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Project CARS – Rainy Day At Spa Video

DigiProst has released a new gameplay video of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS title that is now just nine days away from hitting the shelves!

DigiProst has released a new gameplay video of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS title that is now just nine days away from hitting the shelves!

The video shows the PC version in action during a very wet race at Spa Francorchamps, showing Project CARS’ famous fully-dynamic weather engine in full swing.

Project CARS will be available both as standard edition as well as being available as Limited Edition with additional goodies & content, starting May 7 (Europe & Australasia), May 8 (UK) & May 12 (US & Canada), the PC Steam version will be released across all territories on May 7.

Project CARS will be sold both as boxed copies available at your favorite retailers as well as via digital distribution on Steam. More info can be found on the Project CARS website.

The Steam version of Project CARS can be pre-purchased here, boxed copies are available here.

  • rauf00

    Haha, thats gorgeous in Project Rain 😉
    Im still wet…

    • BackMarker

      awesome vid and rig! The app on the left looks nice. Is that the SinSpeed app listed in your vid description?

      • rauf00

        Thanks, Tablet app: [pCars Dash].

      • BackMarker

        D’oh! now I see the “sin speed” title in the smaller tablet to the right.

  • QUF

    looks really nice,

    but how are the rain physics?

    • BackMarker

      We will find out in less than two weeks. Here is hoping for sim physics in the area of rrre,rf2,ac,iracing.

      • Sandra Gooch

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      • Leeman

        That’s a fairly large area.

      • BackMarker

        yes, that is why I at least hope the pCARS game hits rrre or higher.
        : )

      • Leeman

        Actually, I’ll be disappointed if it’s not better than R3E (and, for the record, I like R3E, but it doesn’t hold up, physics-wise, to the other sims, IMHO).

      • BackMarker

        Physics are not the last word in a racing sim. Even if the physics do reach rrre level or beyond I may still like pCARS for the whole package. imho,ymmv

        Less than two weeks to go!
        : )

      • Leeman

        I respectfully disagree (and by a wide margin). If you’re talking “racing game” then, yeah, you can have a great racing game without physics being the be-all, end-all. For instance, I really enjoy R3E but I don’t think their physics are anywhere near the best in the genre.

        But, when you’re talking “SIM”, then, sorry, physics are the last word. If the physics aren’t right, then, what have you got? You might still have something fun and engaging and immersive, but that doesn’t make it a sim.

        I’m hoping the physics for PCars approach the AC level. If they’re below R3E I’ll be pretty damn disappointed.

        Either way, I’ve got it pre-ordered so I’ll find out soon enough.

    • Deja Douglass



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  • Rob Stewart

    Just stunning looking. I haven’t awaited anything this much in quite sometime – I really should get out more…

  • Γιάννης

    The guys over at WMD managed to create if nothnig else- a fascinating racing environment -literally. The fact that they managed to bring it to every single decent gaming platform, makes it to my opinion a true accomplishment.

  • mjbonner70

    wow, just wow

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