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Project CARS – Are You Quicker Than Ben Collins?

Slightly Mad Studios is inviting all Project CARS gamers to challenge former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins in a new hotlap challenge.

Last week, Slightly Mad Studios laid out a weekend challenge, asking all sim racers to try and beat Nicolas Hamilton’s lap time around Zolder.

This weekend, everyone is invited to challenge another one of the studio’s highly-accomplished racing ace consultants as Ben Collins has recorded a hot lap in the Formula B around Oulton Park for sim racers to beat.

Former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins was the first real race driver to join the Project CARS development team back in 2011, since then Slightly Mad Studios’ roster of accomplished race car drivers has been expanded with high profile additions such as Nicolas Hamilton and Audi ace Rene Rast.

Ben Collins is not just at home on the race track, the highly-versatile petrol head is also a successful TV personality and stunt driver, being involved in many high-profile movie productions, as he revealed in an extensive interview on the Project CARS website.

  • David Wright

    “Former Top Gear Stig Ben Collins was the first real race driver to join the Project CARS development team back in 2011, ”

    SMS Physics man Doug Arnao was a “real race driver” and SCCA national champion.

    • RapidRefund

      I want to see a record of Doug’s Championship because I cannot find the record of it anywhere. I am not making doubts but have been unable to fact check it.

  • Lukas Macedo

    I will give this one a try, for sure.

  • Philbert

    They pay a few drivers to beta test their game and promote it afterwards and that makes it more “sim”.


    • noroardanto

      Someone couldn’t enjoy a “sim”, talking down to it afterwards and that makes it less “sim”


    • pez2k

      Spoken like someone who never read the feedback they gave and never saw the changes introduced as a result, I guess?

    • Markus Ott

      Wow, did you timetravel straight from 2011 to here?

    • RapidRefund

      Well you had Ben who had little Sim experience and Nic who had more Sim Experience with less actual Track experience. The better test is to see if Nic can beat Ben in Sim and then see if he can beat him in RL then you begin to see the actual limitation of Sim compared to RL.

  • pascal lallala


  • BarryDennen12

    In truth I think I’d have a hard time matching Captain Slow, let alone a Stig.

  • noroardanto

    That’s seriously fast!.. with my skill, I won’t bother to try to beat him 🙂

  • Mike Cantwell

    lol, 1.31…..Captain Slow…..

  • Richard Hessels

    Looking at the scoreboard is enough people driving about 2 seconds faster than “The Stig”

    • RapidRefund

      This is just an example of where the Rubber Meets The Road and where the Peripheral Input Device meets the USB Port. Racing Simulation has come a long way but it’s still far from the real thing. Any of you want to pat yourselves on the back for beating Ben take it to the track and see how you fare there. Ben was the one(and we all know how good he is in RL) who said Racing Sim physics were rubbish and he is right. The problem is many of the sim racers who have been involved since the late 90’s or early 2000’s brain washed themselves into thinking that technologically outdated software and the physics it offered was reality when it’s not but people have ingrained that into their Sim Racing DNA. Sim Racing is a good tool but in many ways it is still not true to life.

      • RapidRefund

        Actually I think pCARS makes a step in the right direction as bringing Sim Closer to RL.

      • RapidRefund

        And Again Assetto Corsa does as well with a slightly more HC bite to it.

      • Richard Hessels

        Until you try to race the AI or online wreckers.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Yes you are indeed correct….but at least with racing AI there is no emotional baggage connected with hitting another racer accidentally, then you can just hit the ‘Restart’ button…got to love that…lol

      • Richard Hessels

        With pCars and openwheelers you can keep hitting the restart button.

      • RapidRefund

        Well I think AI is in evolutionary transition trying to give the demands of the sim race community what they want from AI and the technologies are still not perfected. people seem to want a less predictable AI and then moan when AI takes them out. I liked the Predictability of AI in GTL and GTR2 it may not have been everything the hard core crowd wanted but it was not a game killer either.

      • ModernTimes2

        Aye. And since hard core simmers are in fact, dare I say it, _gamers_, they do approach sims as _games_. That means exploiting the sim engine to extract the fastest lap times even if it means taking advantage of holes in the sim/physics/car/track or doing things that a real life driver who needs to survive every race wouldn’t. I.e. Ben Collins drives the sim as a race driver, most simmers drive it as a gamer and many can better his lap time, especially the aliens who are over the edge of reality.

  • HammerX

    Turn the mini map off. 🙂

  • RapidRefund

    Good Find.

  • ImageArtSigns .

    I suppose having a real race driver to join a Sim developer adds credibility and adds to the marketing / sales of the product…but personally as a Sim driver / racer myself it all comes down to how it looks, feels and sounds, not necessarily in that order or having all of those components and especially not really having a real race driver helping out….I enjoy all the sims I have installed in my own way…after all Sim Racing is an Individual Pursuit.

  • Paul Maguire

    someone port this track into AC please 🙂

  • RapidRefund

    I got to hand it to Tony Stewart! I haven’t always had a good amount of respect for him but what he says here is 100% Class. He creates a separation between Virtual and RL and with regards that they should not be seen as the same because the crossover from RL to Virtual is not perfect and does create variables in the skills set between the two. Also Tony mentions the importance of the platform as another market to seek to advertise in to get brand recognition. These developers pay a lot of money for licensing content it would be nice to have a strong advert program to help offset those licensing costs.

    • ImageArtSigns .

      Great find and straight to the point…and that is why it’s called Sim Racing as it Simulates Racing…which is ok by me.
      …on a side note…great to see them wrapping the cars with signage 45secs in…part of my job description, unfortunately I do not get to do that kind of luxury work over my side of the world…lol

      • Race Nut

        Ahhh, I used to hand-letter Race Cars back in the day – way over-rated job IMO. Since I did some charity work for one organization, I got to drive some of the cars though. 🙂

        I suspect the best measure of a Sim’s level of realism may come from it’s use as a training-tool for real-life racing teams.

      • ImageArtSigns .

        Oh, you were a Traditional Brush Signwriter…same here, been in the industry for over 38 years…I feel old…lol
        Awesome that you got to drive the beasts 🙂

      • Race Nut

        Yep – all digital now although, I do miss the respect we got as Sign-writers. The cars I drove weren’t 100% race, modified road cars really; ranging from 350 – 735 hp, lowered, sticky street tires, etc. Exciting enuf though. 🙂

    • Bakkster

      I like to think of sim racing as a different discipline of racing. Just like not all open wheel racers perform well in touring cars or NASCAR, not all real world racers perform well in sims (and vice-verse-a). Others do, like Shane van Gisbergen who’s successful in touring cars, GTs, and sim racing.

      Sims are still probably more divergent in skillsets between it and reality than open wheelers and touring cars, but sim racing is still far closer to its real-world equivalent than anything else, so it just depends which way you want to look at it.

      • RapidRefund

        I’ll agree with that analogy.

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