seemingly contributed. If the money didn’t matter then why ask for it in the first place? If Ian Bell and SMS had any class they would have kept an eye on their moderators and made sure everybody was treated with respect no matter their perceived contribution.

        I’m sure I’m not the the only one who will never be involved in another WMD project again. Lets see if SMS and the 1% who care can fund pCARS 2 on their own?

      • Kris Baxter

        Not a valid point, the opportunity to invest wasn’t 2 days, it was a few months, so unless you had zero moolah and no access to a PC, there was plenty of opportunity to invest.

      • Steven Sander

        The situation I was in I knew I wouldn’t be able to provide any feedback, so why be a leach on the deal when hopefully more committed people are signing up?

        I do have the free time now and want to play, instead I just get to watch countless hours of videos on YouTube of other people playing what appears to be a well polished game.

      • Kris Baxter

        You might be ok getting an unfinished product and accept it as that, but 99 others out of 100 might not be and will be bleating on about this and that not being ready, the press will overlook that as well and review it as a finished product and then WMD get slated for a releasing a game that needs a few miscellaneous things finishing off.

      • Glen Orpheus

        I believe you have got me all wrong and putting words in my mouth that Havant been said, not here for an aurgunent……peace out and happy racing 😉

      • Kris Baxter

        No, I believe you got me all wrong. I said you might accept it as is in the knowledge that more is coming, the average game won’t understand/appreciate that.
        Same with the press, can they be trusted to review it as an unfinished product? I don’t think so.
        So saying that people like you should be given the right to play before the proper final version that WMD are happy with, is released, Fact is, I bet they did think long and hard about the release, and the bad press from an incomplete product coming out early vs a more complete product being delayed 6 weeks, is the more favourable.

      • Glen Orpheus

        As I said, not here for an aurgument kris.
        Peace out and happy racing

      • Kris Baxter

        I wasn’t arguing, I was trying to explain to you why you can’t have an unfinished product, no misunderstandings, no putting of words in your mouth, just giving a commercial reason why your desires are not possible.

      • Glen Orpheus

        And I never said I wanted an unfinished product. Let’s not go round and round in circles please 😉

      • Kris Baxter

        I’m not going in circles, I can read, you stated you wanted the game now, yes? we can agree on that?
        The game is unfinished, so therefore you are saying you want the game now, despite the fact it is unfinished. Or are you saying the game is finished and WMD are just delaying the release to annoy everyone?
        You can’t back track and make out I am misunderstanding you when it is clearly written above.

      • Glen Orpheus

        Yawn………night night

    • StuartBecktell

      They’ve delayed it twice, I think saying “What year” is a bit ridiculous. Many other racing games, which this community loves, have also been delayed or seen their v1.0 release pushed back a long time.

    • Kris Baxter

      And you’re an authority within the gaming industry? I’ve not heard any other developers laughing at WMD, I hardly think they are a joke, having the balls to stand up and say our product isn’t as good as we want it to, so we are going to delay it is probably admired within the gaming industry. This is business, not the play ground.

  • rauf00

    I understand frustration of some waiting for title, but from other side, who want unpolished game like we used to have lately?

    • mooves

      Cmon. IRacing is pretty good. 😉

  • ftrracingtv

    its sounds like there just setting dates with out even knowing if they will be 100% done by the time or not. But i guess when its not an F1 game or a ….2015 game that needs to be out on x date then there’s no real rush to get it out

    • Alan Dallas

      Speaking of other racing titles. Lately I been finding it harder and harder to split my time between rF2, R3E and pCARS. Just not enough hours in a week.

  • RKipker

    Did anyone think that maybe, actually most likely… the main reason is licensing issues… some tracks are so close to being approved, that the game was set to release with a few less tracks than originally hoped… maybe its that!!!!
    I know Suzuka and a few others where like this week or maybe a week or two more!

    • F1Racer

      If Suzuka gets licenced, won’t they need to change the Saikitto (sp?) layout as it’s not the same as Suzuka’s. Unless they already have one waiting in the wings of course.

      • Alan Dallas

        You can bet they still have the Suzuka data waiting in the wings. You just don’t delete manhours worth of work out of hand. 🙂

      • F1Racer

        I hope that happens then because Suzuka is one of my faves :). What a great addition to the family it will make.

      • HardRock

        I hope the Sakitto layout will stay even then though. I like Suzuka, in fact it’s one of my favorite tracks, but I think more layouts are always a good thing, even if they aren’t real ones. 🙂

  • Robert Every

    This is utterly hilarious. I have to admit as I have banned from having anything to do with this game thanks to some of Mr Bell’s armed forces cruising this very website. The way this release has been handled is really rather fascinating.
    You, as people who have bought into this title , have given this company a lot of money and so far have been put back a few times on being able to play the finished product. You have paid for its development, done a lot of the testing, a job that they should be paying games testers for. And also then bene told to wait, and wait, and wait.. While incessantly barraged, especially on this site with daily releases that tell you nothing.
    How long has this been going on? At least 2 years surely since the pre pre pre pre pre Alpha was released? What are we on now a pre pre pre pre pre Beta?
    Cmon guys, this title is and always has been shambolically run. I know they are trying to do something good, but I do feel a little sorry for anyone that has invested a lot of money in this.
    I only invested a tenner and was told I had to take it back, so desperate were they to not let me play it after a terribly minor argument about times on their poxy forum.
    Any company that does that sort of thing via unpaid minions on what is basically a PCARS release date daily site such as this has little to gain and a lot to lose.

    • F1Racer

      A little bit melodramatic there. Is this a veiled attempt to try and alienate people against SMS because you got banned and it still bothers you ?
      It’s a delay, big deal. It’s not the first game to do this and it certainly won’t be the last.
      Are you going to say the same about Rockstar and their 2 delays on the PC version of GTA V ?

      SMS clearly would prefer not to have another delay so that must deem it necessary if they’ve decided to push it back another month.
      Somehow I think we’ll survive and enjoy it when it does come out – which will be when it’s good and ready.

      • pez2k

        Back when Robert got banned, he made a big thread on RaceDepartment about it to do exactly that. Nothing against him myself, but he is historically biased on this subject.

      • HardRock

        What exactly he got banned for?

      • Robert Every

        Seriously hilarious. It was so long ago I can’t remember, I think I bitched about the laptimes someone was doing and then made some comments about the feel of the early versions when everyone was saying it was awesome. I also (as everyone forgets) made a lot of favourable comments too.
        Early versions really were not good, the FFB was terrible, the car handling was too it was Shift through a wheel, we all knoew that. Mr Bell took his usual umbridge and banned me and also banned me from nogrip, a place I had not said a thing other than reported what happened to me on WMD I recall. I never started a thread in racedept, there was already a massive one there. But you are right I would not touch this.
        Why? Because of instead of ignoring someone who was clearly just passionate and letting off steam the people there went all out to be over reactionary, ruthless and so so customer focused. How do they know I would not have spent hundreds of pounds? They dont and was I alone? No, there were alot of folk who dmade slightly negative comments and had the same treatment.
        They are in the business of trying to sell something, would you buy something? Do Polyphony or Rockstar or EA or anyone do this to people who vent on forums once or twice? ?
        No, they just ban them from the forum maybe, they don’t stop them playing the game, try to refund their money adn then badmouth them on other forums. And then have minions crawling every nook and cranny.
        All I mentioned on here was that I tried the latest build and was again banned. Does that not stroke you as a bit stalky, over reactionary and weird?
        I am just a bloke, they are representing a company and manufacturers. I would not trust them with my money. .

    • Morgan

      I, for one, would like to see more Developers / Publishers delay games until they were polished, rather than shoveling broken games out to hit a certain “release window”.

      Sure the fans who are waiting to play will be a little disappointed, but much better to wait a little bit and get a polished product at release, rather than another in the long line of games with issues “on time”.

    • Mario Strada

      I have been playing pCARS since the beginning and I am happy with it the way it is. When it’s released, great, hopefully there will be more people to race against, but as far as the game I only have a few minor complints.

      As far as the delay itself, it was unavoidable. There are too many little things to fix before a polished game can come out. I agree with their strategy. If anything, I would have bought a few more months at the first announced delay.

      BTW, what are the chances that this “gift” is going to be the historical content that disappeared at some point in the development. I am talking about monza, silverstone, spa (all historical). That would be a nice gift.

    • Steve Shears

      In an other thread, you said Polyphony would should spend their time fixing bugs. But when SMS do that and delay the release, you see fit to create paragraphs of troll. Well done. In the mean time why not stop wasting your breath and play something else. I too am a simmer but rather then go on some banning tirade, i’m enjoying it. Its rather better its put back as any simmer worth their salt can go and download AC’s dreampack, which will last a good month of solid play or find some good mods for GSC and play that. Don’t feel sorry for us. Rather, we’ll feel sorry for you. As we’re playing it. And most of us are enjoying the hell out of testing it too.

    • Bill Wester

      Don’t have to feel sorry for anyone, pCARS is getting better every day. Tonight I had a couple of fantastic races – very good FFB, graphical elements, sounds, frame rate, etc.. keeps getting better – pCARS will be worth waiting for.
      Loving R3E, GSCE, and AC, a lot to keep me going until it’s finished.

    • HardRock

      Couple of things:

      1) Based on the posts written about this announcement on the WMD forums the members overwhelmingly support this decision. Why? Exactly because we payed money to make the sim as good as it can be, but it’s not quite there yet, there are still some serious bugs left. Knowing that it makes very little sense for us to push for a release. So thanks, but I don’t think you have to be sorry for us.

      2) SMS do have testers of their own. You should have been paying attention while you were a member. It’s better though when you get feedback directly from the people who will eventually play your game for years, because they often have a different perspective on things. We give our free time willingly, but nobody was forced to test the game. If someone wanted to simply give money to help the project and do nothing else it was still very much appreciated and they will still get all the perks that come with their tool pack. I for one however am very glad that I put ~350 hours (and more before it was put on Steam) into driving pCARS over the years, because I’d be lying if I told you that any of that felt like it was work. As far as I’m concerned I got my money’s worth as soon as I joined the project. Getting to know the people on the forums and helping the devs with the bug squashing was just a bonus and a privilege.

      3) The WMD forums are easily the most inclusive workplace I ever had the pleasure to “visit”. People, including the devs, are quite happy to explain technical details if you ask. I learned a lot about the internal workings of the sim, car setup and physics there. I don’t know what you said about lap times (if that’s what you meant by times) to get thrown out, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it was warranted.

      • Axel

        After lurking in these forums for years I felt compelled to sign up after reading this:

        “We give our free time willingly, but nobody was forced to test the game. If someone wanted to simply give money to help the project and do nothing else it was still very much appreciated and they will still get all the perks that come with their tool pack.”

        If only this was the case! I too was happy with the hundreds of hours I had put in checking pCARS over the years and even though I was usually too slow to raise any new bugs had put the word out to friends and corrected some console players that assumed a trailer was a mix of pre-redered and actual gameplay on social media. I was proud of my small contribution. Small contributions and dollars added up all made it possible in my eyes.

        However when it came time for me to voice my disappointment on the way one thing had been handled. The attacks on the forum were vicious. Apparently I had “ONLY” contributed some money and seeing as I hadn’t lived in the forums for the last 3 years my opinion was null and void. Apparently I don’t understand that this is WMD not Kickstarter I have to do my bit and cant expect anything without daily forum activity? What followed was instant ban from general discussion forum by some most likely pre-pubecent fan boy drunk with power.

        Well so much for all contributions being appreciated. SMS have surrounded themselves with yes men fan boys completely blind and intolerant of any criticism no matter how constructive.
        The sheer arrogance being display by Ian Bell and co at this time is staggering considering only a few years ago he was coming to us the community saying I have a cunning plan I need your help.

        All this aside I still think pCARS will be great once the AI can actually get around corners and the career mode is fixed.

      • HardRock

        “I have to do my bit and cant expect anything without daily forum activity?”

        Seeing how initially I was posting only periodically on the forums and only about 2 years after I joined up I can say with complete certainty that’s not true. You can most definitely contribute without daily activity, but in that case you should realize that you probably missed lots of things. That means that when you come back to report something it’s often a better idea to ask questions first. Why was a feature designed a certain way? Is the bug you wanted to write a detailed report about already known? When will X or Y be done? Why not sooner? Just try to be as well informed as you can before making suggestions or requests.

        The WMD forum is considered a workplace by the devs and its members and I’ve found that when I treat it as such and respect the people there I won’t have any issues. Ask yourself this: how would your colleagues feel if you’d only make contributions periodically, but still made requests all the time, especially generic ones like “fix the career mode”. Do you think that’s constructive criticism? What’s your issue with the career? How should it be fixed? You should be as detailed as possible, while making sure you aren’t making too many assumptions. Again, you don’t have to follow the WMD forums daily to contribute, just remember that if you do that then you’ll probably won’t know half the things you think you do about the development of pCARS. A little humility goes a long way.

        The claim that we at the WMD forums don’t take constructive criticism seriously is absolutely ridiculous. Hell, the new SETA tire model came about because the community wasn’t happy with the previous one, just to mention one obvious and in my opinion quite memorable example. Do you know how much extra development time that change alone meant? The sim would probably have been released by now if the community and the devs weren’t striving for perfection, but in my opinion pCARS would be worse off for it.

        Without seeing the exact discussion that went on between you and others I can’t judge for myself whether your ban was warranted, but when I contrast your experiences with mine things just don’t line up. I’m not seeing the vicious attacks, the yes men or the arrogance from Ian, although I haven’t read all of his posts obviously. What I do see is a development team who are trying their hardest to develop a sim in collaboration with a passionate community, without a proven method of financial backing, while also shooting for an amount of detail I’m just beginning to see in sims today.

        Also, the AI can get around corners pretty well actually and often even around players.

      • Axel

        I can understand how experiences don’t line up as during my initial years I had no problems either.

        I started out my career in testing, my first job was even testing a game, before moving over to the other side of the fence in development so I appreciate that making well informed suggestions is important. Trust me that wasn’t the problem.

        I believed SMS should have communicated with all members better during certan time limited milestones. Just like every other pre-release game I’ve been involved in. I mean if something as big as Star Citizen can bother to contact me and say its time to pick a character name first come first served then who are SMS to say ‘If you cared you would have been on the forum in March 2013 to read the banner’ for example? Seriously? That’s where I see the arrogance.

        My problem started when I thought I wonder when x will happen and searching the forums I came across the same question being answered with the hostile ‘you werent on the forum that month so you dont give a stuff about pCARS’ attitude. I tried to suggest that instead of just those who have posted a lot in the forums and people who basically pre-purchased with no intention to contribute there might be a third type of person who periodically tested builds and discovered that all the bases were already covered by a dedicated group. So there was no need to create more noise for the developers to sift through?

        I mean seriously how many people at once can offer a meaningful contribution to the project? If you scroll down to the post from Alan Dallas he is lamenting that of the 80000 signed up to wmd on 1000 bothered with feedback so obviously the rest dont give a stuff and just wanted to pre-order it? What would be better the same bug raised 80k times? There is a point of diminishing returns in terms of pure numbers on a project. Anybody remember the Super Programmer vs Mongolian hordes?

        But no according to most of the hard core WMD lads your either in or out, black and white.

        I found it interesting that recently SMS did use email to contact all members regarding distribution. Maybe someone was paying attention?

        Anyway I can see from your measured response your aren’t one of the black or white types I encountered in the forums so all we can say is that we had very similar experiences until I apparently added my 2c to the wrong thread. The way some of us were spoken too just because we didn’t have telephone numbers next to our number of posts was definitely not cool and has soured my entire view of SMS/pCARS.

        The AI has definitely been the weakest link in the game at this late stage. At the time of the first release date you couldn’t run a race without absolute carnage and wrecked cars strewn about the place. Obviously after my charming encounter in the forums I have been less inclined to test newer builds and nor will I ever be praising the games good points to friends anymore. This sadly is the real net result of the furious fan boy moderators at WMD.

        I still think it will be a good game when released but the overall management of the community part of the project has been amateur at best.

      • HardRock

        “I started out my career in testing, my first job was even testing a game”

        Hey, same here. 🙂

        “who are SMS to say ‘If you cared you would have been on the forum in March 2013 to read the banner’ for example? Seriously? That’s where I see the arrogance.”

        On one occasion I missed the yellow notification and that was the reply I got as well. Even though it was only about registering my name and nationality for an AI driver (I didn’t have the latter specified on the forums) I was disappointed to miss a deadline I didn’t know about (I took a break from the forums for a few months). I can see how that response can be viewed as arrogant, but I honestly think the root cause is inexperience. I don’t know how things work at other game studious, but the few that I worked at didn’t really handle customer relation at all, it was always the publisher’s job. In any case, since this is SMS’ first time trying to develop a sim by themselves I think it’s understandable if they made mistakes, even obvious ones like this. Others and I did mention in the official thread that we gave them our email addresses exactly for occasions like this, so I’d like to think that the recent distribution related email was a result of that. I’d like say though that at no point was I attacked or disregarded after I criticized them on how they handled the naming thing and offered my suggestions, even though I admitted that I was away from the forums for quite a while.

        “I tried to suggest that instead of just those who have posted a lot in the forums and people who basically pre-purchased with no intention to contribute there might be a third type of person who periodically tested builds and discovered that all the bases were already covered by a dedicated group. So there was no need to create more noise for the developers to sift through?”

        My understanding is that there’s such a group. AFAIK some of the more dedicated members have limited access to SMS’ internal bug reporting tool. In addition the dev team do have a few testers of their own. They sift through the feedback to make sure they are still relevant, there are no multiple reports on them internally, while also verify bug fixes. Without such a workflow bug management would indeed become chaotic at WMD. Have to say though, I don’t envy the job of their internal testers. I worked with external tester teams in the past and while they were helpful, managing their reports often took a few hours of my day. Checking for duplicates, asking for clarifications, the usual stuff. I can’t imagine what it’s like to do it with a community, where most people were never involved in software development.

        “The AI has definitely been the weakest link in the game at this late stage. At the time of the first release date you couldn’t run a race without absolute carnage and wrecked cars strewn about the place.”

        Yeah, I remember. The AI is easily the part of the sim that improved the most in the last 3-4 months or so though. Their performance still isn’t a 100% tuned in on some tracks and in certain weather conditions, but at this point you can have races with them where sometimes they don’t even feel like an AI. Some of their behavior can still be wonky, like they don’t always park their car if they get totaled or sometimes have issues while pitting, but these problems are slowly eliminated. These could also serve as examples for the others here for why the release was still pushed back a little. Most of the times driving pCARS is a wonderful experience, but things can still break down.

        If anyone’s wondering, the reason the AI was left almost for last is because they only use a subset of the physics model, since no PC today (not to mention console) could handle 46 cars using the full SETA model at the same time. This means that first each car’s physics had to reach near final stage, otherwise each and every change would had to be followed by an AI tweak and that wouldn’t be a very efficient way of doing things.

        “I still think it will be a good game when released but the overall management of the community part of the project has been amateur at best.”

        I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but I can also understand it given that this SMS’ first solo gig. They admitted on the forums that they learned a lot from this experience and seeing how they were willing to act on feedback about the sim I’m sure they’ll change some things going forward if WMD remains a viable way of development for them.

    • vrasuk

      i don’t think you understand the concept of “community development”, or why they call themselves “world of mass development”. people who joined the project were able to test very early releases and give feedback – it’s a very different concept than that of “early release” stuff from other developers.

      but it’s ok if this is not for you.

  • Paul Maguire


  • GamingCanuck

    I’m perfectly ok with the release being pushed back, again. There is still things that need to be fixed, maybe they can even add a few cars before release.

  • Leeman

    This is, ummm ……. more than a little disappointing. Ugh.

  • Ken Izuchukwu

    I predicted around a year ago that 2015 would be the earliest release. I haven’t played the game in a over a month, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t come out until September 2015. Long after GTA5’s (assuming non-delayed) release.

    • Kris Baxter

      You’re missing out then, the last month has been great!

  • mooves

    Umm. NO simulation is 100% bug free. Just a cop out BS reason. I’ll be canceling my preorder. The AC DLC has everything I could every want. Actually the Sauber C9 was the real reason I preordered PCars.

    I think they’re scared. WMD played AC 1.1, RRRE and went oh f%ck. Our Sim sucks, we can’t release that.

    • Alan Dallas

      You keep on telling yourself that there sparky.
      The rest of us will wait patiently for the final polishing pass to be completed.
      Well except those of us in WMD that actually find the bugs and report them… like me, for example.

      • mooves

        If PCars is better at anything than the Sims currently out there I’ll buy 10 copies. It’s software chief. Software is never perfect.

        Good luck.

      • T0MMY3688

        true, it can never be perfect but delaying to release a game with the least amount of bugs and glitches is better than releasing one with bugs, glitches and broken features everywhere.

      • Kris Baxter

        Is that bravado or do you want that wager? If you’ve not played it you have no basis to make such a claim. It is very very good, it just needs a nip here, a tuck there and it is done. Why release a game with fantastic features for silly little things to ruin the experience? WMD have made the right decision no matter what you think.

      • HardRock

        I agree, software is never perfect. However, there are some things you absolutely want to fix before getting your game in the hand of the general public. It’s a matter of degree. Like for example presumably when pit you expect to be able get out of there a 100% of times without issues. Fact is, pCARS isn’t ready to be released yet, but seeing the pace the devs are fixing the remaining issues it will be soon. Don’t worry, you’ll get your game.

      • Rlee

        It’s mainly the career mode. It’s riddled with bugs and they weren’t as quick at fixing them as they anticipated. The MP still has a few issues as well. The content is pretty much 100% done, it’s the background systems that they are trying to debug.

        Get ready to pull out the check card. The game will be good and successful. No amount of hate can stop that.

  • e_r_n_i_e

    Why all the torches and pitchforks here? Even if it’s a little bit disappointing, but it is also a good sign, because SMS thinks that PCARS is not ready yet. It’s better to postpone the release, than shipping a product they’re not happy with. At the end we, the Simracers, will benefit from this.

    • mooves

      Quite simple. If your at the point where there are comparisons of wet weather between versions you’d think the fundamentals are sorted. From their release its the 0.1% they want to get.

      If Microsoft, Apple, Google can’t get their software perfect, and therefore are constantly updating to provide fixes and improvements, WMD has no chance of ever releasing the product.

      Call me cynical but there’s another reason why they’re not releasing it. We just don’t know it yet.

      • Kris Baxter

        Yes we do know, Ian has stated why, and I agree. Playing the game there is just a few things that need tidying up, it would be embarrassing to release a game with silly little niggles, not only for the WMD team but us members, who are meant to be testing and pointing out these errors.

      • mooves

        Maybe I’m envious, I’ve paid my money and want my game.

        Serious question though. Do any of you PCars guys have AC 1.1 and driven the P1 or C9 around Nordschleife? If so, how does it compare? Not so much sounds, physics, ffb, feel. YouTube vids give me an idea of graphics (great) and sounds (meh).

      • Kris Baxter

        I did a 16 hour day yesterday so didn’t get the chance last night, I did download it but by then it was beddy byes time, hopefully I don’t need to work so late tonight so I can fire it up.

      • gimmelbop

        I posted my impressions in the news about the AC update, but in short
        – nords is fantastic in both sims
        – the cars are harder to drive in pCars for me
        – FFB to me feels more realistic in pCars (with a G27)

      • mooves

        Sweet. Thanks for the update. Will get back in my box and wait for whenever its released. Hopefully sooner than later.

      • punkfest2000

        Agreed. Cars are easier to drive in AC.

      • Rlee

        Nords is ok in AC except the trees pop in at 100 yards in some places. The pCARS version has no pop-ins that I’ve noticed. It’s funny too that the AC C9 feels very similar to the pCARS C9. I think both sims are pretty close to each other handling wise, but I still prefer pCARS in the FFB department.

      • GamerMuscle

        Not same car or track but I feel this applies to most the cars in each of the Games in-terms of there general nature and character from sim to sim.

  • Roy Rki

    Cmon, release it already. Every other sim is in beta stage, I can handle a 99% complete game. 834 is getting old…

    • Hans Brauer

      We are way past the 834 build, it’s done when it’s done. Latest build shows a lot of promise. (No, I wont tell you the number we’re at)

    • Nic Van

      Project Torrent, build 834?

    • Markus Ott

      How to tell people you are playing cracked game versions.
      Idiot edition.

      • Roy Rki

        I would buy the 955 if available, but noooo, a bug or two might give the poor console kid a heart attack…

  • Geoff Jen Hall

    Will they ever release this game sick of waiting my money goes to assetto corsa Dream pack

  • Chillisteak

    I bet the people kicking up a fuss are the same people who would complain if it came out and wasn’t ready.

    • F1Racer

      Or those that just want to complain BECAUSE it’s pCARS.
      But you’re right I’m sure.
      I’m having to endure pCARS delay (well not so much as I play it 🙂 ) and a GTA V delay. Both postponed twice.
      It happens. You can’t blame the devs for wanting it to be to right before release. Especially pCARS as it’s crowd-funded. They have people to do right by as much as themselves.
      It is a disappointment but we just gotta go with the flow imo.

      • Chillisteak

        Personally I think it takes a lot of stones for a dev to postpone it and tak the flak.

        I admire the fact they want it right before launch, and in this day and age it’s a rarity as all to often they are pushed to release by the publisher even when it isn’t.

      • F1Racer


  • dan

    You know ive had nothing to do with pcars, do you know what im not even considering buying it,, but hell damn its refreshing to see a dev take pride in their work and not just push out a broken game. Either way people will be moaning, so yeah hats off to SMS for doing this..
    They should know with SHIFT… how its feelsto make something not to their liking.
    good luck to em and anyone involved in this sim. 🙂

  • Johnny Penso

    Man I love these threads…lol. More armchair quarterbacks than a Sunday night after a Super Bowl.

  • HammerX

    Not moaning but I expected this. They really need to stop with the release dates. It just builds people up and a reason for complaints. Just work on it and when it’s done, release it. Delays are always to be expected, just not a good idea to nail your foot to the floor by setting a date imo..

  • Professional Operator

    Actually sounds like good news instead, the delay is quite small afterall

    I like the fact some developers finally take the time to fine tune their product

  • Jim Irving

    As a pre-paid customer I certainly don’t mind waiting. For me take as long as you need if it’s going to be the best ever.

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